Fast Times At Griffin High – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, I’d like to welcome you to the path of enlightenment, where today I’m going to be talking about the event that just was, Fast Times At Griffin High. After 4 weeks and endless studying and teenage angst it’s all over but for the poll, and that’s where we will find out if this event saw you feeling top of the class or if it’s made you feel like the class dunce.

Now I usually do a big, long winded, rambling review of events but I’m finding since many of the recent events are clones of what’s gone previous I’m writing the same each time. This isn’t fun to write and it must be getting boring for you to read, so I thought I’d cut it short and just tell you what I liked and didn’t like, with no thrills.

What I liked:

  • Fun theme
  • 5 new characters available freemium
  • Principal Shepherd and Michael Pulaski finally released in the game as characters
  • Character as the Weekly Challenge Prize
  • Clam costs seemed a little better than in some events
  • Zac Sawyer costume for Stewie
  • Resoyrce drops were good, in my game anyway
  • Sale prices on returning characters

What I didn’t like: 

  • Kindle players locked out first week of event
  • IOS upgrade loop
  • Mystery Boxes filled with repeatable materials
  • Not winning Zac Sawyer costume in Mystery Box
  • No new gameplay

Now if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll at the end of this post I’d be very grateful. Please note for those that experience the jump glitch when answering poll questions, there’s a direct link at the bottom of the page that will help you avoid this problem, just keep scrolling to the bottom.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:

~ Russian Tigger


36 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High – Review & How Did You Do Poll

  1. I already posted somewhere under characters about how I got screwed out of Cameron Frye when the game crashed and I couldn’t get back on it for 36 hours. I had completed the 4th weekly challenge and earned Pulaski, and when I clicked to claim him, it crashed–over and over and over. When I finally got back on, the event was over. I was well on my way to getting Cameron, but with the event done, he was gone. Besides that, instead of the 4th weekly prize, and maybe from my repeated attempts to re-load the game, I instead had 16 of something else that looked like it came from the Transformers. I contacted support regarding the Frye and Pulaski situations; I even offered to turn in some clams to get Frye. Well, it took a few tries to finally get Pulaski, because I DID earn him, but they wouldn’t give me Frye. Next, my clam count got screwed up–it was over 66.000! I had to report that, because I didn’t want to use the clams, and have them see it and wonder, “Where did he get those? He didn’t buy those…” And they fixed that, resetting it to the total I previously had plus a few I picked up in Ollieland in the meantime. So, that’s my complaint.

    What I liked? I got Tai and even Zac on my first tries.


  2. As a Freemium player…i found that buy Ferris right away really helped. It sped up getting most of the buildings the first week and then also put me several tickets (?) ahead going into weeks 2/3/4. Once those weeks came around, I was able to buy all of those weeks buildings on the first day.


  3. Loved that the weekly challenges resulted in a character (and a fun one at that!). Way better than when a character is a leaderboard prize because everyone (assuming the game is functioning properly) has an equal shot at getting the prize whereas a leaderboard is only for a set number of places on the board.

    Hated that the gameplay continues to be the same tired formula that has been in use for more than a year. I guess I get that it “works” and we don’t have as many glitches that affect every single player since the kinks for this coding has been all ironed out, but enough is enough. I would be fine to go back to the simple “do this task, get a piece” that was used when the game first started. I loved that characters dropped multiple pieces and you had to strategize what tasks to put them on to get the characters/skins the quickest.

    And finally I bought clams and bought two Greek characters to support the game. I know they are entirely useless and will end up in Tan Lines forever, but I wanted to support TinyCo because they made them available in that way. Silly I know but I refuse to purchase in-event premium characters so this was a way to give back.


  4. I’d basically finished Week 4 crafting as soon as it started, so the last week was quite boring. In fact the whole event was quite boring, even though I unlocked every character. If anyone from TinyCo is reading the answer isn’t “let’s make it harder to make it less boring”. What I really want is shorter events (no more than 2 weeks), with less buildings (max 6) and a few decorations. TinyCo seem to forget that this isn’t Tapped Out with vast amounts of land to decorate, so giving us 30 buildings with nowhere to put it is pointless. I also want them to mix up the tasks a bit – these events where we “Collect X to Craft Y to Battle Z, repeat 200 times” are just tedious. I’d also like to never see another school-themed event as this is like the 3rd one we’ve had (this one, camp wars, the college one).


  5. What was the point in giving Cameron Frye a collection task? By the time I got him… Well, I was able to send him to clear ONE cheerleader. It would have made much more sense if they’d been switched around so that the character from the second week attacked cheerleaders.

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  6. Hi RT, long time no chat.

    My thoughts for this event are slightly different from majority of the comments. Found it tough to progress in Week 2 onwards. Requirements for McLoving are tough and my timer ran out. Almost the same for Dionne but sped up with clams. What makes it even more challenging is that i am not able to play faithfully given constraints at home and work. Really difficult times recently.

    I would think they bring back American Dad characters which fit in the school theme more appropriately but didn’t. Loved how they had a mystery box with only characters so Tinyco did listen to our feedback. Bought it and got one new character. Yay for that.

    In conclusion , I got 2 new costumes and 2 free characters. Excluding Ruth from mystery box. I always try to play what I can, and be contented with what I can get. But I’d have to say I did not have the biggest motivation nor time for this event. Hoping next one is better.


    • Good see you back in the comments. Hope things get better for you, in real life that is, and of course in the game.Its a tough game to stay on top of when reali life throws you a curved ball or two.


  7. The event was fun at the beginning but I was bored by the end. I didn’t unlock Fogell McLovin as it needed a character that was in a mystery box which to me was unfair as you almost certainly wouldn’t get them on the first go and would loose a lot of clams trying. Disappointing Tinyco!!


    • You didn’t need the character in the mystery box to get Fogell, I’m not sure why you think that, I didn’t try the mystery box and unlocked Fogell. Sorry you thought that. 😢

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    • MOEC – I play 100% freemium and returning to the game after a long frustrated absence & got him. I used this blog to help me along. So I’d say nxt time, come here first for guidance. Hope you get lucky with Halloween…..💜X


  8. I tend to rate events by how many new characters I managed to collect, so this event was a winner as far as I am concerned!
    I managed to add 5 new characters totally freemium (Cher, Dionne, Michael Pulaski, Cameron & Patches) 2 more bought for clams (Ferris & Principal Sheperd) a handful of costumes ( Cool Kid Peter, Joe & CC Chris) and whilst not technically part of this event I managed to acquire Athena & Neptune from past events, so this has been a great event for me!
    The only fly in the ointment was the glitch preventing iOS players getting into the game for about a week, which totally stopped me from acquiring McLovin as I’d already started his timer before I caught caught in the “loop”, so considering I basically only played this event for 3 weeks I’m really pleased.


  9. At the start I quite enjoyed this event but by the time Phase 4 hit I just wanted this event to be over and done with.
    I was bang up to date by the end of phase 1 but i spent too much time trying to unlock Fogell that i fell behind in phase 2, and i didnt even get to unlock him! Then by the time i caught up on the questlines to move into Phase 3 it was about 4 days in and had to create a shed load of spatulas to fight Pulaski for bandanas, at 3hrs per spatula!, so realised i had no chance of being able to get back on track and stopped trying.
    So instead of the main questline I concentrated on unlocking Donna and closing off some side quests.

    Hopefully i’ll have a better time during the Halloween event


  10. I only needed 4 more trousers for Chris and despite crafting cheerleaders plus having the building that dropped them and then clearing the dropouts it did not drop any for a full day so when they removed the event earlier than the usually do I felt cheated, it didn’t even gave me the chance to pay the 39 clams for it.
    It’s a recurrent issue, both my bf and I play this game, he always gets stuff dropped faster than me. Makes me want to stop playing 😕


  11. Just submitted my poll. I actually quite enjoyed this event. I think TinyCo is really listening to the feedback on this site and I’ve been finding myself actually getting enjoyment out of the game.

    And on a side note….. The event ended 5 hours ago…. And the next event didn’t start yet!! Alleluia!!! Thanks TinyCo! Even if it’s only a 12 hour delay…. Im getting to run a few tasks tonight for character quest lines. Finally…. One night of uninterrupted sleep in the past 4 weeks!! Lololol

    And of course, thanks again to the ladies for all your hard work!


  12. Honestly they’ve shown some signs of improvement but support is still subpar and the constant events have become yawn worthy. What I’d really like to see is less events each year and an option to replay old events for a small clams fee (no more than 25″clams). The events would be easier the second time around as you’ll already have everything you had gotten before. These events should have the option for the player to end at any given time. They should also expand on Tan Lines by creating player level specific quests involving interactions with previous characters. These two concepts would lessen the burden on the devs, still allow for new content, give the players something to work toward, and would beathe new life into a dying IP. Hope they listen. Just my two cents. 😋


  13. Maybe it’s because I’m still sorta new to TQFS, but I’m seriously ****** that even though I got the Frye garage and had all the stupid cough medicine and buildings that dropped Cameron’s requirements, the game still just up and removed him from my game. Like I said, new here, so if this always happens, lemme know.


    • Are you saying had fully unlocked him, I mean collected every item and clicked on the padlock to unlock him and he was walking around or on a task in your game? If so, you need send support message to TinyCo, however if he was still standing outside Frye’s Gararge waiting for any item to complete his unlock, it is normal he leaves when the event does, that’s the way this game has been from the start. Sorry you missed out.


  14. Did not like that there wasn’t a use for the massive amounts of hamster wheels I accumulated. Other than that pretty decent.

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  15. I didn’t like the prize for all weekly challenges being a character for the following reasons:

    1. It you fail just one weekly challenge then there’s no point doing any of the others.

    2. You may not progress far enough to get to them all.
    (I didn’t see the last challenge as I only go to the last phase within the last 4 hours)

    What could be an idea is having a character for a clam price but each successful weekly challenge completed reduces the clam cost. And then if you get all challenges complete you get them for free. This way you still have something to aim for even if you failed a challenge.

    The character could even be someone to help in the next event as you would only unlock them at the end of the current event.

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  16. This was the event that ended it all for me. Missed out on Michael Pulsaki in week 3 due to a combination of poor planning, forgetfulness AND real life intervening. The disappointment wasn’t something I wanted to feel again and kind of a microcosm of the game in general, putting prior time and effort in for little or no reward.

    The fact there was Ferris Bueller content sealed the deal, one of my favourites, life moves pretty fast etc. So I wasted no time… actually I wasted 3 more days, got Cameron, won’t come running back.


  17. It is IMPOSSIBLE for at least myself to answer this question …
    “Which was your favourite new character or costume released during the event? …”
    My answer is Dionne Davenport and she is NOT an option 😔


  18. Would have gotten Fogel completely freemium, but the internet here went down twice with a combined time of over a day, sigh. And then they wouldn’t credit the 2x clam offer I did even after sending in a ticket for it. Was going to spend clams on the mystery box that had all characters but couldn’t because of having to use my clams on Fogel and the offer not working. Was going to spend the $4.99 on clams for a free Hercules too but couldn’t get that to work either. Overall though, for not spending any money, not too bad. Was just too far behind to get the 4th challenge or anything from week 4 done. Managed to get Donna though.


  19. Great event


  20. I enjoyed this storyline. I think I did pretty good as freemium getting to part 3 of week 4. I also managed to add Donna and Patches to my characters.


  21. Starts out fun but, as usual, too much going on at the end.


  22. This one was one of the more successful events I’ve played although I’ve only been playing for a little over a year and a half…totally agree with all of your likes and dislikes although I didn’t try for Zac Stewie…I’m all about the characters, so my top three likes were the 5 new characters available freemium, a character as the grand prize for the weekly challenges and the sale prices on returning characters…I was able to complete the Cleveland Show family which was a nice unexpected highlight…

    Glitches seemed to be lower than normal, and no, I do not want to diminish the fact the Kindle players were locked out for a week – having been the victim of several Android-based glitches, I know how frustrating that can be…it just seemed the overall play was pretty smooth certainly compared to several recent events…

    Overall, it seems TinyCo is listening to us a bit…could it be (gasp!) they are actually adopting the “RT Happy Player” marketing philosophy to some degree?? Good for them if that is the case!


  23. My biggest complaint is with the one week gap, I feel kindle users were ****** out of any real chance to get Dionne. As a big fan of the Clueless movie, that is my biggest regret of this event.


  24. Facebook came out a week late, so I concentrated on McLovin and then Dionne. Was able to get both. Liked the “Griffin High Wait List Mystery Box” the best for having ONLY characters, and not at a steep price.


  25. I never even got to the week 4 stuff. It was taking so long to get all the stuff for Diana. (150+ items for bandanas and such) I had the same issue with the last event too.


  26. RT- Just completed the poll. Wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your support, advice & tips & to all tappers for hints, help and advice too. You have built a great community here. This has been my most successful event ever. I know I would never have achieved my haul without y’all. I got everything except the Chris skin. I crafted all the prizes too , except for the last items on pages 2 & 3. I got Donna as my 50 ticket prize (Week 2) because I was forewarned by you guys. I purchased Athena (because I have more FGQFS wisdom now). My favourite Character was Dionne but she’s not in the list, so I selected Cher as she’s my second. I would have liked a question on leftovers, just so I can ascertain where I could have improved. Anyway, my leftovers were CHEESE 208; TOWELS 106; BOTTLES 41; POM POMS 19; STINKBOMBS 22; It’s been a blast. Thanks again🎉…….💜X


  27. At least the kindle users got the event, it took till the final week before it appeared on facebook


  28. i got them all except for Chris


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