Southern Fried Griffins Event FAQ

Hey there Clammers!

While I still try to get back into my game… here’s the TinyCo FAQ for you to get some direction on the new mini event until we’re able to go through and verify Event info as we play it live.


NOTE: This is just FAQ. It has not been tested yet for accuracy in the live Event.

When does Southern Fried Griffins end?

Southern Fried Griffins will end on Wednesday, August 2 at 3:00 PM (PDT).

Which characters are being used in Southern Fried Griffins?

Characters being used include:

– Peter

– Lois

– Chris

– Meg

– Bruce

– Bonnie

– Herbert

– Hillbilly Stewie

– Race Car Driver Joe

What is the Motorized Mystery Box?

The Motorized Mystery Box can be purchased for 150 Clams and randomly awards one of the following prizes per draw:

– Race Car Driver Joe

– Sheriff Peter

– Heavy Flo

– Cheerleader Bonnie

– 7 Trash Cans

– 160 Clams

– Killer Monster Truck

How do I clear Raccoons?

Raccoons can be cleared with Trash Cans. Tap on a Raccoon roaming around Quahog, aim the circle so that it is highlighted in purple, then tap the checkmark. Clear them for the chance to earn White Trash and Trucker Belts.

How do I get Trash Cans?

Trash Cans are required to clear Raccoons roaming around Quahog. They can be obtained in the following ways:

– Have Lois Take Out the Trash

– Have Bruce Upcycle

– Have Bonnie Snoop on Neighbors

– Have Hillbilly Stewie Bang on a Trashcan

– Get from the Shop

How do I obtain event buildings during Southern Friend Griffins?

Event buildings can be purchased from the shop using White Trash.

How do I get White Trash?

White Trash can be obtained in the following ways:

– Get from clearing Raccoons

– Get from offering Flowers to Sam

– Get from the Redneck of the Year Trophy

How do I unlock Sam?

Sam can be obtained from the shop with the following items:

– 30 Overalls

How do I earn Overalls?

Overalls can be obtained in the following way:

– Impress Sam with Flowers

How do I impress Sam?  

Sam will walk around Quahog for 24 hours. To impress Sam, you will need the required amount of Flowers. Each time Flowers are offered, Overalls and White Trash will be awarded. Once streak 5 is reached or the 24 hour timer expires, you must wait for her to recover or use Clams to instantly revive her.

How do I get Flowers?

Flowers can be obtained in the following ways:

– Have Peter Smell the Roses

– Have Race Car Driver Joe Stock Up on Air Freshners

– Get from the Race Car Garage

– Get from the Bumblescum Fishin’ Hole

– Get from the Pickup Truck

How do I get Hillbilly Stewie?

Hillbilly Stewie can be purchased from the shop for 230 Clams.

How do I unlock Redneck Peter?

Redneck Peter can be created at Al Harrington’s Outfits with:

– 18 Trucker Hats

– 7 Six Packs

– 11 Trucker Belts

– 4 Chewing Tobacco

How do I get Trucker Hats?

Trucker Hats can be obtained in the following ways:

– Make Peter Shop for Trucker Hats

– Get from Bumblescum General & Specific Store

How do I get Six Packs?

Six Packs can be obtained in the following ways:

– Get from the Valley Don’t Soda Machine

– Get from the Billy Hill’s Homemade Hooch

How do I get Trucker Belts?

Trucker Belts can be obtained in the following way:

– Get by clearing Raccoons

How do I get Chewing Tobacco?

Chewing Tobacco can be obtained in the following ways:

– Make Meg Idolize Cool Kids

– Make Chris Get Pressured by Peers


28 responses to “Southern Fried Griffins Event FAQ

  1. So the event ends tomorrow i think i will buy the fishing hole over the garage,i can forget earning Sam i literally have just got redneck Peter.


  2. my decoration 2 thing campfire and another one i forget the name but when i place the decoration it cant move so i restart the game and it disappeared


  3. i place it and it disappear from my game when i restart the game


  4. I hope this is a good sign, I got 2 cans of chewing tobacco on my first try even though it’s supposed to be a rare drop.


  5. Those uncommon trash cans act more like very rare items!


  6. And here we go again… Uncommon drop rates for dustbins.. Don’t think so….6 tasks completed and no bins at all dropped… Why do we even bother anymore…


  7. No chance of getting anywhere in 1 week without blowing a load of clams… 😳


  8. 0 for 6 on trash cans. Great start.


  9. is anyone of you got campfire decoration and disappear


  10. This event just started, correct? Minus the fact that start up glitch is happening for most people. In my opinion, depending on how long the quest is, and hoping that it’s only an hour, that 18 and 11 required items needs to be cut in half. Especially if it’s only for a week as an event. Sam is a heavily desired character for me since Christ and her had good chemistry. At this point I dread the obvious of not achieving new characters.


  11. And this is why I don’t do mystery boxes…
    Had a bunch of clams saved up so I figured why not. I would like to win racecar Joe, plus the only item I didn’t want was the trash cans. Figured I’d budget myself two tries just in case I got the trash cans. Sure enough I got the cans on the first attempt, but no worries I’ll get something better on the second attempt. No such luck. Got cans again on the second attempt! Out of every possible random scenario, I got precisely the only one that leaves me unhappy. And to put salt on the wound, I can’t even use all the cans to get a head start on the week. After clearing 4 raccoons, you have to wait for who knows how long for more to spawn! Geez, never doing that again.


  12. Looks like TinyCo cleared the support board with a blast message as I know of a couple people that got this exact same message from them: (this is pitiful)
    Thank you for participating in Wet Hot Quahog Summer! We’re sorry we could not answer your support ticket before the event ended on Wednesday, July 26 at 3:00PM PDT. At this time we are unable to credit or refund any currency, items, characters, or character outfits related to the event.

    Also, we cannot comment on specific future plans, but we are always considering new options and the possibility of bringing back past limited content. Thanks for playing!


  13. Well…. TinyCo gave me the break I was asking for. But instead of 1 day…. Gonna take 7 and skip this event. I won’t be spending any clams on this event which are not always earned…. They are paid for. There is no way they read these comments. Could they really ignore hundreds of requests for a day break?? Good luck to those who are participating this week… Hope there is some enjoyment.


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