Wet Hot Quahog Summer – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, well wasn’t that event a lot of fun and games, not!!! Yes, Wet Hot Quahog Summer saw us spend 4 weeks lost in glitches and in a camp overrun with bugs. In fact this event was a hybrid of a hot mess and a damp squib, and part of me thinks the less said the better, but hey that’s not what these posts are about, so let’s just get our feelings out there.  

It all started with a little teaser and hint that we’d be getting a summer camp event that would tie in with the Wet Hot American Summer franchise. Not being American, summer camp isn’t something I know much about, summer holidays I get, yes, summer camps, no!!! But the blurb looked promising, new gameplay and such is always welcomed by us long term players. But in this event it came at a price, and a heavy one at that. Even now as the event just ended, some players including Bunny & Lotty just couldn’t get their games to load long enough to play. Yes this event suffered the worse glitching and issues of any event in recent months. Some players simply said goodbye to the event, and some to the game, but others, like me are gluttons for punishment and tried to battle to the end.  And now that end is here it’s time to sit back and recover before Southern Frued Griffin hits our games.

Now I’m going be honest here, this event hit at the worst possible time for me and it was a struggle to be able to progress and get through things to get all the usual info up as quick as a flash. We did our best but you also all lined up besides us in battle  and helped your fellow players with advice in the comments. I know the other FGQFS game sites are vanishing so you rely on us Addicts more than ever when events nose dive like this, so thanks to everyone who shared tips, advice or even a “I know how you feel” message to their fellow players. We appreciate it and I know they appreciate it as well.

Now admittedly I  made a couple of premium purchases during the event, and that helped me a little, however not as much as it once would have. The game is getting tough for premium and freemium players. Losing freemium players may not have an impact on TinyCo, but surely they can’t afford to lose many more premium players and still keep the game going?

Anyway now I’ve got that off my chest, let’s take a more in-depth look at the event, and yes I will say this from the off, a lot of players got frustrated when things got tough very quickly and the event nose dived from there.

I also know some of you who updated to Version 1.50.5 and ended up locked out of the game completely.

A 4 week event that once again had a dreaded timed character, TinyCo know these timers are alienating players but they stick with having them, either someone at TinyCo loves timers or they want to annoy players. Really what more can we say on this that hasn’t been said a hundred times before.

I did enjoy having more achievable weekly challenges, that was until the last weeks dropped, and it gave many players like myself no chance of completion as it dropped when our Park Ranger was in downtime. Leaving us with only one way to succeed, defeating her at every level once she reappeared. Simply impossible, and that’s not what the definition of a challenge should be.

The Achievement Tasks were much more fun, but hey TinyCo, they were tough, just how high an achiever do you think I and others are. Try to keep it real!!!

Again I’d like mention TinyCo they need to remember the players who are completing events, there needs to be a reward, a little something for completing the final Main Questline, but again nothing!

Movie tie in, with a little Family Guy history. To be hones despite working very hard to unlock some of the characters, they were uninspiring. But maybe that’s just me! Liked fact they brought back a clam generator in the Panty Fort. Don’t forget to keep collecting from it even now the event is over, you’ve still a few more days clams to gather.

I liked the new gameplay idea it’s just a shame it didn’t work due to a large number of glitches, from missing visuals, to crashing and of course just being too difficult at times. Relying on random drops to upgrade Campers made things very difficult, especially in the crucial Phase 3 which included the timed character. The frustrations were plain to see in the comments and I think they were heightened due to the fact players could envision how fun this could have been if TinyCo had got it right first time. An opportunity missed,

No big complaints here, a good range characters were used.

What did I like, well we a few new freemium characters as opposed to just a whole lot of costumes but the freemium ones seem a bit bring by FGQFS standards.  Didn’t like that they used a timer again.

TinyCo promised us some new gameplay and we got it with the Camp Wars,  it just went wrong. The random nature of the drops for packages unwrapped  and Pranking didn’t help. And surely TinyCo realised the time taken to unwrap packages was excessive!!

This has really gone downhill, and is increasing players frustrations.  Standard responses or no responses seem to be the on,y thing happening as Support for this game seems to be on the decline. I hope we see improvements soon or else I’m beginning to wonder just ho long this game has to run.

It’s no mystery what my feelings on Mystery Boxes are, I’ve long despaired at the way TinyCo implements Mystery Boxes in events. And the 1st box released in this event was the type I dislike. However the 2nd was packed full of characters and costumes and a bit more tempting.

Park Ramger seemed possible at the lower levels and you could just chip away at her. But I’d like see the cool down timer start from the minute the Boss goes into it, not when you next access your game. As this means if he goes into cool down at say 11pm whilst you’re sleeping, instead of being ready to wake up when you do, his cool down timer doesn’t even start until you’ve gone back in the game. Silly!!!

No real issues arose in these apart from no completion reward.

Completely random drops on items for timed characters should be banned! But that’s nothing I’ve not said before.

So fellow addicts, that’s just some of my thoughts, and I want to stress they are just my thoughts, and I really feel meh when I need write a review like this as o want events to be fun, an escape for us.mi want to be saying that was fantastic fun, not lamenting a disaster.

But that’s my ramblings, now I want you to tell me your thoughts. But please try keep it PG, I know this will resemble a What the Deuce and I’m fine with that but don’t go too far to the something, something darkside. Tell us what you liked, didn’t like? What you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less off. Share with us everything and anything you think would improve FGQFS.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:


~ Russian Tigger


52 responses to “Wet Hot Quahog Summer – Review & How Did You Do Poll

  1. Hi, everybody. Save for the glitches, I don’t think this was a bad event. The drops were not bad (while having 15 extra rare items for a time character is excessive, the clipboards dropped well) and there was variety of things, which is what I missed in previous events. I didn’t get Susie because I was 4 pianos short and some water balloons short too. Basically I falied to fail wars two more times 😛 No worries though, since she sounded kind of annoying and I’m not sure I like her, lol. I would have unlocked Brian’s costume if I had remembered to check the game and open one more package to upgrade the deer, but senile me forgot. Anyway, here’s what I liked and didn’t like of this event:
    Good things:
    – As I said before, variety of ‘systems’ to get characters and outfits
    – Having the last phase unrelated to or independent from the others. This was a good way of helping players who were still struggling with phase 3 to see all the content in the event. I really liked this and would like to see it happening more often.
    – The possibility of collecting items in advance, like the pianos and tapes. I’m not sure if this was intentional (probably not), but I loved it.
    – The wars. Yes, there were glitches and some unfair/random things but all in all I think they were fun.

    Bad things:
    – This is for all events; not just this one. The buildings are useless. They used to drop event currency; now it’s just an item for a character and then they go straight into storage after 3 days. Considering how difficult they often are to unlock/buy, they should drop something a little useful throughout the event.
    – The time to unlock packages was way too long. 4h and 4,5 h is too much. They should have been all 3 h or no more than that. It took forever to upgrade campers when you could open only 4 or 5 packages a day.
    – The glitches and ‘randomness’ of the wars. My game kept crashing if I used Peter or Quagmire in the cannon. Granted, they were useless with the mimes, but still it should have been fixed. And the results were either random or prefixed. At firts it was random; you did the same thing twice and got different results in the same strike. And in the end it looked like the recommendations dictated the result. It makes no sense that a camper from phase 2 would make the difference between losing in 15 seconds and winning in 10, which was what happened in my case.

    Mixed feelings about the achivement tasks. The ones for Joe gave no options; so they weren’t good imo. The ones for Brian gave more possibilities and freedom, so I like that list (even though I got Joe’s outfit and not Brian’s)

    Well, those are my thoughts. Have a nice day, everyone.


  2. Concept – meh
    Gameplay – blah
    And that goes for the current mini game.
    Much prefer futurama now anyway. Bye bye FG


  3. Even though I hated every moment of the event, I actually unlocked everyone except the Joe costume. I didn’t spend a single clam either. I could’ve got Joe for 50ish clams, but it wasn’t worth it.


  4. I barely got peter and quagmire. That’s pretty sad for playing so often.
    I was going to buy sasquatch, but it ended before I could get the chance.


  5. I know this has probably already been said, but here goes anyway. I liked the concept of camp wars, but it was either WAY too easy or impossible. Seems like there was no comfortable middle ground.

    Also, it seems like week four started for me even though I hadn’t finished week three. If so, then brilliant move on TinyCo’s part. They need to do this for every event because I don’t think I’ve ever completed week four of any event.

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  6. just wanted to note that I would have immediately bought R Lee Ermey if I didn’t have to go fishing for him


  7. I thought that if we had obtained the premium characters during the last event to use in Camp Wars ( the Cat, the walking chocolate bar & the Schpupel player) then these would be avaialable as decorations when the event is over?
    They aren’t in my game yet all the buildings are? Did I misunderstand?

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    • RussianTigger

      I’ve not got them but I don’t recall reading anything that said we would. I’m trying think back but just can’t recall it.


      • I think Gary’s right. I got them from the Premium packages and I distinctly remember seeing something to the effect of, “Available as a deco after the event”. I don’t remember where – maybe in the “What’s New” section in the game info menu? I figured that, if we get them, it’d be a few days afterward similar to the leaderboard achievements…

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        • RussianTigger

          I’m looking for a screenshot to see what was said as so much went on I can’t remember off hand, been through hundreds so far but I’ll find it


      • It said when you unlocked those premium characters you would get decos for them. I only recieved the cat missing other 2 😦


        • RussianTigger

          I’m trying find screenshot stating that to get Bunny query with TinyCo but not found it yet. I will keep looking


        • I too had unlocked all 3 premium campers but only received the cat actor as a deco. When I tried contacting Tinyco in-game with a screenshot of really having unlocked the schpupel player and junk food monster too, this is what they told me: http://i.imgur.com/lDF96U8.png

          I’m really frustrated at the moment being denied of something promised but denied of receiving them as decos just the same even though I spent real money to unlocked them!!


      • That was what they said, I remember.


    • I remembered this too and it was mentioned in the box offering you the option to purchase for the premium character. Doubt we can find more evidence. But I am not too hung up about it as there are other glitches more urgent to be fixed. Like the daily clams offer, which has not appeared for almost 2 weeks! I wrote to Tinyco and as usual they said they are working on it.


  8. You forgot to include my favorite, Lois’ new costume, in the list. Didn’t get it, but it was the only one that appealed.


  9. I had to buy the last Piano to get Director Suzie. But that’s all part and parcel with not being able to upgrade my Camp Wars fighters – because the random drops didn’t give me enough cards to upgrade them. Meanwhile I wound up with a slew of leftover logs I had no use for.


  10. RT, thanks for the Poll.

    As usual, I agree to all your comments. Overall, I got much more out of this event than the others: 4 costumes (Peter, Quagmire, Joe, Brian) and 3 new characters (Gene, Ben, Susie). The only freemium costume character I did not get was Camper Lois, as requirements for 66 sprays were just too much!

    I’d like to emphasize that this Addicts Site is just priceless. If not because of the varying strategies (for the Camp Wars), so generously shared by everyone (RT, Chris K, Jeff, etc.), I wouldn’t be encouraged to keep on trying (Week 2 was the toughest, Streak 6 I recall), and given up like many others.

    For new gameplay, I am happy that Tinyco introduced Camp Wars, which I enjoyed initially but got frustrated by 2 things: increased difficulty during Week 2, and increase in number of balloons for each war (6!).


  11. I did pretty good overall. My only failures were the final weekly challenge and I came up one piano short for Director Susie. I played streak 11 an absurd amount of times and could never ever beat it.

    I’ve seen the movie this event was based off of and I remember not liking it but I still thought the event was fun enough. I’ve played much better but I certainly have played much worse too. I’d give it a B. 3 characters and 5 skins is a decent haul.

    I would have purchased R Lee Ermey straight up. I love that guy but they threw him in a mystery box instead. Poor choice. I’ve seen the poll results on the mystery boxes and I just don’t get why they still do them. I feel like just making them available would provide the better incentive to buy.


  12. I’m almost glad that I had no feelings about this event. I wasn’t excited to get any new characters, nor was I flat out going to completely stop playing because of it. It was nice not to have to worry about unlocking things or characters because the nice summer weather in the Pacific Northwest has been calling me. That being said, I gave up on most everything because it took me two and a half weeks to get past phase 1 as a freemium player. There have been other events that I have been much more invested in and been disappointed when I wasn’t able to get a certain character, so this was a nice break from that. The event did still suck though…


  13. Missed Susie because I couldnt beat Streak 11 & needed 3 more Pianos. I even waited to unlock her until I had all the buildings needed for her drops! Her timer ended 1 day before the event did. So aggravating!

    I did finally get Joe’s costume…but just hours before the event ended, so what was the point? In the end, I found Wild Brian surprisingly within reach, except…I couldnt beat Streak 11!

    This event has left me sad (& astoundingly frustrated); it really had a lot of potential, but was mainly ruined by the usual things we’ve all complained about for quite some time now! 😡😢


    • Streak 11…yeah, we lost a lotta good campers out there…no, seriously, I was so frustrated after getting absolutely clobbered in Streak 11 for what seemed a couple of days that I played right into TinyCo’ hands and bought a set of Premium packages…yes, I know, I’m an addict and I’m only rewarding TinyCO for bad behavior, but it felt so good for about 30 seconds after winning…

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  14. Whoops, “losing”, not “loosing”, I need to proofread before I post…


  15. You need to add another choice to the question of whether TinyCo Customer Support was helpful, i.e., “Yes”, “No”, and “ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY UTTERLY USELESS, MADDENING AND PATHETICALLY HORRIBLE”…just a suggestion..,

    Seriously, I’m with you, they may not be impacted by loosing Freemium players, but they should be as Freemium players are potential Premium players, and the complete lack of caring or even attention on the part of Customer Service may foreshadow the end of the game…I hope not because I’ll miss all our fellow addicts…


  16. I believe that they have planned to end this game for a while, but before they do, they want to see just how much abuse players will take before they begin leaving in droves. It was obvious early on how this event was going to go, so I just gave up. I fired it up a few times a day and did what I could, but I just couldn’t care. Even playing part time, the package opening was so slow I was able to keep my que filled until the end. There were many reason to hate this event, but the one that probably annoyed me the most was Outdoor Joe. It took me three weeks to get enough hotdog medals to unlock him, and once I did, it was long past time for him to help me in the wars, and he had no tasks that could help anything. WTD?

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  17. only missed unlocking joe due to i only needed to get the race car track but it cost 30 hot dog medals in the last 2 weeks of event i only got about 15 hot dog medals… just glad he was a skin and not a full character


  18. I unlocked everyone except Susie and Wild Brian, but I had to spend clams on Quagmire’s last 2 Braces when I went days without them dropping and 12 clams to finish up Lois’ costume on time today. I would have gotten Susie and Brian if I had gotten enough Deer cards to do an upgrade (for Brian) and beat streak 11 (for those last pianos for Susie). Okay, I would have needed 1 more Clipboard too, but I probably would have dropped clams for just that last item. The camp wars were too difficult in later stages and the packages took too long to open. I still had around 8 of the week 3 packages left to open when the event ended. You needed so many food badges to get everything in week 2 but I was getting extra drama badges during week 3 content when I just wanted the upgrade cards. I don’t know if it was just horribly planned or they were making adjustments as they went. Did manage to get just enough of the food badges to get Joe but of course that was just last night or so, so he didn’t help me at all. I love Gene, but I wish they would have used the original character’s voices. Ah, another thing, that stupid park ranger. I hated the system they used for determining what items would be used for attacking. If I could have attacked her one more time today, I could have gotten the TeePee skin or whatever it was, but they asked for bottles which I had used all of attacking her on the fourth stage on her last incarnation. I had 15-17 items of both of the other options! Why not let use pick what item to use or make it more even? This event did help me make the decision not to spend any more money on this game. Just not worth it. I acquired enough clams to do the box for a chance at Sasquatch and got motorbike cop Quagmire. I’ll still spend clams I earn here and there on things, but I ‘m not buying them anymore.


  19. I was 7 pianos from getting Susie, which was really frustrating, because I spent so much time trying to get past the levels, and wasting balloons, so I tried to get the 2 pianos from losing, but ran out of time, and there was no was was going to spend a single clam on a character that is not part of the show. Plus, she will only be useful to hold space in the hotel, where they have done nothing for months.


  20. The clams video app is a joke. I redeem clams one at a time because I watch a video, try to close it, and get sent to Play Store. Sometimes closing this goes back the game screen, sometimes it restarts the game. When the game restarts,it crashes and I have to restart the game. After watching the video, it takes 10 to 15 seconds to return to game screen. The whole Clams app slows down regular game play also. At least I am only cheated out of one clam per time.

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  21. Jennifer Westcott

    I don’t really know where to begin, but first thank you for your in depth breakdown. My biggest frustrations were with the timed Susie event, the awful Camp Wars screen glitches and the annoying park ranger reset times. I sent them a help email in game because I wasn’t getting food badges and they tell me my game is functioning fine. I am so close to not playing anymore and gave up on getting Lois. Didn’t want to waste clams.


  22. This game has treated me so badly that I have to assume that anything good that happens is down to a bug. In this case the week 4 content started for me while I was still feverishly wasting water balloons on week 2 bonus streaks to unlock the bloody cook. This is a good thing because I got to play through the week 3 and 4 quest lines at the same time, instead of horrible drop rates putting me back by weeks.

    Still, only unlocked Joe’s costume twenty minutes before the event ended, got a quarter of the way through Wild Brian’s achievements and got nowhere near unlocking at least two of the characters plus Lois’s costume. A solid D- event: on to the next one…

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  23. The one character I really wanted… Sasquatch… and he was in a dumb mystery box that I could have spent less clams buying him premium and actually would have gotten him vs 2 dumb costumes I didn’t want from prior events. Not to mention, I asked tinyco about the drop rate of hot dogs seeing as how I hadn’t had any drop in over a week, to find that suddenly I got hot dogs and they replied that it all was working as should… awful convenient that that happened as I complained vs beforehand…


  24. Had my usual sky is falling reaction the first time camp wars became impossible, and when I couldn’t get the older badges (pranking eventually got those). But at the end of the day I got almost everything mostly freemium. Missed the arts and farts and crafts cabin by 2 badges and that’s it. Didn’t buy any premium characters/costumes, but took advantage of a three premium care package for purchase deal, however I wisely spaced them out so I could get different premium campers each week. Only got the first challenge prize, but meh. Looking back this was much better/easier than the princess bride event (for example). Passed on the mystery boxes this time. Tempted by the first as materials were so scarce, but that eventually solved itself (finished with way too many drama badges, maybe over 70, nice if we could have traded them for the earlier ones) and i like Ermey, but held out until I was sure it wasn’t necessary. Other (for me) was almost entirely costumes so I gave it a hard pass. I’ll gamble around 50/50 (especially when I’m flush with 1k plus clams like I am now), but not at 90/10.


  25. What an awful week – they had me working towards 3 unlocks all at the same time (Troop Leader Lois, Wild Brian and Director Susie) some of them with conflicting requirements for characters. Over 10 defeats at streak 11 effectively put both Wild Brian and Director Susie out of reach.

    As a result, I ended up around 85% complete for all of them, so got nothing and the buyout prices were also still more clams than I could afford. This last 7 days was just a waste of time!


  26. a game where you have to contact support in EVERY event is not fun at all !!!

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  27. I may be the only one, but I actually enjoyed this event. Before the pitchforks come out, let me explain that I did not experience ANY glitches/lockouts/etc. Granted drops were pretty awful, but seemed to get better as time went on.
    Played completely freemium (except for Panty Fort). I unlocked everyone but Susie, Lois, & Brian, but was close enough that had I not been away at a music fest for 4 days and/or had a couple more days I think I would’ve gotten them.
    I loved the movie so wish there had been more content from it. Seemed more like a loose theme to do a camp event.
    That being said, randomness of camper upgrades was awful. Drops were maddening as always. Extremely low Pranking payouts. I DESPISE when a character has drop tasks for 2 different required items causing you to choose what to get or even end up losing out on both.
    Loved the fact that I was able to start phase 4 w/o finishing 3. I would have given up after being stuck on phase 10 forEVER.

    Feel really bad for everyone that had glitches. Could have been a fun event.

    Still waiting with my stockpile of clams for another Peterpalooza kind of event where you earn free music downloads. That was great to have a real life bonus for playing.

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  28. great event the first week then went to **** after that tiny co has a lot to make up for going forward first step bring back vids for clams


  29. I stopped spending money on this game six months ago. Long load times, countless bugs, and the fact that they made it impossible to progress without spending money.
    Its just not worth my time or money anymore. I can’t waIt 3-5 minutes for the game to load before I can even start playing. That’s insane.. The upside is my Springfield is looking great!!


  30. This post went up quick. RT you are a credit to this site.

    I liked the Camp Wars mini game I just don’t think the difficulty scaled up fairly. A number vof times I couldn’t progress until I upgraded a couple of the fighters and their upgrade cards weren’t very forthcoming.

    I also think the packages took too long to unwrap. I had more packages than I had time to open them.

    I didn’t get Outdoor Joe – I had 123 of 129 of his collection. The only thing I had left was placing buildings but I couldn’t grt enough hot dog rating badges to get the go kart track. Which was worth 5 so I would still have been one short.

    I didn’t unlock Wild Brian either – I had 420 of 470 for him. Which was just a ridulous number of items to achieve.

    With all character outfits I never understand why the characters themselves can’t have more actions to get their alternative outfits. Wouldn’t this make sense for them to be more productive in achieving it.


  31. “I’m beginning to wonder just ho long this game has to run”

    Once Futurama came on the scene, there should have been a timer put on how long this game would last.


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