Fast Times At Griffin High Weekly Challenge – Week 3 –

Hey Addicts, it’s time to blast into the past.

Yes our old favourites, not, the Weekly Challenges are back.  And it’s time to attack Michael Pulaski as things are getting serious in this, the third of the Fast Times At Griffin High Event’s Weekly Challenges.

Now for a while these had got easier, then in the last couple of events TinyCo seemed to be making these challenges a bit tougher again and we were seeing a lot of unhappy players who were unable to complete the full set,so it’s hard to predict what we will get in this events set of challenges.

But this week’s challenge, if you should choose to accept it, will be tight but is doable especially if you’ve built up some Spatulas.

If you should complete this challenge what will you get? Well  you’ll win yourself this Food Monster decoration.

And as per the last few events TinyCo have also released an image of the grand prize should you complete the full set of weekly challenges, and it looks like they’ve listened to the players who want something better than a decoration for all their hard work, as the grand prize is a Full Character this time around. If you complete all 4 Weekly Challenges you’ll win Michael Pulaski.

What do you need to do to complete this weeks challenge, well here’s the deal, you will need to complete the Bully Blues Quest which consists of:

Bully Blues
Peter  Starts

Check Out the Prize: Tap Go to see the prize
Attack Michael Pulaski 6 Times: Use Spatulas to attack him 6 times at any Levels.


So there you have it the third of this events weekly challenges. Are you going to go for it, or give it a miss? Let us know by voting below.

~ Russian Tigger

27 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High Weekly Challenge – Week 3 –

  1. Are there usually requirements on where you are at on the main quest line for the challenge to appear? I never thought there was but something tells me one of them didn’t pop up on partner’s game which seemed to be cos of being a little behind on main quest line despite being at least into that current week’s?

    Asking, as week 4 is about to hit, supposedly, but I think it should’ve maybe already appeared – I stopped doing main quest at School’s Out Pt. 6 as those Rat Tails were a waste of time. Any idea if this is normally needed to be up to Pt 8 for instance?


  2. Don’t you love how Tiny doesn’t wants you to sleep if you want to hit Pulaski 5 times? let assume you build 8 spatulas overnight and the first thing you do is hit him as much as possible. ow you need 7 more spatulas @ 3 hours each another 21 hours. So do you stay awake or wake up early to do the hit? Tiny is getting worse and worse


  3. How many clams does it cost to wake him early? And if you wake him up, does the spatula level reset to 1 or pick up where you left off? I mistimed mine so now I need to either buy two spatulas to hit the 5 mark before he goes to sleep (54 clams) or wake him up early. Otherwise my event timer will run out in his sleep! D’oh!


    • If he’s asleep tap on him, cost to wake him will show. It depends what level he was when timed out. I’ve seen 18 clams in my game for when he went keep at 4x


  4. Who would ever think we need so much math in this game! Lol


  5. That moment when Michael Pulaski is about to go to sleep and your game is taking FOREVER to load. 😲😠😧😣


  6. That moment when Michael Pulaski is about to go to sleep and your game is taking FOREVER to load 😲😠😧😣


  7. Week 3 all done just unlocked dionne 44 passe’s saved up not getting patches will have week 3 challenge done in the morning 142 clams not one used yet during event.


  8. how long does he sleep ? i attacked him twice and he just went to sleep and i have to go to work … when i come back ill have more spatulas ready …


    • It’s now 6 hours in my game. Just make sure you go in your game to start the timer now before you go to work.


      • i already started the timer .. but weirdly only one attack registered !!!!!!!
        ok so .. he slept for 6hrs .. woke up .. i attacked him twice .. that’s 3/6 and i’m at level 3 which needs 3 spatulas (attack 4) .. then level 4 needs 4 spatulas so that’s 7 (attack 5) (it will take 21 hours for these two attacks) .. i will stop at level 5 … he will sleep again for 6 more hours … when he wakes up the challenge timer will have only one hour left in which i can attack him again with one spatula (attack 6) .. seems doable !!!! i just hope i don’t forget during this one last crucial hour like i did in several events before 😀


  9. I can’t remember. Does the challenge only start once you activate it? Or does the timer start regardless?



  10. LIke many, have been saving spatulae in anticipation – thought this one was going to be harder…makes me wonder what the last week will bring…

    On a completely different subject, sorry, I was hoping TinyCo would introduce some mechanism where we could trade earlier currency for newer currency as they did during the Bill and Ted event – I’ve got a lotta Hamster Wheels that are likely not to be very useful moving forward…granted, they can be applied to the ‘5’ Hall Pass rating, but even then, I’ll have a lot at the end…


  11. Count me among those who got messed up with the change to 6 hr rest period. I was counting on 10 and planning to hit him twice after 6 pm today and finish his run but i got caught short and had to do it earlier do I could stay on pace for Dionne. Now I have to hope I can time out crafting 45 spatulas in 48 hours and make it work so everything times out.


  12. Ditto on the lunch ladies! I was saving them too!


  13. I’m on track to get it. Thanks for your suggestion to hold onto spatulas until the challenge dropped!


  14. I set myself up so that once I activate the challenge I will be attacking him for step 4 and then three hours later step five, so he should sleep overnight while I craft 6 of the 10 I need for the AM when I will start his new 24 hour timer and just need to make the last 4, which will only take 9 hours as one of them will be from the trailer.
    Unlike the last time they used the boss for a challenge and I was completely off schedule …


  15. Yup…I was thinking that would be the challenge so I had 6 spatulas waiting to go. Just attacked him 3 times and he goes to sleep in an hour so I’ll have 6 more when I get up tomorrow morning.


  16. Been expecting this challenge all weekend. I saved 8 spatulas I made last night. Already attacked him 3 times. I’ll get one more attack in before his timer runs out. Make more spatulas while he’s resting tonight. Challenge will be knocked out by tomorrow morning.

    I really thought they’d include bombing lunch ladies in this weeks challenge. I’ve been saving up bombs and not clearing the lunch ladies all day. I’ve got some cleaning up to do. Lol


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