Futurama Thoughts, with a sprinkling of FGQFS & Tapped Out on top!!!

So after a long time in the promoting,  Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, (FWOT), finally hit our App stores at the end of last month, and although as of right now there’s no Addicts site devoted to it I thought it might be nice to do another little post here where those among us who are playing can have a chat about what we think of it.

As I previously admitted in another post, I decided I needed even more madness in my life and downloaded it, so I’ve now been playing since its launch, but I have to be honest and say I’m playing in a dipping in dipping out kind of way, mainly due to being busy, having my tapping paws pretty full with FGQFS and Tapped Out, (TO), and of course there was that little bit of apprehension that if I  play too much I’ll become addicted to yet another mobile game. And my life just isn’t big enough for all of them, even if my TO town is. So for me to personally rate the games it’s probably best done by the time I devote to them, and this would see FGQFS the clear winner, TO taking the next spot and FWOT bringing up the rear.

And with that in mind what are my thoughts on the game’s maiden month, well they are mixed. I love the slow pace, I almost feel like I’m in sloth mode once again where I can dip in and out whenever I like, it’s great to not feel the need to tap to a pressured cycle of set times like FGQFS requires. In fact it reminds me of the good old days in Quahog before the red mist of event after event after event madness took over. But I also need to say FWOT hasn’t pulled me in, in the way FGQFS and TO did. I can honestly say TO had me hooked within minutes of playing despite the fact I don’t actually think The Simpsons is the best show ever, sorry Wookiee. I do love it but not to Wookiee levels. And similarly FGQFS had me addicted pretty quickly, especially as I was going to have to play the long game to get my favourite character, Stewie.

So the relaxed pace of FWOT has allowed me to plod along whilst having the time to appreciate the animation, graphics and dialogue again, but a concern I have is everything is already so vastly populated, I know I’ve still got areas to unlock but the preset graphics already make everything look full to bursting and there really isn’t a lot of space to play with, in fact I couldn’t purchase a building from the store the other day as I simply had nowhere to place it, that’s a bit of a worrying sign so early into the game. Or maybe it’s just my sloth tapping and Russian Tigger needs to work harder to clear land!!!

It would seem TinyCo are trying to avoid the memory hogging and crashing of FGQFS by using the alternate playspace model for Away Misions in FWOT, this was very popular when used during some FGQFS events. And it seems to be working as I’ve had no glitches or issues playing the game, yet! So I guess it’s nice to think that TinyCo have learned something from the issues us long-term FGQFS players have experienced and are still experiencing, it’s just a shame they can’t sort them out in FGQFS as well.

The content, well it’s Futurama, so of course I’m enjoying it but I can’t help but think for a game so long in the planning there should have been more engaging gameplay. Listen the mini battles are fun, well they were fun, but after repeating them 100 times, well it becomes old quite quickly. And I guess that’s where TinyCo’s find justification for their constant events in FGQFS, it’s partly been born out of our constant demand as players for new and updated gameplay and content, as let’s face it we seem to get bored very easily these days. I call it the curse of the mobile game, whereby they have to continually evolve to keep players engaged. But how’s the best way to do this is the million dollar question isn’t it?  At FGQFS in their effort to keep us engaged TinyCo have actually run us into the ground, we’ve been crying out for a break for months as players are showing very real brain drain from the constant high intensity events. Whereas over in TO, EA are now also feeling some heat as players have began to complain they are tired of events but for a different reason, basically over there it’s because we’re bored as every event follows the same format, and a recent attempt by EA to respond to this by making the last big event more challenging left them facing up to a barrage of unhappy Tappers armed with accusations they had turned into TinyCo and all the tapping they wanted us to do would be the death of us, well perhaps not the actual death of us, but that of our home lives, social lives and so on.

So can Futurama find a happy medium in this crowded market, where  hundreds of thousands of individual players demands and their time to tap vary wildly? Will it lull us in gently then turn up the heat as events start to come thick and fast or will it force players to slow down and release their inner sloth to tap and play at a more leisurely pace? Well that’s what I’m waiting to see, and it’s why I’m not going to let myself get too attached to FWOT, as if it does go the constant event way I want to be able to bid the app adieu without any of the debilitating withdrawal symptoms that have stopped me walking away from FGQFS.

I guess I’m preparing for the worse whilst hoping they pull the best from both of my other worlds, Quahog & Springfield. But only time will tell what the Futurama holds, and whether I’ll be a part of it. But that’s just my thoughts, now I want to hear yours, but only if you think they are safe enough to be broadcast on a public forum.

~ Russian Tigger


27 responses to “Futurama Thoughts, with a sprinkling of FGQFS & Tapped Out on top!!!

  1. Bought me a robot to fight the space ships, he doesn’t even come fully unlocked … waste of pizza 😦


  2. HAPPY BUNNY! [Me…not Bunny Bunny, She whom is awesome!, Ruler of the FG Addicts; 1st of her name]
    “Not Addicted (although if I could do what you all do I’d try,)
    Rus.Tig. I envy U. Even when I shouldn’t…the keys u hold. HOLD the DOOR indeed.

    Posted as of 8/3…The Futurama “Omicornian” event is off to a way better start than the Family Guy Alien Event. Only 160 “PIZZAS/CLAMS” for an actual CHARACTER! Free Water!!

    TinyCO has learned some lessons!! I just wish they’d incorporate them back into FGQFS.


  3. Been playing since day one and enjoyed myself. Until now.

    I was collecting stuff for Leg Mutant and Leela when this Omicronian Invasion happened. Suddenly I have waaaaaay too many tasks. Now I’m also collecting stuff for Hattie Mcdoogal and Bachelor Fry while trying to clear Omicronian byrds. Except I can’t clear them because the game crashes the moment I tap a bird followed by an error message “basic_string::_S_create”.

    Thank you TinyCo for ruining this game so quickly. Now I might do something productive with my life again since I don’t have to check my games in every ten minute anymore…

    Not gonna happen. I’m way to addicted to be cured. 😁


    • You are way farther ahead than me! I am still working on collecting items for Smitty, which is required to get to the mission where you can collect the artifact for Lela’s area. So I have a way to go yet. I thought I was moving along pretty well until I read your post. The Leg mutant isnt even available to me yet. 🙂 Anyways, the new Omicronian event is working fine for me. Good luck in your quest. This game is off to a great start.


      • Error messages have now vanished and everything runs smoothly, so TinyCo must have pushed some right buttons.

        But the new tasks just keep piling up. You must now also fight against Omicronian guards and more space missions with Leg Mutant and also to the Omicronian mothership.

        I also play constantly FG-TQFS, Real Racing 3, Clash of Clans and Hill Climb Racing 2. So many games, so few hours in a day…😀

        Good luck to you with your gaming!👍


  4. It might have been here before today, but I just noticed that Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow showed up in the Amazon Appstore, finally, so I was able to get it. So far, I like it, but it did crash once.


  5. Playing FWOT since launch. Big Futurama fan. Loving the game. I know it’s just getting started. A lot of the cool gameplay features of FGQFS developed over time. And this will too. My FG game time has reduced by about 90%, and I have been spending most of my mobile gaming time on Futurama. I’m mostly a one mobile game at at time guy. Hence I didn’t play tapped out when i was playing FG constantly. Therefore my FG gaming will most likely go down to almost zero before long. The last two FG events were dreadful. I played FG for years, and it may be time to move on. Futurama is awesome so far.


  6. I have basically stopped playing Simpsons and slowed down on family guy a ton. I play this every day now since Futurama is one of my favorite shows. I find the gameplay fun so far with the missions, but can see them getting old soon.

    The game loads up fast, but that won’t last very long. I believe one reason for the long load times is that they do not organize their content. Everything is thrown into a single folder so the device takes a long time to scan that folder. Futurama does not have a ton of content yet, so it loads faster, but they did not learn and everything is randomly thrown into a single folder BLAH! Simpsons at least zips up their content into an organized structure for optimal loading. Oh and another thing, the loading images are HUGE!

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  7. I also have been playing FWOT since launch and I’ve been impressed with some aspects, think it’s missing some features we’re now used to in FGTQFS, and also think there is an issue with land space. Yes I get that in the show everything is crowded in the future but it means I’ve struggled to place buildings, to the point where I dont actually have any roads now because roads take up precious space.
    The fact you can’t store the park is annoying too because it does nothing – its just a decoration that characters wander round when not being used. I’m annoyed that I wasted chronotons unlocking it.

    the space battles are a welcome change from the norm but I agree with others in that it is very samey. The only difference is the enemies are different but the gameplay isn’t.

    i do like the relaxed pace more the TQFS in the unending event cycles, but as has been mentioned, its only a matter of time before players have everything unlocked and then the events will no doubt start to keep people playing!


    • If it helps – some areas of the park can be used for buildings!


      • it actually does. thanks 🙂


        • Yet not for long – this notice was posted on their facebook yesterday:


          All buildings and decorations that have placed in Central Park will be stored into your inventory on August 2nd. Once this happens, you will be able to access these stored items through Decoration Mode.

          Enter Decoration Mode by selecting the four arrows in the lower left hand corner. Once there, you can select the inventory icon in the bottom right hand corner. Select the items you want to place and click on the checkmark to confirm their placement!

          Buildings and decorations will no longer be placeable in Central Park after this happens.

          Apologies for the inconvenience, and hope you enjoy the upcoming content!


  8. I played for about 2 weeks and after two consecutive weekend events that required at least 100 pizza slices I closed it and uninstalled it. This wasn’t the only issue but it was pretty insulting. I was also not a gan of the upgrade system and the means to clear sections since it rarely gave you enough to do either without running the same missions ad nauseam (I played moon is a ballon at least 15 times.) But having to spend pizza just to have a chance at getting Geirge Takai put me over the edge.

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    • I’m not sure what you mean – I’ve been playing since day 1 of the official launch and haven’t had to spend even 1 pizza slice. I got all the animals in week 1 (pimparoo, snake etc) and got Takei and the golden statue. I haven’t spent any money and haven’t used any pizza slices yet


      • Maybe I had a glitch on Takai but the first item on his wishlist gave no way to get it but spend 10 pizza 12 times. As for Pimparoo I only had Fry & Bender (didn’t have Scruffy or Hedonismbot yet), the only way I could have gotten enough boxes made was to buy the chicken for 150 pizza.


        • Ah right – I suspect you had issues as you didn’t have more characters unlocked. I don’t recall which characters were needed, but that’s usually how you get the items. It’s weird it didn’t at least tell you which character you needed to at least let you know why you need pizza instead. So far I’m doing okay with the events, but they do require fairly high level characters to 100% them

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          • I noticed a similar issue with Pimparoo, it told me Scruffy could creat boxes even though he wasnt completed, but it never said Hedonismbot could do it until I had hi. Even then I found out because it was among his tasks. With these issues I want no part of when they eventually start monthly events.


    • I can understand your frustration although it was possible to unlock George Takei (and his statue) without spending pizza; but like in the FG game it needed some dedicated grinding. Similarly, unlocking Bee Bender and the Queen Bee were both achievable for free this weekend.


  9. I’ve been playing Futurama since it was released and I am enjoying it. It’s back to what I liked about FG at the start. Progress at your own pace. No timed events to constantly worry about. You can unlock everything with time.

    It does however crash on my game every time I play it however. With having to start it 5 times recently to complete everything I needed to do (collect money, complete jobs, do a space mission, check unlock progress of a character/outfit, level up, plsveca building, assign new jobs, scroll around the map}. The game will crash during any of these forgetting anything I did it the previous minute.

    I like the space battles, it’s a bit more interactive trying to get the critical hit or the defense. Not too fussed on all the levelling up though, its costs so much money. And if you get a different outfit you have to start again to level that up. I know I don’t have to level everything up right now but some mission paths do require a certain type of character leveled up.

    I haven’t been able to get any of the largest upgrade chips from the last weekend events as I just don’t have the funds to level enough characters up to take on the battles.

    Overall I am enjoying it the most. It’s Futurama after all.


  10. I’m enjoying FuturamaWOT so far, but I have an idea that they’re gonna turn up the heat money-grubbing wise. They’re currently doing mini events over the weekend and it can be rough to impossible to finish them.

    I dislike they way they’re handling land. There’s not much of it to begin with , there’s a couple of big honking UNMOVABLE building/decos that take up chunks of space – inconveniently placed no less – that break up the ability to organize your purchased buildings. And it all bends and twists around the waterfront which makes it even harder to work with.

    Then there are the NPCs. Currently un-storable and I keep dragging them around when I’m trying to move around my town – which often causes the game to crash.

    It needs a lot of work.


  11. I’m enjoying the new Futurama game – certainly a lot more than FG:TQFS these days, which dropped down from my #1 fave way back when I discovered donut farming in Tapped Out. In my opinion the main points F:WOT scores over FGQFS are – it’s new, a bit different and hasn’t become near-impossible yet!

    They’re testing us a bit with the weekend events, but most of the main goals have been perfectly achievable without spending any pizza. I guess TinyCo are always going to reserve some of the prizes for premium players and when that becomes too much, then my enjoyment of F:WOT could drop as low as FG:TQFS has fallen.

    I still enjoy Tapped Out quite a lot although I’ve now played it avidly enough to pretty much regard it as “beaten” in its current form; have built my multiplier up to 7400% so far (without either cheating or spending a single penny) which enables me to easily acquire anything in the game. So really the only significant challenges remaining are those targets that I set myself, usually around extreme donut making, which I find quite fun in its own way! This makes it the most rewarding of the 3 games for me, whereas in FG:TQFS every event is a new struggle despite having played for years – there’s no long term payoff!

    My device crashes on all 3 games; the TinyCo ones are probably the worst. I like the short load time for F:WOT too whereas FG:TQFS takes ages to start now – at least 2 minutes on my device; I once ate my entire breakfast before it finished loading!


  12. I’m still enjoying FWOT (lvl 19 about to start on Leela’s unlock list). I think it’s been refreshing and there’s still a feeling of advancing. FG has become a chore to me and the events frustrating. I’ll continue with it but for the time being I’m having more fun building up NNYC and the characters than resetting hours long tasks after not getting drops in FG.


  13. I played futurama from launch til a week ago. Didn’t like it. Especially with respect to the battles as they got much more difficult. I deleted it.


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