Cronus & Neptune Are Back! Back Again!!!

Attention Addicts!!! It’s time to get down on your knees again as more Gods of past are back.

Why? Well it’s all Greek to me but TinyCo felt whilst we’re hanging out at Griffin High we might as well learn something about Classic Greece. So they’ve sent  Cronus and Neptune back to Quahog.

Both are characters first added during the Greek Life event in 2016, but after a break they’re back to rule over again, and Cronus is a bargain at a cut price of 125 Clams.

Unfortunately we don’t seem to have a Profile  for Cronus so you’ll need make you own mind up on him. But here’s one for Neptune.

Hades Profile

What do you think of Cronus and Neptune? Do you plan to get either of them  this time round If you’ve got them, what do you think of their tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!

~Russian Tigger





15 responses to “Cronus & Neptune Are Back! Back Again!!!

  1. Frankly, I am just so bored with the game that unlocking the top floor at least gave me something to do with useless characters. I had hoped that the fact that they opened a new floor meant that TinyCo was actually going to do something with Stewie Bucks. That has been a huge disappointment for me. We do all these daily challenges and keep the floors of Tan Lines filled — all for nothing. I’ve got double-visit Stewie Bucks and 70 million coins. TinyCo should make KoolAid Man and Mystery Boxes available for Stewie Bucks and/or Coins.

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  2. kewl and cheap but nope not happening its way to close to halloween event plus tiny co has gotten really slack on clams so getting hard to save up a lot


  3. Also, where is the link of the School’s Out main quest line for this Phase?? I’m up to Pt 6 and want to see what’s next. Thanks.


  4. Any news on if these characters are voices?


  5. I would like to buy both. But once you buy one, the other offer disappears. The same thing happened the other day with the other two they offered at 125 clams. I bought Hades, but then couldn’t find a way to buy the other. I just bought Chrinos and can’t find a way to buy Neptune.

    Do they force you to elect 1 of each pair — Or is there some way I can go back and buy the other two?


    • I see them in my store under the characters tab. Have you looked there?

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      • i bought both Athena and Hades with no problems .. check under your characters tab like RT said 🙂


      • The reason I couldn’t buy them is because I already own 2 of the 4 characters! That’s why I could only purchase 1 out of of each pair. Duh, I forgot. I own so many characters that I forget which ones I have. BTW, I see TinyCo just opened a new top level of Tan Lines — which I unlocked last week. They put energy into improving Tan Lines, but still have not given us anything to do with my now-double-digit Gold Stewie Bucks — or my more than 70 million coins! Something has got to give. How about opening up KoolAid Man, Human Rupert, Bottomtooth, etc. to purchase using Stewie Bucks and/or coins? Or how about letting us purchase Mystery Boxes with Gold Stewie Bucks or Coins?? Thoughts?

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        • Long been asking for some characters to be available for Stewie Bucks, tan Libes was a great addition to the game but it’s been neglected.


          • Yes, why did they even recently bother to add another floor to Tan Lines? There is nothing (for many of us) left to buy. 🤔


            • For those who have very character to date and plan to get every one that’s still to come. I like the way it stores characters but I think it’s sad it’s not utilised more with new Stewie Bucks items to buy.

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              • Yes but (if people so wish) we could just as easily put those extra characters into the inventory tab. I guess others may just like the fact that they can store all characters in the one place? Simply put, I just don’t understand why people should spend time trying to unlock something (collecting keys) when there is not any real end reward for it. Unless.. maybe they DO plan to release more rewards for Stewie bucks in the future? 🤔


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