Warning!!! The End Is Coming….

Worry not Clammers!!!

It’s not the end of days. Nor is it the end of the world. It’s only the end of the A Very Griffin Holo-Ween event, and as much as you’re probably thinking “I need more time”, I’m afraid to say it’s running out.

Yes the doomsday pop up we all dread is now appearing in our games, you know the one, where it tells us the clock is ticking down, usually faster than the speed of light. So now is when you need to start making any last-minute purchases from the limited time items available in store, and more importantly finish unlocking any event characters and outfits, as if they’re not full unlocked they will leave your game when the event does!!!

Remember this event ends on 8th November 2017 @ 3pm PST (that’s GMT-7)

So good luck to all you Addicts everywhere!!! And please keep an eye out for our End of Event poll as we love to hear how our fellow players have done.

~ Russian Tigger


34 responses to “Warning!!! The End Is Coming….

  1. I started “Week 5” with just over a day left, so I more or less skipped it and used the time to clear up character questlines.


  2. i have about 1500 medals … and there’s one hour left for the event to end .. i don’t think we will get to use them which is super lame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Have the event buildings become available for purchase yet?


  4. 2536 medals I have! Seems kinda pointless as I don’t really need 253.6 pumpkins using up storage space!!


  5. I somehow got behind on this event and am hoping to unlock Quagmire the RIpper before it ends. Was hoping for one more full character but I guess I got busy. I think part of it was how much was going on in this event in the later stages too, I enjoyed the earlier part a lot more personally.


  6. What’s the point of the medallions? How many pumpkins do they think we need? LoL


  7. I’ve got hundreds of livers and hands that i can’t spend, they’ve been useless since about week 2. I’m struggling to swap currency for brains because im not getting enough feet so im not gonna be able to buy the last 2 buildings.

    Herberts drops were rubbish too so looks like im not gonna get Candyman either because i still need 10 each of hooks and dumbells but I’ve only got 12hrs left and it’ll take at least 20hrs just craft the amount of swords I need.

    Apart from these things i’ve enjoyed this event. it has dragged a bit towards the end, same as the futurama event, so i’ll be glad when it’s over.
    Hopefully there’s a bit of a break between this and the xmas event.


  8. Is anyone else having trouble with the game. I can’t get on it because it freezes every time I get on?


  9. RT, would you happen to know if we’re going to get a final mystery box or something to spend our surplus of medals? I’ve got almost 2k medals and was hoping to spend them on the event hub buildings like Tinyco has done many times in the past events 😦


    • I’m wondering the same, I’m hoping so but its getting kind of late in the day, so it might be there won’t be one this event. Hope Im wrong.


      • Is it possible to contact tinyco yourself regarding this, maybe we’ll have a better chance at them releasing event hub decos than if I were to contact them?


        • I would if I could but Bunny was the contact to TinyCo for this game, I’m trying see if they will let me filter back issues and suggestions etc, as being able to is essential to the future of the site


  10. I’m ready…just unlocked the Candyman with less than three hours to go on his timer for the bonus, his buyout was 77 clams and, with the 40 clam bonus for getting him in the allotted time, was a net 37 clams…which was fine with me…this has been a long event, and I’ve been in side quest line mode for the last few days other than the Candyman-related tasks…ended up finishing main quest line almost by default – the event was set up to not allow one to place certain ‘necessary’ characters in Tan Lines until it’s over, so I just kept chugging away (wow, sounds like my undergraduate days) at event tasks when the characters weren’t needed for side quest lines…

    Overall, a lot of slogging, but pretty good event, IMHO, curious to see RT’s review and poll (no pressure, RT, lol!) as I have some thoughts…


  11. I’m really hoping there might be a mystery box option for last day- I have some spare brains to unload! At least what I haven’t already destroyed playing this game!


  12. Haven’t seen this on the site….. But does anyone know what the medallions are used for? I have like 3k and the only available are 3 stupid pumpkins for 10 each


  13. Finished final quest last night.


  14. Phew, All done! I wish there was a bonus character in the shop to spend my extra brains on!! That was a fun one, can’t believe its been 5 weeks already…wonder what’s next…


  15. I was hoping they would give us something more than pumpkin decorations to spend the training center medals on. It seems silly to award everyone several hundred or thousand of the things only to have them be pretty much useless.


  16. I read the post title and thought the addicts site was coming to an end. I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT?!?!?!? Then I read the post and breathed a sigh of relief.

    I finished the event Saturday, so I’m just clearing up character quest lines now. Good event. I enjoyed it.


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