A Very Quahog Holo-ween Wave 4 is LIVE!! ***UPDATED***

Hang in there with me… my game keeps freezing on me asasnd it’s taking a bit to pull the stats.

Phase 4 of a A Very Quahog Holo-ween! has dropped into our silly lil games. With it we will see more Scary Creatures, Characters, and Zombies. Are you ready for another week of Battles?



You can find more information about the Event on the Event Page HERE!


First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to have completed all of Phase 3 Main Questline, In the Zone, in order to see all the New Phase 3 Content.
  • Players will need to be on at least App Market Version 1.55.3  in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.

Keep checking back as we update the post while checking and verifying all the content as it hits live in the game.



***You must complete In the Zone Part 8 to trigger this****



Prison Guard Tower: 190Clams, $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Always drops x6 Hearts



Blue Pumpkin: 10 Zombie Metals

Orange Pumpkin: 10 Zombie Metals

Yellow Pumpkin: 10 Zombie Metals


Zombie Metals (Always): Get from the Zombie Shooting Range/Guard Tower (Unlocks at Unhappy Holo-ween Pt. 5)



John WickClams… see Up In Arms Mystery Box below, Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Voiced (not Keanu), 4 individual 8hr Tasks to Always drop 1 of each individual weapons

Zombie Lois: See Lost Hope Hospital


Steve Bellows: Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Voiced
32 Cigarettes (Always): Clear Trucker Zombies
78 Soaps on a Rope (Always): “Target Practice Achievements”
19 Mobile Phones (Common): Clear Beartrap Zombies
16 Riot Masks (Common): Chris Build Courage to Go Outside OR Assassins’ Hotel
6 Toothbrush Shivs (Uncommon): Zombie Prison OR Zombie Prison Yard


Jack the Ripper Quagmire: You will need to complete his Costume in Al’s, Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline, 3hr Task to Always drop Silver (x3)
15 Leather Aprons (Uncommon): Quagmire Practice Throwing Knives OR Bulletproof Suit Tailor
10 Scalpels (Common): Meg Stress About Zombies OR Black Market Weapons Dealer
18 Butcher Knives (Always): Clear Cook Zombies
12 Organ Coolers (Common): Dr. Hartman Get High on Oxygen OR Limb Reattachment Center


Billy the Puppet Clam Offer: Drops Bottle Caps once Week 4 is triggered.

This will depend on where in the Event on what you’ll see for the Clam Offer.

Week 1 OR 2 Offer
Billy the Puppet
9 Machetes
3 Brains
Time: 72 Hrs
Cost: $9.99USD Clams or more package

Week 3 OR 4 Offer
Billy the Puppet
10 Swords
5 Brains
Time: 72 Hrs
Cost: $14.99USD Clams or more package



Triggers during Main Questline, Unhappy Holo-ween Pt. 5. You will unlock the Guard Tower at this point.

This is another element added to the Event to help you gain Materials needed to progress. For those that played past Events, this is similar to the Boxing Training Ring in that you have to tap the icons on the screen quickly (and in order if required) to get the maximum rewards provided.

The Zombie Shooting Range is located in the Guard Tower in the Event Area.

Cost to Use Range: 2 Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps (Uncommon): Zombie Lois Go Out to Eat OR Clear Trucker Zombies OR Billy the Puppet Make Traps (x2)

Range Time: 20 Seconds

Chance Rewards:
Zombie Metals


Quick Look

  • Get to Unhappy Holo-ween Pt. 5
  • Unlock Guard Tower
  • Collect Bottle Caps
  • Tap on Guard Tower to Open Zombie Range
  • Tap Green “START” button
  • Tap the Zombie Targets as quick as you can to clear them
  • Keep tapping til time runs out
  • Collect Rewards



Bad Guy for the New Phase. You will need a Character(s) and a Weapon from the Gun Shop to clear them. Tap on a Cook Zombie to start the Attack process once you’ve created the weapon.

Cook Zombies: Require A Sword

Sword: Require Silver to create in the Gun Shop (See Gun Shop for more details)

Character(s) Used:

Chance Rewards:
+1 Butcher Knives
+4 Hearts



Bad Guy for the New Phase. You will need a Character(s) and a Weapon from the Gun Shop to clear them. Tap on a Cook Zombie to start the Attack process once you’ve created the weapon.

Trucker Zombies: Require A Sword

Sword: Require Silver to create in the Gun Shop (See Gun Shop for more details)

Character(s) Used:
Jack the Ripper Quagmire

Chance Rewards:
+1 Bottle Caps
+1 Cigarettes
+6 Hearts



This will be your “CREATE” area where you will collect Materials to turn them into weapons used to attack the Bad Guys in the game.

Here are the items you will Create for Wave 4…

Swords: Require 2 Silver to Create

Silver (Always): The Creeper Loot Valuables from His Victims (x3) OR Jack the Ripper Quagmire Giggity Strut OR Up in Arms Mystery Box

Create Time: 2hrs


You can be making up to 6 items in the QUEUE at a time in the Gun Store. Then you will have to wait until one finishes before adding more into the Queue.



Here is where you will exchange one group of Materials for another. For Wave 3, you will be exchanging Hands, Livers, Hearts and Eyes for Brains. Here are some of the exchanges I saw.

20 Eyes & 22 Hands & 14 Hearts = 6 Brains
22 Eyes & 26 Hands & 16 Hearts = 6 Brains
24 Eyes & 28 Hands & 18 Hearts = 6 Brains
25 Eyes & 32 Hands & 18 Hearts = 6 Brains
26 Eyes & 24 Hands & 20 Hearts = 6 Brains

26 Eyes & 22 Hearts = 8 Brains
30 Eyes & 30 Hearts = 8 Brains
32 Eyes & 24 Hearts = 8 Brains
33 Eyes & 34 Hearts = 8 Brains
34 Eyes & 28 Hearts = 8 Brains
35 Eyes & 32 Hearts = 8 Brains
38 Eyes & 30 Hearts = 8 Brains
48 Eyes & 42 Hearts = 8 Brains

32 Hearts = 7 Brains
34 Hearts = 7 Brains
35 Hearts = 7 Brains
36 Hearts = 7 Brains
38 Hearts = 7 Brains
42 Hearts = 7 Brains


Hands (Always)Get from clearing CDC Zombies, Clearing Military Zombies, Completing Achievement Tasks, Fishy Heads (premium)

Livers (Always): Get from clearing Zombie Monkey, Clearing Zombie Boar, Completing Achievement Tasks, Hannibal’s Dinner Table (premium)

Eyes (Always): Bomb Patient Zombies OR Clear Doctor Zombies OR Clear Wheelchair Zombies OR Ganging Up For Victory Achievements OR Building an Arsenal Achievements OR Kill & Build Achievements OR Flaming Cocktails Achievements OR The Third Wave Achievements OR The Creeper’s Van

Hearts (Always): Clear Cook Zombies OR Clear Trucker Zombies OR Bomb Hospital Patient Zombies OR Achievement Tasks (Stocking Up Supplies, Weapons Galore, Turning the Tide, Fourth Wave) OR Prison Guard Tower



Here is where you will trade Materials you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Wave 4…

NOTE: There are also Questline triggers for the timed Clam offers. I’ll add them once I can verify exact points of trigger with TinyCo. Info added. If you miss the timers on any Clam Reward during Kill for Clams Achievement Tasks, the next one will NOT trigger. In other words, if you do not unlock any of the items in time offered, than you will not trigger any further offers. 

Once you trigger the New Achievements on Pt. 1, a 12hr timer will begin to unlock the Bulletproof Suit Tailor for a Bonus of 3 Clams Reward
Bulletproof Suit Tailor: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, chance drop Leather Aprons
12 Brains

Zombie Help Message:
12 Brains

Black Market Weapons Dealer: $35 & 25xp every 5hrs, Chance Drop 1 Scalpel
15 Brains

Once you Claim Kills For Clams Pt. 1 & Build Black Market Weapons Dealer, 24hr Timer will start to Build the Limb Reattachment Center for a Bonus of 5 Clams 

Limb Reattachment Center: $30 & 30xp every 4hrs, Chance Drops 1 Organ Cooler
14 Brains

Zombie Prison: $45 & 30 Every 8hrs, Chance Drops 1 Toothbrush Shiv
14 Brains

Once you Claim Kills For Clams Pt. 2 & Unhappy Holo-ween Pt.4, a 36hr Timer will start to get Zombie Lois for a Bonus of 8 Clams 

Zombie Lois: You will need to complete her Costume in Al’s after crafting her, 8hr Task to drop 2 Bottlecaps, Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline
28 Brains

Assassins’ Hotel: $25 & 15xp every 3hrs, Chance Drop 1 Riot Mask
30 Brains

Once you Claim Kills For Clams Pt. 3 & Unhappy Holo-ween Pt.6 (Build Assassins’ Hotel), a 24hr Timer will start to get Zombie Prison Yard for a Bonus of 12 Clams 

Zombie Prison Yard
: $20 & 15xp every 2hrs
24 Brains


Brains (Always): Trade Materials at the Quarantine Tent



These are Tasks you will need to complete to help you progress in the Event. They vary, but are essentially things you would be doing anyway to further your progress just by playing.

You can get to the current Achievements Check List Screen by tapping on the  Icon in the lower right corner of the game screen. And don’t forget you can still work on Previous Wave Achievement Tasks, just click on the back Arrow in the Wave Achievement pages.

Once you complete an Achievement, just tap on “CLAIM” button next to it to gain your reward. To go quickly to location of Achievement you need to complete, tap on the “GO” icon next to it.

Here is a brief look at the list of what I currently see in my game for this Phase Achievement Check List (as you clear one or progress through Main Questline, another will appear). We will list a more complete rundown in a later post.

Kills For Clams Pt. 1 (triggers once you start Wave 4 Achievements)
Build Bulletproof Suit Tailor in 12hrs
Reward: 3 Clams

The Fourth Wave Pt.1
Complete Unhappy Holo-ween Part 2
Reward: 2 Hearts

Stocking Up Supplies Pt.1
Have The Creeper Steal from Victims 2 Times: 3hrs
Reward: 3 Hearts

Weapons Galore Pt.1
Collect 4 Crossbows from the Gun Store
Reward: 16 Hearts

Turning the Tide Pt.1
Kill 2 Beartrap Zombies
Reward: 4 Hearts

Target Practice Pt.1
Reach Unhappy Holo-ween Pt. 5 to Unlock the Guard Tower
Reward: 1 Soap on a Rope


WEEKLY PRIZE: If you complete all the Achievement Tasks, you can also unlock a Weekly Prize. This weeks prize is… Griffin House Skin: Zombie Invasion Griffin House



Brains (Always) – Main currency of the event: Get from trading Livers and/or Hands at the Quarantine Tent.

Hands (Always) – Used for trading: Get from clearing CDC Zombies, Clearing Military Zombies, Completing Achievement Tasks, Fishy Heads (premium)

Kitchen Knives (Always)  – Used for crafting Machetes: Get from Herbert Do The Dishes, Bruce Sell Cutlery, Bloody Mary Bonnie Take Scary Sexy Pictures, Danny Trejo’s Motorcycle (premium), Arm Up Mystery Box

Machetes (Always)  – Used for clearing Military & CDC Zombies: Get from Danny Trejo Have A Close Shave, Create in Gun Store 

Crossbow Bolts (Always): Joe Fortify His Wheelchair OR John “Jigsaw” Kramer Ride a Trike OR Zombie Escape Boat



Here is the latest Mystery Box full of tempting goodies for you to decide if you want to spend your precious Clams to try and gain.

Keep in mind this is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. It is up to you if you want to take the chance and risk your personal Clams to see what Prize(s) you’re able to obtain.

So what can you potentially get for the cost of 145 Clams a try?

John Wick (Character)
Brian Stewie**
Dia de Los Muertos Consuela**
150 Clams

x8 Crossbow
x26 Silver
x40 Heart
x30 Eye


*** For the Previous Character/Costumes, you will only see the ones you do not have already***


There you have the overall basics to get you started through the 4th Wave of the Event.

Where are you so far? Anything you really want the most? Tips for fellow players? Let us know.


40 responses to “A Very Quahog Holo-ween Wave 4 is LIVE!! ***UPDATED***

  1. i just started week 4 today been struggling since week 2 to catch up just get over whelmed with making items to fight zombies while trying to unlock 2 characters at once hopefuly i can get to phase 5 before the event ends


  2. Is anyone else having an issue with logging in? I uninstalled and reinstalled the app so I could have a little extra space, but now when I try to load my game through Facebook, it just crashes. I tried the usual troubleshooting tips, but nothing is working. I messaged tinyco twice but they haven’t responded yet. 😔


    • Have you tried an alternate device? Like android instead of iOS or vice versa. Or loading directly from a laptop or desktop via Facebook online?

      Outside that, all you can do is wait for TinyCo to look into it


  3. Do we know what the zombie metals are being used for? Other than the pumpkin decorations in the shop. I would guess you could trade them for brains, but I’m not seeing that option in the quarantine tent. I don’t have Quagmire or Lois’ costumes unlocked yet, but I am on part 5 of the questline and have unlocked the guard tower.


    • Just those so far. I am curious if there will be a “Material Mystery Box” that might use them. Or MORE coming in the last Phase 5 content release.

      So for now I am just stock piling them. 🙂


    • Thanks! I hope they will be used for something else next week or even later on in this week (perhaps a something on the actual day of Halloween?).
      If you can pull upwards of 30 medals per session, there must be more use to them than buying a billion pumpkin decorations lol.


      • I hope so too, because I do not want THAT many pumpkins. My poor Inventory Storage is already stuffed with 10s of Thousands of items I just don’t use or need anymore. Lol


  4. Because nothing says Halloween like… John Wick?, Lol.
    I’m not a horror movie fan but I’m doing pretty well in this event, I’ve almost unlocked the saw guy but after seeing this week 4 post I do not really have much motivation to continue the event.
    Not a bad event at all but I don’t know who Steve bellows is and Wick is in the mystery box so pass. I’m a freemium player and I’m sitting on a ton of clams from videos hoping that we get another star trek or DC comics event or fingers crossed STAR WARS!
    Anyway, great site as always you guys keep up the good work!


    • Lol. Random Characters always make an Appearance. They already used up a bunch of the Halloween types in past Events. This Event seems to be more geared toward a Walking Dead type theme (which Players have been asking for since its release in 2014). Steve is a Prisoner, which kind of fits into the “Zombie Prison” theme. John Wick is just a “Bad Guy” type tossed into the mix of things. I guess he is our Rick. John Rick? Bwahahahahahah


  5. Hey, what do your hearts do. I tried the mystery box and got them but I don’t see where you listed them.


  6. If you miss one Kill For Clams achievement, would you lose the ability to trigger any of the others? Or would letting the time run out count as finishing it for that purpose?

    I haven’t missed one yet, I have 12 hours left on part 2. I just want to know how diligent I have to be about finishing it in time. I can handle losing 5 clams, but I don’t want to lose a shot at 25 clams.


    Once you Claim Kills For Clams Pt. 1, a 24hr Timer will start to Build the Limb Reattachment Center for a Bonus of 5 Clams ”

    I’m not seeing this in my game. Ie, I was able to complete kills for clams in 12 hrs but have yet to see a timer for build the limb. Is it possible that it doesn’t kick off till after “Black Market Weapons Dealer” is placed and you look back at the market?


  8. Is John Wick voiced?


  9. First Trejo now John Wick in Mystery Boxes? TinyCo is trying to make me cry….:(


    • Indeed. You are not the only one. At least, Hannibal is not in the mystery box. Most satisfied with the premium purchase. Worth it as a character alone.


    • I emptied the mystery box until I received John wick. Now he is nowhere to be found. I won (purchased) him and now he’s gone. This happen to anyone else? What can I do to get him back? Obviously the mystery box is gone now as I emptied it.


    • Yeah, I really dislike hiding premium characters in the mystery boxes. I had to bite the bullet and drop $40 to get both of them, because unfortunately, they both dropped last. Ugh.

      Upside, they just put out Billy the Puppet for $15 (get 10 swords and something else too, so there’s another Catchup character, like Hook Hand Albert.

      Do we know what bottlecaps are for yet? Billy the Puppet drops them and it looks like Lois does as well.

      Maybe a last week boss fight that requires them?


    • And now Billy The Puppet is a “special deal” of $15 hahahahhahahahahaha


  10. DEfinitely looking forward to the achievement tasks post, so I know what the other timers are and what triggers them, since “kill for clams pt 1” suggests there will be more after this first one!


  11. Any idea what the bottle caps are used for? ( dropped by Zombie Lois and Trucker Zombies)


  12. CrouchingDragon

    I am up to speed, however, nothing excites me from part four to compel me to continue playing any more.



    • Not often players say they are bored here 😱


      • I still get a buzz from tying to add new characters & costumes to my game, so this week we can add Prisoner Steve Bellows, Quagmire the ripper costume and zombie Lois, potentially all free!
        And for anyone prepared to risk clams there’s also John Wick and a number of previous character costumes in the mystery box so personally I think it’s a good week?!


      • True, but I am not surprised in this case…

        The first couple of Halloween events were chock full of characters and decorations that really played up the ‘spirit’ of the holiday. This one seems to be a paint-by-numbers affair with bland character options and very little Halloween feel.

        Instead of classic characters like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers or Pinhead, we get Steve Bellows – a character who was so brief and forgettable that I had to google him. Nevermind the complete lack of spooky decorations (and those new pumpkins are pretty lame – not even Jack-O-Lanterns, just plain pumpkins).

        That said, I understand why some folks might lack motivation or enthusiasm for this event.


        • These popular characters may not be possible due to copyright issues. I personally thought it was a good 3 weeks though. New characters looked so alike as the real persons, and new costumes also were one of the best, especially Bonnie and Chris. I have not seen Lois made available yet but likely last week. But so far all very achievable. Just the grind to get items every week tire one easily.


  13. Really appreciate how quickly this was done. However, have no more willpower to muddle through these mundane, endless quests week after week. See ya next event! 🙂


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