A Very Griffin Holo-ween Character Questline: Candyman – Buzzworthy

Hey Addicts!!! There’s a Questline looming so come out, come out wherever you are.

So here’s how to get Candyman through his killer  Questline.

Candyman is a new character available as part of the A Very Griffin Holo-ween  event. You’ll find his full profile HERE.

Candyman Starts

Recruit Candyman

Completed Task 50 

Buzzworthy Pt. 1
Candyman Starts

Have Candyman Reflect On His Life: 8hrs
Have Meg Summon Candyman: 3hrs

Completed Task 100 

Buzzworthy Pt. 2
Candyman Starts

Have Candyman Bee Well Groomed: 6hrs
Have Mort Stack Epinephrine: 8hrs

Completed Task 100 

There you have it. The side Questline for Candyman. Did you unlock him? If so, how far into his Questline are you? Liking him so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger





6 responses to “A Very Griffin Holo-ween Character Questline: Candyman – Buzzworthy

  1. I didn’t get Candynan; I could have if I had an extra week.
    I sure harvested quite a few pumpkins! 😁


  2. i officially failed in unlocking him
    the reason was that i sat out the first two days of the week … but when Bunny said she’s leaving and that she worked for haunted houses … i decided to get the characters in her honor .. clown herbert was easy … but somehow the drops for candyman started out great for me then for the last 24hrs i got zero nets and zero keys (i still need 1 net and 4 keys) despite collecting on time … and also the zombie items were too much to collect in this timeframe (having to build crossbows , swords and guns) …. i also failed the last week achievement (34/37) so i didn’t get the last deco (what is it ? a zombie modeling stage?) but that’s ok cuz i never cared about it ….
    not upset about candyman either .. he was gonna be a permanent tanlines resident anyway …
    happy with clown herbert .. his actions are funny , not so creepy 🙂


    • Just curious. Is there any character you have that does not go into Tanlines? Excluding those that are forbidden to go there like Peter.

      Herbert clown reminds me of the evil clown from IT. Which is creepy.


      • sometimes a character is essential to an event and it won’t go into tan line … but after this event i could send them all there … only Peter is left out …
        Herbert is no where as creepy as Pennywise this is why I got him 😀 he’s kinda funny with his balloon walker … 😀


  3. CrouchingDragon

    Unlocked and questline completed.

    Hardly worth the effort really.


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