Fast Times At Griffin High Event Phase 2 Is LIVE!!!

Back in the day, I was the coolest kid in class…  Like Oh My Gosh, Gag me with a Spoon, AS IF, No Shoes… No Shirt… No Service… I LOVE SPICOLI!!!

A New Phase has dropped into our Quahogs giving us all sorts of High School and Blasts from the Past Flash Backs. Just what will Phase 2 of the Fast Times at Griffin High Event have in store for us? Let’s take a peek.


First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.54.0 or higher in order to see the event. Also try restarting your device and check App Market again. Or see if going into the game will trigger it.
  • Note: Facebook and Amazon App Markets do have delays of up to 24+ hrs on their launches.
  • Also, you may have to go directly to the App Page to force an update on some devices.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Sorry about the delay but Bunny wasn’t here and I got stuck in the IOS upgrade loop, my own fault for saying out loud my game was working fine. Anyone else having this issue, I eventually got round it by continually force closing my App Store and re-opening then looking at Updates. Finally it popped up, but low and behold it was version I had already updated to. So try this if you’re stuck in that loop.

On top of that I think this is going be a very tough Phase, so good luck everyone and if you can share any info I’ve not got yet please do so in th comments.

CLUELESS and FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF ©2017 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved

For anyone out there, who like me, is addicted to 2 TinyCo games, remember we’ve now set up an FWOT Addicts site, just like you asked us to. And you can find the Live post for the new FWOT Event An Auditory Adventure by clicking here.


Locker Room Peter Statue: 245Clams, Always drops x5 Dodge Balls

High Rollers Backpackets: 180 Clams, Increases Backpackers Capacity Space by 4.



150 Clams per try

Tai Fraiser (Full Character) Task to drop items to help unlock Jock Joe
26 Dodge Balls
7 Hall Passes
25 Towels
155 Clams
19 Radioactuvr Cheese
50 Hamster Wheels


Greaser Quagmire (Costume): 210Clams, Comes with a Questline, Fully tasked, Always drop Towels Rat Tails (8hrs Task)

Jock Joe – Triggers after School Of Crock Pt. 2
4 Trophy (Always):: Clear Locker Room Bully
21 Football (Common): Tai Frasier Guard Flying Tackle, Joe Toss The Pigskin, Balls Out Dodge Supply
8 Protein Powder (Uncommon): Tai Frasier Buy Supplements, Gym Rats Gym
18 Varsity Jacket (Rare): Tai Frasier Date A Quarterback,nBonnie Join The Varsity Team, Jump N Fall .indoor Gym

Fogel McLovin: Triggers at School Of Crock Pt 2, you will need to go to the school parking lot by the School Bus & the Pink Convertible to find the Hammer. Tap on the Hammer to repair the area Fogel is hiding for $10. Once repaired you will be able to see what items he will need to be unlocked. WARNING HE IS TIMED YOU ONLY HAVE 7 DAYS AFTER YOU PLACE HIM TO UNLOCK HIM
16 Glasses (Always):: Clear Dodgeballers
59 Alcohol (Common): Clear Locker Room Bullies
20 Offer Letter (Common): Clear Science Experiment
13 Fake IDs (Uncommon): Jerome Confiscate Fake IDs OR Fake ID Hut
22 Gym Shorts (Uncommon): Tai Frasier Go To Gym OR Seamus Shop For Shorts OR Shower Shorts Shop


These Guys trigger at School Of Crock Pt. 1. These are the Bad Guys of the Second Phase of the Event. Similar to other Bad Guys, you will create an item to use to Clear them from the Quahog Streets. You will use a Rat Tail to clear them, drag them around the screen until the School Bully is in the Target Zone and turns purple, then tap on on the checkmark to launch the Rat Tail at them, then collect your rewards. I had 5 of them appear to start off with. Within a short time, they were at 10.

School Bully/Locker Room Bully: Require 1 Rat Tail to clear

Hamster Trap Rat Tail: Requires Towel to be created in Griffin High Gym (See Griffin High Gym for more info)

Chance Rewards:
+4 Dodge Balls
+1 Trophy
+1 Alcohol


These Guys show up during School Of Crock Pt. 4. This is another Bad Guy for this Phase of the Event. You will use Jock Joe  to Clear them. I saw 2 Dodgeballers appear at first.

Dodgeballers: Use the following to clear them…
Jock Joe Even The Playing Field

Task Time: verifying 3hrs

Chance Rewards:
+10 Dodge Balls
+1 Glasses
$70 $65


This will be your “CREATE” area where you will collect Materials to turn them into items used to attack the Bad Guys in the game.

Here are the items you will Create for Phase Two..

Rat Tail: Requires 1 Towel to be created in Griffin High Gym

Towel (Always): Chris Lose His Tail OR Peter Whip Towel OR Herbert Do Water Aerobics OR Cher Redecorate Her Locker OR Gym Class Mystery Box

Time to Create Rat Tail: 2hr

You can be making up to 6 items in the QUEUE at a time in the Gym. Then you will have to wait until one finishes before adding more into the Queue.

You can have a TOTAL CAPACITY of 8 items at the same time, unless you purchase premium building, High Rollers Backpacks, this will increase your TOTAL CAPACITY to 12. To create space you need to use up some Rat Tails.


Here is where you will exchange one group of Materials for another. For Phase One, you will be exchanging Hamster Wheels for Hall Passes. Here are some of the exchanges I’ve seen so far, more to fine on this.

9 Dodge Balls & 51 Hamster Wheels = 5 Hall Passes
27 Dodge Balls = 7 Hall Passes

Dodge Balls (Always): Clear School Bullies OR Clear Clear Dodgeballers OR Locker Room Peter Statue OR Gym Class Mystery Box


Here is where you will trade Materials you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Phase One…

Jump N Fall Indoor Gym: Chance Drops 2 Varsity Jacket every 4h
4 Hall Passes

Balls Out Dodgeballs: Chance Drops x2 Football every 3h
7 Hall Passes

Gym Rats Gym: Chance Drops x2 Protein Powder every 4h
12 Hall Passes

Shopping Bag Pile (Decoration):
6 Hall Passes

Fake ID Hut: Chance Drops x2 Fake IDs every 8h
13 Hall Passes

Shower Short Store:  Chance Drops x2 Gym Shorts every 4h
19 Hall Passes

James Woods High Sign (Decoration)
?? 20 Hall Passes

Movie Makeover Salon (Decoration):
?? 42 Hall Passes

Hall Passes Always: Trade Hamster Wheels or/and Dodge Balls @ Security Desk OR Hall Pass Printing Press


Dodge Balls (Always): Clear School Bullies OR Clear Clear Dodgeballers OR Locker Room Peter Statue OR Gym Class Mystery Box

Towel (Always): Chris Lose His Tail OR Peter Whip Towel OR Herbert Do Water Aerobics OR Cher Redecorate Her Locker OR Gym Class Mystery Box

  Hamster Wheels (Always): Clear Science Nerds OR Clear Science Experiments OR Science Class Peter Statue

Hall Passes (Always): Trade Hamster Wheels @ Security Desk OR Hall Pass Printing Press

Radioactive Cheese (Always): Quagmire Fail at Chemistry OR Peter Cut the Cheese OR Mort Count His Cheddar OR Lois Make Fondue OR Bonnie Clean Out the Fridge OR Clam Buy in Shopping Cart



For this Event, you will be able to keep an eye on the upcoming Weekly Challenges in the Main Event Hub. Just tap on the Event Icon in the lower right corner of your play screen. On the front page below Peter you will see “CHALLENGE”. Tap on it to see the information currently available.

NOTE: Weekly Challenges usually hit on a Monday’s. The next will arrive on Monday September 18th

You can also see the Final Prize available for completing all 4 of the Weekly Challenges. The Final Prize will be Michael Pulaski (Character).

There you have it, the overall Basics of Phase 2 of  Fast Times at Griffin High Event. Keep an eye out for more posts going into more details for the Event Areas.

What do you think so far? Any specific Character you are most wanting to get? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


42 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High Event Phase 2 Is LIVE!!!

  1. Did anyone else see the 3day clam offer stating that if you purchase 19.99 clams you will get also the 9.99 reward and 5 hall passes? I did this and all i got was the 600 from the 19.99. Idk what else they could mean by the 9.99?


  2. It’s too bad they put Tai Fraiser in a mystery box. I have nearly 700 clams saved up and it’s ages since they released a character that I’d actually want to buy, so would be happy to buy her for clams to help out this phase, but not in a mystery box… no way I’m falling for that!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Is anyone else having troublengetting fake i.d.s? I have only gotten 2 from Jerome & none from fake id building. Eache one has cashed out 4 times and I only got 2 items.


  4. Greaser Quagmire (Costume) how often does he drop Towels?


    • He doesn’t drop towels… he bypasses the towels and having to create them into rat tails in the Locker room and instead he drops Rat Tails directly on his 8hr task that shows as an “always” drop.


  5. This game for me at least has been sooo hit or miss in regards to liking it. The monthly events are okay although a week or two break between them would be very nice and the mystery boxes look cool but I’d rather use like 1,000 coins than a 100 plus clams. Shame I can’t add Tai to my collection of characters since I’m a freemium player but who knows maybe she could end up a last hurrah before the event ends grab bag prize.


  6. it keeps telling me to upgrade but there’s no upgrade in the App Store !!! im playing on my struggling android tab


  7. Warning the newest box gamble is a scam. I have rolled 16 times and did not obtain. Within each box per different event they keep increasing the rolls and preventing people from obtaining longer and longer, these past few boxes it took me 10-12 attempts, times before 6-8 and then 4-7 I have tallied proof if there is a way I can send it to someone to figure out why tinyco is doing this? Hopefully someone sees where I am coming from on this


    • As I keep noting each event and box, they’ll vary. Several times it’s been 10 or more for me personally to get the “ultimate prizes”, several times it’s been within a few rolls. This mystery box just dropped… I got Tia the very first time I opened the mystery box.

      You will never have same results. Ever. Other players won’t have same either. It’s all a gamble just like a casino slot machine. All at your own choice to take that gamble and risk your clams.

      There’s no need to send results, I have hundreds from every event since game dropped in 2014. I’ve seen them myself. Hence why I keep warning… YOUR choice, YOUR risk, results will vary every box and every player.

      This does not mean it’s a “scam”. It’s a slot machine or a lottery if you wil. You could put in $1 and hit the jackpot or you could spend $1000 and lose it all. It’s all a gamble. All your choice to try.


    • I really wish people wouldn’t buy those mystery boxes at all. TinyCo need to learn that it’s a horrible way to offer premium characters. Just offer characters at a reasonable price and people will buy them in droves. If every character was 100 clams we’d probably all buy them.

      Liked by 3 people

  8. I fell for the trick of having a timed character as a requirement for the 2nd part 😦
    I thought the first phase was excellent but it looks like tinyco are back to their old ways again.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Week 2 and still no Kindle update. 3 days and counting waiting for a reply from Tinyco.


  10. It’s a lil tougher to be sure. I do like that Cher can participate! I hate when we unlock a character as they are useless in the next phase. Tinyco just may be listening to us!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I’m stuck in the loop, and the thing that worked for you isn’t working for me… luckily I have it linked to android as well…. just a small screen, which isn’t helpful for the attacking.


  12. I’m disappointed Tai is in the mystery box and not a free character or even available for purchase. Also Shower Short Store cost 19 hall passes.


  13. The 2 hour conversion time for rat tails will make this tough at the least. Getting 3 towels every 3 hours is fine but they will just back up plus I’m sure we still need cheeses and they won’t get a look in for days.


  14. the one thing i always love about events lets put a timed character as the second mission of every event so u have to either start character early and miss them or wait until u have enough of their unlock buildings and character skin that only gathers a certian item


  15. Clear 41 guys just to get Joe? And then 16 dodgeballers with Joe for McLovin? No chance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am with ya! I have all the other drops for Joe, except the trophies – I only have 18 of 41! It is going to take me at least 2 days, that is if I push, to finish him off!

      Fortunately, I don’t care about McLoven, other than Tan Lines filler, so I am going to enjoy my weekend, but it is poor planning on TinyCo’s part.

      Liked by 1 person

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