Freakin’ Thanks!!!

Hey there fellow Addicts, thank you for joining us, thank you very, very much!!!

Have you guessed yet  that I just want to say a BIG thanks for all your support this week as we’ve tried to keep the site going. Obviously with having no access to Bunny’s Addict test game I’m having to ask TinyCo to provide me with one.  As of now I’m still waiting on an answer, hopefully it will drop soon, lol. But I just wanted to say your desire for the site to continue along with all your comments will hopefully help in this regard. Until then I’m trying pull the current event from my game, but it’s slow going due to the roulette wheel being the boss. Also you might have noticed a few changes in the way information is covered but as there’s only 1 of me, yes just like the other less famous Tigger, I’m the only one,  I’m trying to streamline some of the less crucial information. I’ll get your feedback on this in due time.

Out with all these gushing thanks you can find my latest Sunday game mutterings HERE.

Russian Tigger.

9 responses to “Freakin’ Thanks!!!

  1. Can we get a RussianTigger Addicts site next. :). You do amazing work on these games with all the posts and info.


  2. Excellent and fantastic job, RT! Just can’t thank you enough for all these hard work and step up for this amazing site.

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  3. You are doing amazing, and TinyCo would be doing itself a huge disservice if they did not do what they could do to help this site continue. All of the other help sites are gone, for the most part, and the facebook page? A vile den of whiny little biotches! *chuckle* If this site goes away, I will probably do the same. It used to be fun to share accomplishments and tips, with the occasional complaint or glitch warnings, but it has devolved into mostly complaints, with a few tips and sharing of good news.

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  4. You’re doing an amazing job, RT. Thank YOU for stepping up and willingly taking on all this responsibility, and for kicking butt at it.
    I hope you can get that tinyco contact soon to make your life a little easier!

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