Fast Times At Griffin High 101 – Michael Pulaski Boss Battle

Howdy Addicts!!!

We all know how tough them bullies can be, so here’s a little 101 to help you bring down Michael Pulaski.

At Part 2 of the Main Questline Fazed And Confused you’ll be directed to learn about Michael Pulaski.

Clicking GO will bring you up an instruction box with further details on exactly how to attack him.


He’s is similar to other bosses we have seen in past events in that he’s the big baddie who keeps on giving. But just how do we get him to drop the goodies? Well we need to attack him with Spatulas.

The amounts of Spatulas you will need to attack him at the various levels are as follows:


Attack Level Attack Respurces Needed
1X 1 Spatula
2X 2 Spatula
3X 3 Spatula
4X 4 Spatula
5X 5 Spatula

Now I’m going be honest I’ve not managed to hit him to level 5X before he timed out. Yes, as usual, you only have 24 hours to defeat tthe Boss up to 5X and I just can’t collect enough to get to that yet, I defeated him at 1X, 2X, 3X. Now I’ve just started collecting for a fresh attack once he’s timed out and returned.And just stockpiling will allow you to hit him to 5X if your patient enough.

REWARDS – Overalls & White trash

Attack Level Rewards
1X 2 Bandanas & 10 Sloppy Joes
2X 5 Bandanas & 15 Sloppy Joes
3X 11 Bandanas & 25 Sloppy Joes
4X 15 Bandanas & 40 Sloppy Joes
5X 23 Bandanas & 60 Sloppy Joes

You will need 112 Bandanas to  help you unlock Dionne Davenport.


Now how do we get those Spatulas, well here’s the details.

Spatulas (Rare*): Create in Griffin High Gym with Scrap Metal OR *Lunch Lady’s Trailer


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, click on him wandering your Sidewalk.

This will bring up the  Attack Screen and on it you will see the following, What item and how many you need to attack him at that level; the rewards for attacking him at that level and finally how much time you have left before he disappears.

Once you have gathered the required resource for the attack,  just tap the FIGHT button to complete the attack at that level.

Remember you only have 24 hours before he times out and goes into a cooldown for 10 hours.You’ll know he’s in Cooldown when she’s lying like this.

***Now there is a visual glitch that was causing the Cooldown timer to continually reset when you went into your game but it was only visual, he still woke up. TinyCo have pushed a fix for this, however as part of the fix  I’m not sure if they’ve also reduced his  Cooldown to 6hrs as this is what’s now showing in my game***

Tapping him will bring up the main screen where you can see how long it will be until he wakes and the cost to clam revive him. The clam cost will vary depending on what Level he was at when he went to sleep.

Once he returns unless you’ve used clams to revive him he will be back at 1X.

So there you have it, all the relevant information on the Michael Pulaski boss. Are you attacking yet? If so what Level have you hit him to? Enjoying it so far?

~ Russian Tigger


18 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High 101 – Michael Pulaski Boss Battle

  1. i finally got McLovin and moved to Phase 3 .. and i bought all the buildings immediately bcz i was able to stock like 130 passes .. now i need a bit of luck with the drops to get Dionne quickly … so 6 hrs to get plastic and 3 hrs to make a spatula huh ? and the spatula building is every 24hrs !!!?? hope that’s an always drop at least …
    i still see we still need to make hamster traps and wet towels for Dionne items .. had i known that i would’ve moved on earlier … but i waited until i had enough passes anyway .. now i only need 20 passes to get Patches (and i haven’t started her timer yet) …
    i hope i get this week crammed into the remaining 3.5 days … most importantly i hope i can do this week’s challenge .. im building up as much as i can in the next 14 hours or so until the next challenge drops … let’s hope they don’t ask for lots of spatulas …


  2. Any confirmation of the 6 hour cooldown vs. 10?


  3. Created 8 spatulas first, attacked Pulaski as soon as he appeared and then created the remaining seven spatulas in the 23hr and 57 minute window to finish him off.

    Going to be difficult to do that twice with round three of the Challenge due on Monday. No timer on Dionne though.


  4. From what I’m seeing in order to get all the way through 5x, we would need to have 8 spatulas banked and wait for his timer to reset to 24 hrs left, use 6 of them to get him to 3x, over next 6 hours craft 2 more to combine with the 2 left over to have 4 to take him to 4x, then over next 15 hours craft the remaining five to take him to 5x… with a 3 hour safety margin. Then begin all over again? Is this the most efficient way to go?


  5. If you want to get him all the way through level 5 as freemium…

    Start out with 15 pieces of scrap metal.

    Time it so you have 5 spatulas when he goes to sleep (I just kept 5 in there and add 3 of other things to get hamsters and jocks). Make sure your other 3 spots have finished building before he goes to sleep so you can use them and free up those slots.
    As soon as he goes to sleep, make the 3 spatulas. That will take 9 hours (of the 10 that he’s asleep).
    Make sure you time it so that when his timer starts again at 24 hours, you will be around in 21-24 hours to finish the job.
    As soon as he wakes up, you can get all the way through level 3 and you have 2 spatulas leftover for level 4.
    Start making spatulas (fill all 6 spots). In 6 hours, you have 4 spatulas to get level 4.
    As soon as you can, start making the rest. 5 more spatulas will take 15 hours. 6 + 15 = 21 total hours after he wakes up before you can finish the job.
    Make sure you are awake and can get to your game between hours 21 & 24, and you’ll hit him at level 5.


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