Fast Times at Griffin High 101: Griffin High Gym Phase 1 & 2

NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo I don’t wanna play Dodgeball!!

With the New Fast Times at Griffin High Event in our Quahogs, we are going to have a base of locations in the Event Area that will help us along the way during the Event. In this post, I will be going over the Griffin High Gym and how it will help you progress in the Event.

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE



In the Upper Top section of the Event Area, you will find the Griffin High Gym.



Here is where you will use one group of Materials you collect to Create another Main Material you will use to attack and clear Bad Guys in the Event.



For Phase 1, Hamster Traps.

For Phase 2, Hamster Traps & Rat-Tails.



Hamster Traps: Require 1 Radioactive Cheese each

Radioactive Cheese (Always): Quagmire Fail at Chemistry OR Peter Cut the Cheese OR Mort Count His Cheddar OR Lois Make Fondue OR Bonnie Clean Out the Fridge OR Clam Buy in Shopping Cart

Create Time: 1hr

Used For: This item will be used to help clear the Science Experiments from your play area.



Rat-Tails: Require 1 Towel each to Create (Greaser Quagmire also has an 8hr Task that directly drops 1 Rat-Tail when complete)

Towel (Always): Chris Lose His Tail OR Peter Whip Towel OR Herbert Do Water Aerobics OR Cher Redecorate Her Locker OR Gym Class Mystery Box

Create Time: 2hrs

Used For: These will be used to help clear the Locker Room Bullies from your play screen





As you are Creating one item, you are placing them and any additional items in QUEUE behind the first one so that as soon as it completes another one will start Creating.

Is there a limit on the QUEUE?
Yes! You can only be creating up to SIX MAX ITEMS in the Queue at one time. Once one completes, you can add another to the QUEUE up to your Capacity.

How will I know I reached my QUEUE limit?
There are only SIX spaces in the QUEUE, so… once you have SIX items creating in there you won’t be able to add anymore until one or more of the SIX complete



You will not be able to make and keep an unlimited supply of Hamster Traps & Rat-Tails. You will instead have a CAPACITY of how many total items the Griffin High Gym can hold.

The CAPACITY is 8 ITEMS MAX allowed at a time in the Griffin High Gym. This includes those in Queue AND those already completed.

Can I increase my Capactity? 
YES! In Phase 2, an optional Clam Buy Building was dropped into the game that would expand your CAPACITY to 12. This was the High Rollers Backpack.

High Rollers Backpack: 180 Clams, adds +4 CAPACITY to Griffin High Gym to bring a total of 12 CAPACITY


How will I know I reached my CAPACITY? 
An Overstuffed BackPack! pop up actually appears on the screen as soon as you attempt to create another item in the Griffin High Gym beyond CAPACITY. It will tell you that you need to use some items up on your Bad Guys to make space or buy the High Roller Backpacks Decoration.

You can also keep an eye on your current CAPACITY by looking at the top right corner of the pop up screen.



Go to the Event Area and tap on the Griffin High Gym. The Pop Up will appear. There you will see the Basics of the Griffin High Gym. The current items you have available to Create, the Current Capacity of items you have, and any items in Queue.

You first need to see if you have enough Materials to make a Hamster Trap or Rat-Tail. If it says NEED MORE, you need to go back to playing and get more Materials (Radioactive Cheese/ Towels).

If it says CREATE, you have enough Materials (Radioactive Cheese/ Towels) to Create one of the items (Hamster Trap/ Rat-Tail).

If you have enough, just tap on CREATE to put the item in the QUEUE to start creating. Add as many more as you want up til the SIX MAX you can have in the QUEUE or up until you reach CAPACITY.

Once the item is done creating, the next in line in the QUEUE will start right away and continue until all items in QUEUE are completed creating. You may also see a Check Mark over the Griffin High Gym letting you know items are done creating and can be used.



  • Collect Materials (Radioactive Cheese & Towels)
  • Tap on Griffin High Gym in Event Area
  • Tap on Item CREATE (Hamster Trap & Rat-Tail) to place it in QUEUE
  • Wait til items (Hamster Trap & Rat-Tail) are completed Creating
  • Use items on Bad Guy (Science Experiement & Locker Room Bully)
  • Collect Rewards
  • Repeat


There you have it, the Basics of the Griffin High Gym for the Event along with the information for Phase One & Phase Two.

How are your collections going so far? Are you having enough time between collecting, creating, and attacking? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



8 responses to “Fast Times at Griffin High 101: Griffin High Gym Phase 1 & 2

  1. I have 2 bugs right ow 1. There is a task that calls for clear experiments but when I click on one I have no rat traps but when I try and create them my backpack is full 2. I don’t have a page 2 of the trophy case so I can’t create the new items!


    • Where are you in the main Questline, have you actually started Phase 2? What do you see when you’re in your gym where it says capacity?


      • I suppose I haven’t started phase 2 but I can’t complete back to school 7 because I need rat traps to clear science experiments which I have 0 but can’t make any more because my back pack is full! How do I empty my backpack?


  2. Just got Joe and played my first game of dodgeball. Despite glasses being an “always” drop, I didn’t get a pair. Has this happened to anyone else?


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