Fear And Loathing In Quahog Week 2 Overview!!!

Let the games begin!

I’ll bring Lady Luck if you’ll bring your American Express!!! Yes Week 2 of the event we love to loathe is here, so let’s spin to win in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas!


29th November at 3PM PST


Well as I said yesterday the good news is that TinyCo are going to be helping me out with some clams every month, but this is NOT an infinite stash so I need to spend them wisely as I don’t want to be left with none half way through the month. So bear with me as I find my feet investing those clams as wisely as possible. But I will of course prioritize getting a post up warning if there is any timers then the overview and main Questlines as you requested. This event isn’t that simple to speed through due to the Roulette but I’ll still manage to be ahead of the game, so we should be fine. Good luck everyone!!!

You may notice the amount posts declining but you’ll still have all the sane information, I’m just going to put more in this the Overview post, so you’ve everything in one place. Such as rather than doing a separate Mystery Box post or Should I buy on premium items I’ll put all the details here. We’ll test this out for next few weeks then I’ll get your feedback and see if we need tweak things.

Outwith that don’t panic if you’re not ready to start this phase, virtually no one else is.






Magical Mystery Box paying out 150 Clams instead of 155 Clams when won, TinyCo have pushed a fix, and if you were impacted you’ll have got a pop up apologising and awarding you 10 Clams.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – What Happens In Quahog


What Happens In Quahog

And here’s a snippet to get you started.

Part 1

Welcome To  Week 2
Strippers And Thugs Are Here
Find Out Who’s Headlining At The Lucky Clam – It’s Penn Jillette and unlocking his character is NOT timed

Part 2

Send David Copperfield To Clear The Strippers – 6hrs
Have Impersonator Peter Collect A Gold Roulette Token – 4hrs
Play The Gold Roulette


Raymond Teller (Full Character): Main prize in the Magical Mystery Box which costs 150  Clams per try, has 4hr tasks t drop either Gold or Silver Roulette Tokens (more details in Mystery Box section later)

Penn Jillette (Full Character): You’ll be directed to place him for unlocking at Pt 2 of the main Questline What Happens In  Quahog. Unlocking him is NOT timed.
20 Cups (Uncommon): Lois Play Beer Pong, Bonnie Mix Drinks
15 Magic Bullets (Common): Clearing Casino Thugs, Bamboozle Me Stage
19 Pinstripe Suits (Common): Win at the Gold Roulette Table
26 Playing Cards  (Common): Clear Casino Workers
19 Microphone Chips (Common): Bruce Perform Cabaret, Magic Murder Scene, Third Times The Charm Chapel

Magician Quagmire (Costume): You’ll trigger the Side Questline to starting creating him at Al’s at Pt 2 of the main Questline What Happens In Quahog. Task to drop Strip Show Boards.
10 White Rabbits (Common): Win at the Gold Roulette Table
32 Magic Hats (Common): Meg Upgrade Her Hat, Seeing Double Impersonators Co
8 Magic Books (Uncommon): Quagmire Study Magic, Fools Gold Nugget
7 Magic Wands (Common): Clear Strippers


***The Buildings for this Phase can be found in the The Lucky Fountain – you’ll find full details in that section later***


Golden Nugget – 200 Drops 2x Gold Reward Cards every 8 hours.

Should I buy: Look these Gold Reward Cards are hard to come by at first, but 200 Clams for 6 cards a day! Seriously that’s too expensive. I’d be looking for at least double that to drop. This is a tiny 1×1 decoration, that’s sadly overpriced. 100 clams and I’d been tempted but at 200 I’ll just leave it on the shelf.

Levitation Bed – 10 Gold Reward Cards


Thug Takedown:  Clear 15 Casino Thugs in 7 days to get 25 Clams


 Gold Reward Cards (Always) – Play Gold Roulette Table, Golden Nugget, Magical Mystery Box, Clear Casino Thugs

 Silver Reward Cards (Always) –  Playing Roulette Wheel, Clear Casino Worker, FGF Fountain


 Gold Roulette Tokens (Always) – Clear Strippers, Magical Mystery Box, Ferris Wheel, Raymond Teller Perform Sleight Of Hand, impersonator Peter Perform For Change

Strip Show Board (Common): Magician Quagmire See A Strip Show

 Silver Roulette Tokens (Always) –  Get from clearing Tourists, Wagering Whale, Huge Slot Machine, Raymond Teller Mime

Cigarettes (Always): Win at Roulette


Costs 150 Clams per try. No duplicate prizes, so basically once you win an item it leaves the box.

Fellow Addicts Tip: If you’ve not reached the Week 2 content yet you’ll have a better chance of getting him as the Gold Tokens and Gold Cards won’t show up as prizes. So don’t wait until you’re in Week 2 to try this if your tempted!!!

Raymond Teller
155 Clams
14 Silver Roulette Tokens
12 Gold Roulette Tokens
11 Silver Reward Cards
9 Gold Reward Cards
Geronimo’s Palace
Zoot Suit Stewie
Kingpin Consuela

** Obviously the star prize is Raymond Teller, and it took me 4 attempts to win him. My results were as follows, but please be aware I already had Geronimo’s Palace, Zoot Suit Stewie & Kingpin Consuela so they weren’t in my box:

11 Silver Reward Cards
12 Gold Roulette Tokens
155 Clams
Raymond Teller

Total spend to win Raymond Teller:  445 Clams (600 minus the 155 Clams I won in the box)

Should I try: It’s a lot of clams on a game of chance, sure TinyCo have listened and removed the repeatable materials, but materials still make up the majority of prizes, and is 11 Silver Reward Cards worth 150 Clams, no, not at all. But the odds recently do seem to be a bit higher of winning the star prize, so although the Mystery Boxes are still overpriced in my opinion, you do have a better chance of a good outcome. But unless you are a massive fan of Raymond Teller I’d be tempted to skip this so your clams don’t quickly disappear. Remember the Christmas event isn’t far off, save those clams for then


***still in progress***

Here is where you will trade the Gold & Silver Reward Cards you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week Two…

Seeing Double Impersonation Co: Chance Drop of x1 Magic Hat every 4hrs
Cost~ 5 Gold Reward Cards & 47 Silver Reward Cards

Magic Murder Scene: Chance Drop of x1 Microphone Chip every 6hrs
Cost~8 Gold Reward Cards & 40 Silver Reward Cards

Fools Gold Nugget: Chance Drop of x1 Magic Book every 8hrs
Cost~ 10 Gold Reward Cards & 35 Silver Reward Cards

Third Times The Charm: Chance Drop of x1 Microphone Chip every 6 hrs
Cost~ 16 Gold Reward Cards & 56 Silver Reward Cards

Ferris Wheel: Chance Drop of x2 Gold Roulette Token every 4hrs
Cost~ 32 Gold Reward Cards & 37 Silver Reward Cards

Bamboozle Me Stage: Chance Drop of X1 Magic Bullet
Cost~ 33 Gold Reward Cards & 47 Silver Reward Cards


You will trigger them and learn about them at Part 1 of the main Questline What Happens In Quahog. You will find them wandering your sidewalks and you will need to use a combination of a Character and an item tasks to clear them. But don’t fuss on these just now as you not be able to work on these until after you unlock Magician Quagmire but clearing them is pretty much the same formulae used for Casino Workers etc in the first week.

Basically to clear them Tap on a Casino Thug that’s wandering  around, this will bring up details of the Character-Item combination needed to clear them, it will also show you the rewards.

Simply tap on SELECT to choose the Character and put them on task to clear the Casino Thug. But as you can see you can’t do anything until you unlock Magician Quagmire.

Characters Used:
Magician Quagmire

And of course you need an item, in the case of clearing Casino Thugs this is 1x Strip Show Board.

Strip Show Board (Common): Magician Quagmire See A Strip Show

So basically you’ll need Magician Quagmire and 1x Strip Show Board to get clearing Casino Thugs now.

Task Time: Instant

Chance Payout:
+5 Gold Reward Cards  (Always)
+1 Magic Bullets (Chance)

Spawn: A few times a day up to a MAX of 8 at a time on your game play screen


You will trigger them and learn about them at Part 1 of the main Questline What Happens In Quahog.  You will find them wandering your sidewalks and you will need to use a Character task to clear them.

Tap on a Stripper wandering around to bring up the Payout and Character needed, you need David Copperfield.

Simply tap on GO to choose the Character task. Please note you can also put the Character on the task directly from his profile.

Character Used:
David Copperfield

Task Time: 6hrs.

Chance Payout:
+3 Gold Roulette Tokens (Always)
+1 Magic Wand (Chance)


These have a new Week 2 drop of Playing Cards. They are also your best source of Silver Reward Cards.


Roulette is where you gamble away your life away, ok, maybe that’s being a bit over dramatic, it’s actually where you gamble your Gold and Silver Roulette Tokens. To play Roulette you can either tap on the Lucky Clam in the event area or the Roulette Icon shown above.

This will bring you up the Roulette choices, at the moment you can on,y select either the Silver Roulette or the Gold Roulette depending on which tokens you have to spend.  Tap on your Roulette choice and it will bring you up the Roulette Screen. We’re going look at the new Gold Roulette Table this week.

To place a bet you’ll need 2 Gold Roulette Tokens. Clear Strippers, Magical Mystery Box, Ferris Wheel, Raymond Teller Perform Sleight Of Hand, Impersonator Peter Perform For Change. Once you have 2 Gold Roulette Tokens, it’s time to choose your colour, Red, Black or Green. Obviously the odds on landing on Green will be much lower than Black or Red. But remember just like real Roulette this is a game of chance.

Once you’ve placed your bet, tap Place Bet  and cross your fingers you win.  And that’s it, simple as that. I’m going be honest the random nature of this in Week 1 has caused issues with progression, but it is what it so just keep calm and bet on.

The rewards vary depending on the colour you bet on and whether you win or lose.

If you win betting on Red or Black the Payout is:
+1 White Rabbit (Always)
+1 Pinstripe Suit (Always)
+3 Gold Reward Cards(Always)

If you win betting on Green the Payout is:
+5 White Rabbit (Always)
+5 Pinstripe Suit (Always)
+15 Gold Reward Cards (Always)
+1 Extra Prize – this looks to be Rainbow Rewards Cards to get past characters/costumes such as Diabeto, the Fatfather, Fight Promlter Cleveland & Burnt Out Brian if you don’t already have any of them.

If you lose the payout is:
+1 Gold Reward Card (Always)

So go spin that wheel, good luck and don’t forget to boast in the comments if you win on Green. I’ve not as yet in my test spins.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the second week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

70 responses to “Fear And Loathing In Quahog Week 2 Overview!!!

  1. Way to many offers I might just wait till Xmas buy everything for that


  2. I know some people aren’t liking this event but I have no problems with it. If I was putting in the time and still not progressing because of bad luck at roulette, I’d prob not be enjoying myself, so I do understand that aspect. Bought Joe’s costume in phase 1 but played phase 2 clam free. Just placed the final building and I only need 10 more magic bullets to unlock Jillette, which shouldn’t be a problem.


  3. Considered myself quite lucky as I hit green after about 5 swings of the roulette. After a strenuous week plus, and gotten David Copperfield, I wanted to relax abit in Week 2. Leisurely played to get items for Qyagmire costume, but at same time, bet on green everytime as I did not have Diabeto. For others who are asking about other prizes, I only saw Peter the fat father. Not the other costumes even though I did not have them.


  4. only 3 hats still to unlock Quagmire
    the other guy is a long way still


  5. Well, I finally saw not one, but two greens on the gold roulette wheel (still nothing on the silver one), and the best part is, I had a hunch that second one would come up, so instead of my usual black, I bet green. Got the rainbow card to get Fatfather Peter. The best part of that is, it completed my Spooner St. Mafia collection, which I think had already come and gone before I started playing. Nevertheless, that’s an extra 25 clams for me for finishing the collection!


  6. I won at green on the gold wheel. What is the extra prize and how do you get it? I have Diabeto already. I am looking everywhere to see if either set of cards has increased and neither appeared to do so. Is it Diabeto or nothing? Thanks.


    • I think Disbeto is the only full character you can get with a rainbow reward, the others are costumes, Fatfather, Fight Promlter Cleveland & Burnt Out Brisn, if you’ve not got any of those check Al Harringtins to create with your rainbow reward


  7. Does anyone know what the rainbow rewards card does and if it’s something that we may need? The in game FAQs only mention it as needed to unlock Fight Promotor Cleveland (whom I already have). Is anyone seeing another use for it because otherwise I will be sticking to my method of choosing only red on the roulette. This has been working for me so far and it stays close to the 50/50 win chance that it should be.


    • I think Disbeto is the only full character you can get with a rainbow reward, the others are costumes, Fatfather, Fight Promlter Cleveland & Burnt Out Brisn, if you’ve not got any of those check Al Harringtins to create with your rainbow reward, otherwise if you have them the rewards are useless at this time


  8. Does anyone know if any of the costumes or characters (Diabeto is the only full character I see available) that you can purchase with the rainbow card have actions to help with this game? If there is no advantage toward progressing in this game I assume the full character to be the smartest choice.


    • I think Disbeto is the only full character you can get with a rainbow reward, the others are costumes, Fatfather, Fight Promlter Cleveland & Burnt Out Brisn, if you’ve not got any of those check Al Harringtins to create with your rainbow reward. I already have them all and none have any event tasks I can see.


    • Yes he is get him first I got him


  9. I already have Diabeto, so for my extra prizes for betting on green, I’ve got the choice of unlocking Peter’s Fatfather outfit or Cleveland’s Fight Promoter outfit.


  10. I guess I’m the only lucky one hear but even that it can’t log on every few hours it also might be I spend 100$ a moth on this game try and get everything and even that I’m behind


  11. I think the roulette wheel is a big let down for this event. Oiled be fun if the odds where remotely fair. I think my winning spins are down to maybe 1 in 5 at best. Clearly not coded to be fair.
    All TinyCo have to do is make the spins realistic.
    Such a massive let down and everyone is behind.


  12. At least I know I’m not alone in being way behind on this event. I still need 4 straight jackets, 11 magic saws and 10 autographs to unlock David Copperfield. The roulette wheel has just made this event come to a screeching halt.
    I’ve been going all green on the wheel (2 wins only so far). Every time I try to play black or red I haven’t landed on them. I’ll just tough it out until the eventual Holiday event hits!


  13. I just got the green I was ready to lose all day I lost 8 times on the 9th got the green got diebitio chrater is better than outfit


  14. Is it worth to get the 5$ deal I got the twins for 10$ but this is just a suit and a the fire station 69 is it worth it


  15. I really like the idea of the helpful stuff being in one post, like this. You can’t spend your life here and over there posting constantly. I don’t want you to burn out and disappear, never to be heard from again! Let’s keep it simple and everyone share info as we can.


    • Trying it out, see how everyone likes it. Really depends on the event as well, this one allows for less posts if that makes sense. But I enjoy this, so that’s half the battle. Just don’t let me get carried away and start talking about any more games, lol


  16. Got an offer this morning – $4.99 (instead of $9.99) for 4 stripper signs, mob wife Bonnie and a building (I can’t remember the name of the building), but after paying the $$ I only see the 4 stripper signs…


  17. First event I’ve ever gave up on after years of playing. Have had only 2 wins on the roulette wheel, done wasting my time on this. Will check back in here for Christmas event tips, unless that ends up horrific also.


  18. I am still unable to get the family guy app back. I deleted it to try and reinstall it and it totally disappeared from my play store. I emailed tinyco and they stated it was a google problem and told me what to do but still nothing. I emailed them back, but they haven’t gotten back to me. I’m hoping that after this event is over, I’ll be able to get back to my game!!! 😦


    • I hope so to. One thing to think on is whether you’ve hit latest version of your device platform, sometimes if that needs upgraded you won’t see apps.


  19. Really slow event,unlocked David Copperfield but now can’t catch a break on the roulette wheel,so not getting any silver or gold cards therefore can’t get the buildings for items so therefore no Penn or costume skin for Quagmire…feel like sitting the rest of this out and wait for Xmas event…😠


  20. It took 750 clams to get Teller because of course I got him last. It sucks because I would have bought him if he had been in the store. I saw Teller made a comment on twitter about him being in the game and it kinda sounds like he wasn’t aware. I thought they had to get permission to put people in the game? His comment was “A fan spotted this on the “Family Guy” game. The things I do when I’m not really there…!”


  21. I genuinely don’t think I’m gonna unlock Copperfield by the end of week 3, awful event unfortunately due to poorly constructed collections.


  22. Uninstalled after a year and a half of playing. Over 30 spins of the wheel has resulted in exactly 1 win. Yes you read that right, 1! I won the first time and that was it. This game has gone downhill fast. I would rather flush a $100 bill down the toilet than give a dime to Tiny Co. at this point. Later, enjoy the misery.


    • Sorry lose you, it’s a shame this event has event has been disappointed after few good ones, I’m hoping they make it up to us at Christmas.


      • You know what the most frustrating thing is? That daily prize wheel we get is universally hated across pretty much every message board and social media device TinyCo uses, yet they decide to have it in one of their events? What are they thinking?


    • I feel your pain.

      I left after the last event. Enough’s enough.

      Sorry to see that events are still unfulfilling despite this site and Russian Tigger’s excellent efforts.


  23. It looks like they added a deco and a couple of old costumes to the Mystery Box. For a brief moment, I was tempted to give it a try. Now, pass. Sorry Teller.


  24. (Zoot Suit Stewie is in the box too.)

    I got Teller on my first try, but I was prepared to go a few rounds. I’d been saving up gold for exactly this purpose (to get both P&T). The no-repeat boxes aren’t a little better odds- they’re way better odds. It’d still be nice if they put more characters in there though. When they did that box with 7 characters in it, I ended up going all the way and wasn’t too upset about it. I really only wanted the Cleveland kids, but it took me going to the bottom to get them all. (And I got some oddballs like Diabeto who is back in this event.)


  25. meh not even close to being done with peter 😦 rolette wheel has not been kind to me on the item for peter 😦 and need 38 cards to unlock next prize 😦


  26. I love Penn and Teller – Sucks that one is in a mystery box!! I went for it and he was the last thing left in the box. Well I’d been hoarding clams for a while and couldn’t get Penn without Teller


  27. If you are on the first week then the gold reward cards and tokens don’t appear as prizes so you have a 1 in 5 chance of getting Teller.


  28. Thanks for the caveat that noone is ready for week 2, it makes me feel a little better that i’m not alone in my spinnin’ misery! 🙂


  29. Feels like the game is dying down slowly with less and less new stuff being available with each update. I really wish they would just go back to the basics and give us what we came to this game for: Family Guy. There are hundreds of episodes left untouched in the game. Why are we wasting our time with these people who most have never heard of (who the hell is Raymond Teller or Penn Jillette????). Not to mention even the new costumes we get for our favorite FG gang characters are totally made up and have no relation to the show. In fact Quagmire actually dressed up as a magician in an episode yet they ignored that costume and made one up from nowhere. Apologize for the rant that probably belongs more in the what the deuce posts. Let me end off by at least saying one fantastic thing they did was remove repeats from the mystery boxes. That change literally prevented me from quitting just a few weeks ago.


  30. Why do they insist on making at least one of the famous duos premium!? It was bad enough when Bill S. Preston was premium in the Bill & Ted event. I LOVE Penn & Teller so kind of need them both, but hate mystery boxes! If he was straight-up premium it would be an insta-buy for me but I’m not sure I’m willing to drop 400 clams on him, even if the chances are better than previous boxes. I need to think about this one…


    • I had to go for it. I got the following results:
      11 silver tokens
      14 silver roulette chips
      155 clams
      Also gone from just under 500 clams to 44. Still not entirely sure it was worth it but at least Penn & Teller can work together 😉 lol


      • Right there with you. Same scenario, had a nice build up of clams, now down to about 1oo. Well, that’s why we collect them , right?! Penn & Teller are long-time favorites. Despite my loathing of mystery boxes, I knew it would really grind my gears months from now if i only got Penn. back to watching videos and frugally saving again!


      • Well *technically* they didn’t get my money. All my clams were free, FREE I tells ya!

        Unless you count the advertising money from all the ads I had to sit through to get them 😉 lol


    • Yeah, even though I have the clams available I refuse to support their mystery boxes. As soon as I see event currency, I’m out. As soon as I see skins, I’m out. Just give us a premium character, all singing all dancing, voiced, for under 200 clams and I’m sold – otherwise, forget it.


      • I agree entirely; now have nearly 700 clams saved up and would have been prepared to buy one or both of Penn & Teller as they’re the only characters that I’d care about in this entire event but I won’t buy a mystery box with junk options, so I’ll let Teller go and won’t care so much about getting Penn on his own.

        This whole event just became a non-event. Next please!

        Liked by 1 person

    • “Why do they insist on making at least one of the famous duos premium!?” – Psst…because their goal, like ALL BUSINESSES is to make money.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know, it’s darn unfortunate they need to make a profit, just hope they don’t bet it all on the event Roulette or boom, all gone 😀😀😀


      • But they shoot themselves in the foot with their backwards thinking. If they charged a fair price from the outset then I’d buy waaaaay more stuff. I would’ve bought Penn for 150-200 clams but I just look at the Mystery Box stuff and laugh. As it stands I have 617 clams – but I won’t spend even one on this event because everything is overpriced. They want over 200 clams for a costume or a decoration which is ridiculous, let alone what they expect us to pay for the Mystery Box. Put it this way, if they had 4 items for 100 clams I’m much more likely to buy them than I am to buy 2 items for 200 clams. They’d still get my clams, but I wouldn’t feel so ripped off in the process.


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