Fast Times at Griffin High Main Questline: Back to School

SPICOLI!!! What on earth makes you think you can have pizza in class?

Great… now I am hungry for some Pizza. Who’s buying?

The New “High School Flash Back” Event has dropped into our Quahogs. That means there is a Main Questline for the Event. The Main Questline will need to be followed throughout the Event, unlocking the stages of each Phase as you go. For Phase One of Fast Times at Griffin High, the Main Questline is Back to School.

Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 


Keep in mind some of the Tasks & Drops will NOT show up until triggered via Questline and/or Characters


Back to School Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Welcome Back To School!: Tap on GO to see the details
Learn About Griffin High!: Tap on GO to see the details
Have Peter Prepare for Science Class: 30 secs, $5 & 1xp 

Completed Task Rewards: 100xp


Back to School Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Science Nerds are Here!: Tap on GO to see their details
Get 2 Pieces of Radioactive Cheese
: Quagmire Fail at Chemistry OR Peter Cut the Cheese OR Mort Count His Cheddar OR Lois Make Fondue OR Bonnie Clean Out the Fridge
Meet Griffin High’s Newewst Student!: Go to the school parking lot by the School Bus & the Pink Convertible to find the Hammer, Tap on the Hammer to repair the area Cher Horowitz is hiding for $10, Once repaired you will be able to see what items she will need to be unlocked. 

Completed Task Rewards: 100xp

***He’s All That triggers (Cool Kid Peter Questline)***
***Clued In triggers (Cher Horowitz Questline)***


Back to School Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Science Experiments are Loose!: Tap on GO to see the details
Create a Hamster Trap at the Gym
: Requires 1 Radioactive Cheese per Trap & 1hr to Create

Completed Task Rewards: 100xp


Back to School Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Trap 1 Science Experiment: Requires 1 Hamster Trap
Trade in Hamster Wheels for Hall Passes at the Security Desk
: Tap on the Security Desk to see what current exchange options are available to you
Place the Scientific Method Acting School: Cost~ 3 Hall Passes

Completed Task Rewards: 150xp


Back to School Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Make 28 Hamster Traps: Requires 1 Radioactive Cheese & 1hr each, Remember you have Capacity of 8 so you will need to wait for the Science Experiments to spawn so you can use some to make room to create more
Place the Beep Beep Beepers: Cost~ 4 Hall Passes

Completed Task Rewards: 150xp


Back to School Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Clear a Science Nerd with Cool Kid Peter: 4hrs, $50 & 30xp
Place Ferris’ Bedroom: Cost~ 9 Hall Passes

Completed Task Rewards: 150xp


Back to School Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Trade in Hamster Wheels for Hall Passes 2 Times: Tap on the Security Desk to see what exchange options are available to you, Make TWO separate exchanges. 
Clear 16 Science Experiments
: Requires 1 Hamster Trap Each
Clear 4 Science Nerds: 4hrs, $50 & 30xp each

Completed Task Rewards: 


***This is where I am currently stalled. Waiting for Spawn times and waiting to use Hamster Traps so you can make more beyond Capacity may slow you down a little bit. But the time it takes to get cheese and make the traps may also help balance it out. I am seeing a MAX of 10 Science Experiments and 4 Science Nerds at a time in my game.

I will update the remainder of the Questline once I progress further.***




There you have it, the Main Questline for Fast Times at Griffin High.

What do you think so far? Where is your current progress? Tips to help fellow Players? Are you going to attempt to finish it? Let us know.



22 responses to “Fast Times at Griffin High Main Questline: Back to School

  1. Week 2 starts tomorrow and I’ve been playing my butt off. Am I the only one who doesn’t have Cher yet?


  2. Back to School Pt. 8

    have cher horowitz txt everone
    check back next week


  3. Not fair for those of us on Amazon. We’re Playing a game days behind people on other platforms. Shouldnt start events until all platforms are able to access


  4. Part 8
    Have Cher Horowitz Text Everyone
    Check Back Next Week


  5. OK, you’d think I’d learn my lesson from the last big event where I posted something stupid like, “Gee, this one’s going pretty well” only to get slammed the next day with ‘Daily Task’ glitch that locked up five contributing characters for 3 – 5 days, but, I gotta say, gee, this one’s going pretty well…


  6. Dear RT&B,
    Just been offered a box for 145 clams which included Neil Goldman, Patti and another character who has slipped my mind because of the prospect of acquiring Neil G. You don’t happen to know the probability ratio of getting a character as opposed to some superfluous ornament, say?
    If it’s a 25 ~ 33% chance I may try my arm. Be delighted to know your collective wisdom on this… 😜


  7. omg i got Patty from the new 145 clams mystery box and completed my Meg’s lame friends collection (i was sooo bummed when i couldnt unlock her in that halloween event) and got 35 clams back .. so basically i only paid 110 clams for her .. sweet deal (if you remember from last season – she got a killer body hehe)


    • Stephanie Linhares

      I’m afraid to try. I don’t see Meg’s lame friends on the character list so I’m afraid that if I collect her I won’t get clams back.


  8. Forgive me if this should really go in a “What the Deuce?” thread, but I am starting to get worried that Amazon still hasn’t released the update for this event, but I am able to do everything as far as I know even without it. The game keeps telling me to upgrade, though.


    • The update is still not released for Amazon. I’ve sent an in game message yesterday and have yet to get a response. I keep checking every few hours, but I’ve all but given up hope.


  9. It seems lipstick from hamsters will be the bottleneck?


  10. Do I need to complete school boy peter before clicking on the school/Cher? Are they timed like the other quests? If so I never manage to complete before the timer goes as I don’t have enough clams to buy anything!!!


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