Jam City and the SpecialEffect One Special Day Charity Fundraiser

Attention Addicts!!! Just wanted to highlight a great example of Jam City paying it back. Yes UK-based Addicts this ones for us as Jam City will be donating ALL UK Family Guy: Quest For Stuff in-game proceeds they make today, 29th September, to SpecialEffect’s 2017 One Special Day Event.

For the last 10 years the Special Effect charity have been helping severely disabled people of all ages to enjoy the fun and inclusivity of video games. Something many of us take for granted. So if you’re UK-based and were planning to buy some Clams to celebrate the weekend then today is the day to do it, as every penny will be donated to this fantastic cause.




2 responses to “Jam City and the SpecialEffect One Special Day Charity Fundraiser

  1. Brought some clams and got Hercules for free,got a character and more clams for me and some money for the charity-worth it ☺


  2. Might be worth buying 275 clams which will give you enough to buy the two Greek Gods currently available at half price – that way you get that fuzzy feeling of having contributed to a wonderful cause, and you get the added bonus of getting two new characters to add to you game (I know, I know, they end up in Tan Lines, but it really is a terrific cause that you’ll be contributing to).


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