A Very Griffin Holo-ween 101: Gun Store Phase 1-4

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The Fourth Phase of A Very Griffin Holo-ween is live and kicking and moaning and Zombie Walking along in our silly lil games. That means many new elements have been added to the Event too.

During this post, I will be going into the details of the Gun Store and all you will encounter on the way.

You can find more information about the Event on the Event Page HERE!



Over in your Event Area in your Game Play Screen, you will see the Gun Store in the Upper Right Corner of the Area. Looks like someone abandoned their Station Wagon out back.



With all of these Zombies running amok in our games, we need some kind of Weapon to take them out.

The Gun Store is where you will be going to use Materials collected around the Event to Create these Weapons.



Each Individual Weapon requires a specific Material to create it as well as a set time. Due to I am creating this post farther into the Event, I will break down each Weapon by the Phase it was released in up to Phase 4.

PHASE 1: Chainsaws
Material Needed: x1 Gas

Create Time: 2hrs

Zombie Cleared by Weapon: Boar & Monkey


PHASE 2: Machete
Material Needed:  x2 Kitchen Knives

Create Time: 1hr 30min

Zombie Cleared by Weapon: CDC & Military


PHASE 3:  Crossbow
Material Needed: x3 Crossbow Bolts

Create Time: 1hr 45min

Zombie Cleared by Weapon: Wheel Chair & Bear Trap


PHASE 4: Sword
Material Needed x2 Silver

Create Time: 2hrs

Zombie Cleared by Weapon: Cook & Trucker



You will be able to collect Materials by just playing through the Event. Here is the current way you can collect the Materials needed for the Weapons in the Gun Store.

Gas (Always): Quagmire Fix Women’s Cars OR Jerome Make Moonshine Into Gas OR Axeman Peter Juggle Chainsaws OR Slayer Peter Statue


 Kitchen Knife (Always): Herbert Do the Dishes OR Bruce Sell Cutlery OR Bonnie Take Scary Pictures OR Dany Trejo’s Motorcycle OR Arm Up Mystery Box (Phase 2)


 Crossbow Bolts (Always): John “Jigsaw” Kramer Ride a Trike OR Joe Fortify His Wheelchair OR Zombie Escape Boat


 Silver (Always): The Creeper Loot Valuables from his Victims OR Quagmire the Ripper Giggity Strut



As the Event progresses, more options of getting Weapons were released. Mainly from Premium Items. Here are the current ways to get Weapons from Premium Purchases.


Hannibal Lecter Be an Escape Artist: 8hrs, x1 Chainsaw

John Wick Buy Black Suits: 8hrs, x1 Chainsaw



Dany Trejo Have a Close Shave: 8hrs, x1 Machete

John Wick Kill with Pencils: 8hrs, x1 Machete



John Wick Play With Puppies: 8hrs, x1 Crossbow

Machine Gunner Seamus Show Off His Guns: 8hrs, x1 Crossbow

Up In Arms Mystery Box: 145 Clams per try, x8 Crossbow



John Wick Disarm Thugs: 8hrs, x1 Sword



Now that you have a basic idea of the Materials needed, let’s look at actually creating a Weapon in the Gun Store.

Once you have collected some needed Materials, tap on the Gun Store to open up the Pop Up Screen. Here you will see the current list of Weapons available to you to Create along with the count of any you currently already made (x#), the Materials needed and the current amount of those Materials under the Weapon image, the option to ORDER the Weapon if enough Materials are collected, and the Weapons Queue screen showing any current weapons being created already in the Gun Store.


The first thing you will do is determine WHAT Weapon you want to Order. Once you do that, Tap on the ORDER button underneath it to use the Materials and start Creating the Weapon.

The Weapon will then drop down into the Queue and start it’s Timer to completion.

Outside of the Gun Store, you will see a Timer Icon over the Gun Store along with a progression bar filling in green showing the time remaining roughly on the current Weapon processing.

Once the item is complete, the Weapon will be added to the amounts you have complete. The next item in Queue (if more than one) will then begin it’s timer.

You will also see a Check Mark now over the Timer Icon on the outside of the Gun Shop reflecting one (or more) Weapons have completed in the Gun Shop. Tapping on it will clear it out and show the Weapons popping out of the Gun Shop on the play screen.



There is a Clam Option you can use if you so choose to. Again, all your personal choice if you want to use precious Clams to complete Weapons faster.

If you look at the Gun Store Pop Up Screen, you will notice at the bottom Left there is a FINISH ALL option. This is the amount of Clams it would cost you to finish every Weapon currently timing down and Queued up. This amount will always vary on the items in Queue, the time it would normally take them to finish, as well as the time left on the item currently processing.


You will also notice a smaller Jump Forward Icon under the individual Weapon in the Queue. Tapping on the Icon will tell you how many Clams it will cost you to just finish ONLY that one Weapon. Similar to above, the amount will vary on the time left on the one item.



You can be stalled in making Weapons by a few different variables. Here are the main items to look out for.

Are you in the Right Phase? Some Weapons and their Materials have specific trigger points in the Event Phases & Questlines. If you are not there yet, you will not see them nor be able to collect them


Do you have enough Materials? Check your Gun Store Pop Up Screen under the Weapon you want to make. If it says ORDER, you have enough to make the item. If it says NEED MORE… well… you need more Materials in order to create it. Many require more than one of a Material to make them.


Is the Queue full? You only have SIX spots on the Queue to place Weapons. If all six are filled up already with an item, you will need to wait until one finishes before you start another.


So double check all of these options to see if that is what is preventing you from moving forward in making Weapons.



  • Collect Materials
  • Tap on Gun Store in Event Area
  • ORDER the Weapon you want
  • Wait for it to be created
  • Use the Weapon to attack Zombies
  • Repeat


There you have it. The basics of the Gun Store, the Weapons inside, the Materials needed for them, and an overall look at how to use the Gun Store for A Very Griffin Holo-ween Event.

How are you doing so far? Is one weapon harder to create than others? How is your Material Collection coming along? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


4 responses to “A Very Griffin Holo-ween 101: Gun Store Phase 1-4

  1. Is there a phase 5? If so, when does it start?


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