A Very Griffin Holo-Ween Progress Poll

Hey there Player Zombies!

I want to get an idea of where everybody is currently at in the game so far. I put together a poll of the overall items offered and where Players are via the Questline and Achievements.

Please take a minute to fill out the information so I can pass it on. Try to be as close as possible to where you currently are as I will be closing out the Poll in 24hrs.


Just in case the information does not show up, here is the direct link to the Poll.




Also, please let me know if you run into any technical issues with the poll I need to fix.



15 responses to “A Very Griffin Holo-Ween Progress Poll

  1. I’ve been on a hiatus from the game for a while. Came back for fast times, and started Halloween. Halloween has been fun. The only frustrating part for me is in the achievements. If I collect 3 machetes from the store and the first achievement is only for 1 I was hoping the other 2 I collected would count towards the next achievement.


  2. Loving this event. Day one constant daily player. The bonus clam timers are the way to go. NO timed characters ever again please.


  3. I can’t find a way to trade gas cans molotovs. Can someone let me in on the secret?


    • Quarantine Tent. Same place you get brains. But… option only shows if you’re in phase 3 content.


      • I’m in phase 3 but I’m working on “In The Zone 3” and the molotovs don’t trigger until 4. Thanks again. If it weren’t for you ladies and this site I would have given up on this game long ago.


  4. Freakin love Jeepers Creepers character, hope to see full Leatherface character too


  5. I got a clam offer for Demon Hunter Joe as a free gift. It looks like he was a costume from last year’s Halloween event. Anyone know if he’s useful for anything this year?


  6. I’m only on part 7 of week 2, but I’m actually doing better here than the Futurama game.


  7. Was pleased as a Kindle player, I was able to get access to this event within hours of the release!


  8. I’m enjoying the event, however I’m utilizing clams from clam tv. I think without them it’s be so much harder. The only complaint I have is that the exchange rate for brains seems very high to me. I’ve had very good luck during this event tho.


  9. I’m enjoying this event much more than previous events. Some of the things I like:

    – Previous exchange items aren’t useless, like Gas cans can be traded for Molotov Cocktails in the tent. Last event I had close to 1000 of the first weeks exchange item.
    – No timed characters! I’m fine with there being a timed clam bonus for unlocking a character.
    – Achievement prizes instead of weekly prizes.
    – Exchange item drops are “Always”.

    I hope they’ll keep these changes.


    • Thanks for that bit of info about the gas cans. Guess I’ll take Quagmire back out of Tan Lines and put him back on that task. On week 2 still so didn’t know they’d be useful for something besides chainsaws.


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