New Event Teaser! – Casino Event Coming Soon

Woo Hoo, it looks like we’re heading for some Viva Las Quahog. As the latest version of the game, 1.58.0, is hitting App Stores now and it reveals a lot about what’s coming next.

“All bets are off when Quahog opens their own Casino to increase tourism. But when The Lucky Clam’s  success draws the ire of competing casino staff, they find that they may be in over their heads.
Test your luck on the new roulette wheel, hire David Copperfield, Penn & Teller and Liberace as your headline acts.”

So get ready to cash in your clams at the casino by updating now but please remember the update is to prepare your game for this new event but it is NOT live yet. But I bet it will be soon!!!

~ Russian Tigger


22 responses to “New Event Teaser! – Casino Event Coming Soon

  1. Should be soon. Joe and Lois have been kicked out of Tan Lines in my game.


  2. It figures that the first time I remember to have EVERYONE available by 7pm on the day an event ends, would be the first time (since I have been playing) that the new event didn’t start that same evening. Anyone have the odds on when Viva Las Quahog will begin? I’ll put 20 clams on 3pm today!


    • Not sure sorry when it will hit Android, it’s live on IO but there are issues with it. So need wait for TinyCo to look at it


  3. “But I bet it will be soon!!!”

    I see what you did there. Casino joke, I like it :-p

    Penn & Teller are cool, so it would be nice to have them.


  4. Why has this not started yet? Let me guess – it will start immediately after I decide it won’t start tonight and have sent everyone on 8 hour tasks.


  5. Native american Casino from early episodes maybe?


  6. Bettyhill Swallox

    Just spotted an item called ‘owl tree’ for 250 Christmas cookies in the Decor section of the store…


  7. Thanks for the heads up, I am updated and ready to spin the roulette wheel! I really liked the Price is Right mini event, hoping this one is similar!


  8. I doubt they’re bringing out celebrity characters for a mini event so yeah, expect a 4 week event leading into a five week Christmas themed event


  9. Yrs yes… But what about my 227 Brains, 373 livers, 440 hands, 111 eys, 9 hands, 47 feets, 9 gas, 569 knifs, 365 crossbow, 168 silver, 81 bulletin and 19 coctails. I am using to much time snd clams. But it is family Guy ❤


  10. Is this a mini event or a main event? Either way, I “bet” it will be good 😛


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