Fast Times At Griffin High 101: Lunch Ladies

Hey there kids, grubs up!!!

Yes, it’s time to get your own back for all those lousy lunches that haunted your school days by clearing out some Lunch Ladies.
So let’s have a closer look at these ladies who lunch, or should that be, ladies that make lunch.


You will be able to start seeing Lunch Ladies in your Quahog when you trigger Pt. 1 of the main Questline Fazed And Confused

At this point you will be instructed to learn about Lunch Ladies. Clicking Go will bring up instructions on them and subsequently clearing them.


They will wander your sidewalks, so look there and you will find them. I’ve had about 14/15 of them available at any one time, so looks like they spawn aplenty, and more seemed to be released in my game every 4 hours or so.


You will need a Stink Bomb to drop on them.

Stink Bombs: Mort Ingest Sulfur OR Meg Clog the Toilet OR Chris Pick His Nose OR Bonnie Change Joe’s Diaper OR School Girl Lois Raid the Liquor Cabinet OR Mystery Meat Co OR Clam Purchase


First, you will need to collect a Stink Bomb. Once you have collected at least 1, locate some Lunch Ladies, tap on one and the Targeting Screen will come up.In the center is the target itself, you want to ensure you have as many Lunch Ladies as close to this area as possible to get as the max 4 you can. Move the screen around with your finger or wait until the Lunch Ladies wander into the Center. Then simply tap the  “FIRE” button, you tap this to release the Stink Bomb on the target.

As you can see I reduced my road system to just one square and this ensures I hit the max of 4 with each Stink Bomb.


Chance Rewards:
Sloppy Joes (Rare)
Hair Nets (Common)
Coins (Always)

Here are the kind of results I was seeing for taking out 4 Lunch Ladies at a time, yours may vary…

+2 Sloppy Joes
+3 Hair Nets
$80 Coins


  • Earn Stink Bombs
  • Locate Lunch Ladies
  • Tap on Lunch Ladies to access Target Screen
  • Center Target on Lunch Ladies
  • Tap Fire to launch Stink Bomb
  • Get Reward(s)

There you have it, the overall idea of just how to find and clear the Lunch Ladies.

What methods are you using that are working for you? Any tips you want to share with fellow Players? What kind of payouts are you seeing? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

15 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High 101: Lunch Ladies

  1. Anyone with insight on how to make more lunch ladies appear? I seem to constantly only have 1-3 walking around.. They regenerate and I can bomb maybe two groups of four then it takes them forever to create more.. I’m sitting with lots of bombs, will eliminating them all make more regenerate faster?


    • No, there’s no way to force more to spawn, you just need wait for them I’m afraid


    • At first I was getting 1-3 stink bombs when I collected tasks. And I always got 4 lunch ladies a bomb, and there was always that many available. But now it’s like 1 or 2 bombs tops before I had 2 or less lunch ladies roaming around (I only bomb when there is 4 ever since they started putting that ridiculous cap on how many things you can bomb at once in the game) I have my only roads in a 2×2 square so I can hit them easily.and now occasionally I get like 9 bombs when I collect tasks. Are some dropping double or triple on occasion, cause I also noticed this the last couple events I would go from zero to like 7 or warrants and didn’t have that many characters on task for them.


  2. It seems these are a really rare drops for me in my game. I have 4 of the characters working on these and I’m lucky if I get one every time. I’m pretty sure I’ll be on this phase until the event ends.


  3. Did Tinyco change the amount of people you can hit with a bomb? What I mean is why can I only hit 4 lunch ladies at a time? We used to be able to launch objects and hit a max of 15 people and collect more from it as a result. I purposely reduce the amount of roads for that reason. It saved on bombs and yielded better results. What gives?


  4. Anybody else finding a long delay between hitting “Fire” and a stink bomb actually launching? By the time they launch the lunch ladies have moved on. Not cool!


  5. How do I retrieve something I deleted?

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Depends on what you mean. Is it a building or decoration that you trashed? If so, you need to reach out to TinyCo for further help directly from your in game messaging. If it is a limited time item, I am not sure they can restore it. Regardless… contact them to see if they can help


  6. Getting plenty of hairnets, but man, those sloppy Joe’s are hard to come by!


  7. Is anyone else getting the sleep timer for Michael Pulaski reset to 10 hours every time they click on him when he’s ‘sleeping ‘?


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