Fast Times At Griffin High – McLovin IS Timed

Hey School Chums

Just want to call you all to a quick Addicts Assembly to say sorry we’re a bit late doing our Homework and getting up a Live Post, believe me I’m trying pull info as quick as I can from my game as Bunny’s not around at the moment. But I just wanted warn you all Fogell McLovin is timed, as soon as you repair him you on,y have 7 days to unlock him. So proceed with caution. Ok that’s all get back to class!!!

~ Russian Tigger


23 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High – McLovin IS Timed

  1. Good news! Just used jock Joe to clear a dodge baller and it drops two glasses and 10 dodge balls. So we only need to clear 8 dodge ballers instead of 16. Still a tough unlock but a little easier than I originally thought.


    • Unfortunately the glasses fall under the dreaded “uncommon” drop rate. So far, I’ve cleared 6 dodge ballers with Joe, and only received 1 drop of 2 glasses so far. Going to be a long road.


  2. How are the drops going for McLovin… superbad?


  3. thank you for your sharing. But, I really wish they’d make up their mind on timed characters

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  4. Hi RT – the next time you see a post from me that says, “Gee, I think this one’s going pretty well”, please print out the post, FedEx it to my office and instruct the courier to ball up the letter and shove it down my throat…grrr, TinyCo, I really wanted McLovin’ as “Superbad” is hilarious, but we have lives…and jobs…grrrr….

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  5. Not going to be able to get him freemium. I’m not spending any clams for him either.


  6. I have a feeling McLovin will be impossible to get in time without using clams. 59 alcohol bottles which are given out one at a time for batting bullies. At two hours crafting that is 108 hours out of 168 available. Seems like round the clock work is needed.


  7. Ugh… I really wish they’d make up their mind on timed characters. Cher wasn’t timed so I figured McLovin wouldn’t be either, so I confidently unlocked him. It’s going to be brutal unlocking him as unlocking Joe is crucial to getting him


  8. Anyone have any good strategy to share? I’m thinking of unlocking now so I can get Seamus working on shorts and Jerome on fake ids since they aren’t doing anything else. And also not waste alcohol chances when clearing bullies.


    • I’ve done same,nth inking might as well get benefit of drops from bullies for both unlocks and hope Seamus and Jerome are kind to me whilst try get buildings


    • I’m waiting til I have Joe and at least one of the buildings needed to drop stuff. Then will bank 8 rat tails and then repair McLovin. Don’t see any need to panic in getting him as he wont be needed to progress the game so if it takes me until a few days into week 3 then so-be-it. Clearing bullies will hopefully help me bank some passes to kick week 3 off..


  9. Is TC insane? 138 hours of crafting to unlock him. That’s 5.75 days assuming always drop which they are not.


  10. i havent been able to log in since yesterday , it keeps telling me to upgrade but there’s no upgrade in the App Store !!!


  11. One other potentially critical piece of information to add to this: Keep your event item construction queue building at all times. McLovin needs 59 items from clearing jocks (118 hours worth of building time) and 20 from clearing science experiments (20 hours worth of building time), so that’s 5.75 days of the 7 day timer. In my case I had 10 hours worth of building done before I unlocked him, which helps a bit, but it’s still much closer than I would like.


    • I think so long as the queues are kept full it can be possible. Other drops will happen as and when, they’re irrelevant really. Craft rat’s tails first to unlock Joe then move on to traps for the science experiments whilst Joe is doing his clearing.


  12. why i cant create joe new outfit


  13. And this is all we really need to know. Perhaps the most critical information.

    Thanks, and don’t feel apologetic!


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