Baby Bobble Stewie’s Back! Back Again

Attention Addicts!!! I’m bubbling over, or should that be bobbling over, with excitement here!

Why? Well TinyCo have only gone and brought our little Dragon Lord  Baby Bobble Stewie back, and as an added bonus he’s half price. Yes Addicts go look in Al Harrington’s as he’s in the game…. again!!!

Baby Bobble Stewie was a new Character Costume first added during the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night event in 2016, but after a break he’s back to entertain us some more, and at a cut price of 140 Clams. (Yes still a lot for a costume but he was originally 275 Clams, and it is very cute).

To help you decide if he’s worth all those Clams, here’s all the Addicts info on him. Just click on any of the links before to read all our previous on Baby Bobble Stewie. I already have him, but my advice for this costume is grab him if you can as his animated tasks are funny as can be.

Baby Bobble Stewie Profile

Baby Bobble Questline

And there you have it, the complete Addicts breakdown for Baby Bobble Stewie.

What do you think of Baby Bobble Stewie? do you plan to get him this time round If you’ve got him, what do you think of his tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!

~Russian Tigger





10 responses to “Baby Bobble Stewie’s Back! Back Again

  1. Woohoo! This costume is currently 50 clams. That’s a reasonable price for a costume!


  2. Can I mention how irritating I find it that this ***COSTUME*** for Stewie, at HALF PRICE, is *STILL* more expensive than the Schoolgirl Lois costume that actually helps with the current Event??!

    I really really really wish they released more Characters vs Costumes, particularly because you NEVER get to actually SEE/USE the Costume once the Event is over! Peter & Lois have moved on to earning a NEW costume each Event, so…*sigh*

    Stewie Costumes aren’t as irritating as most, but only because Stewie is used SO RARELY in Events, so he can often throw on his Costume just for fun. Havinh said that, there’s no way I’m spending that much on a costume, even if Bubble Bobble is my favorite video game of all time. *sigh*

    (Plus, it’s freakin’ HILARIOUS to see a bunch of Peters, Loises, Brians, etc dressed in different outfits, bumping into each other around your town! 😄 MOAR CHARACTERS, PLZ!! KTHXBYETinyCo!!)


  3. no thx im saving for buying out McLovin

    Liked by 1 person

  4. adds for clams deal popping up again but of course not able to get them so nothing but a tease for me


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