Mobster Premium Profile: Kingpin Consuela

Hey there Mafioso!

With Men in Zoot Suits running round the game, Goons shooting up Cookie Trucks, and Offers you just can’t refuse… the Mobsters Event is live in our silly lil games.

With the Mobsters Event coming down to it’s last week, it’s time to take a look at the Characters Costume you could unlock from playing the Mobsters Event….

Kingpin Consuela

Kingpin Consuela is the Final Prize in the Individual Leaderboards. She may take you some time to earn as you have to wait until you earn 17,500 Mob Rep, so let’s take a look at just what this Sassy Cleaning Lady has to offer.

Kingpin Consuela arrived in Quahog with the beginning of the Mobsters Event 2015. As with (almost) all Characters in TQFS in order to unlock her you’ll have to collect STUFF.

Individual Prize 10 Kingpin Consuela

The “Stuff” you need to collect to get her is Mob Rep. It can be found all over the game from Building & Decorations to Character Tasks, Raids, and Questlines. Once you do collect the 17,500 Mob Rep, you will get an in game Pop Up much like the rest of the Individual Leaderboard Prizes telling you that you have now earned her.

Kingpin Consuela Won In Game Pop Up

Tapping on “GO!” will take you to the Individual Leaderboard Page where you will need to “CLAIM!” her. Once you “CLAIM!” her, you will go back to your Quahog.

Kingpin Consuela CLAIM

As we have her in all our Test Games already, we do not have the specifics for what happens once you unlock her and do NOT have her in the game. My best suggestion is to check your Inventory Storage OR Shopping Cart Menu for Consuela’s House and place it. The Character Consuela should then Pop Out.

Consuela's House

Her Costume on the other hand, much like many Costumes, will be found at Al’s for the rest of us that do already have her in your game. She will take 10 secs to “CREATE” in Al’s to put her into use.

Kingpin Consuela Al's


She does come with a Questline, Money Power & Respect, more details on it in another post.

You Got Kingpin Consuela

Kingpin Consuela is not really part of any Character Group right now that pays Clams (as she is a Costume for Consuela who is already part of “The Characters You Buy” Collection), so you will not earn any for unlocking her unless you do NOT have Consuela the Character already and have Buzz, Rupert, Brain Damaged Horse, and Jake too from the Collection… then she will finish it out.


Kingpin Consuela does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn Gurl Scout Cookies and Fedoras (Mob Rep) for the Event.

Let’s take a look at some of Kingpin Consuela’s Tasks:

Kingpin Consuela Walk the White Tigers 1Kingpin Consuela Say Hello to Her Little Friend 1

Kingpin Consuela Say Hello to Her Little Friend

Task Time Earns Location
Rob Peter 2hrs 10Gurl Scout Cookie2Fedora Mob Rep Griffin’s House
Tidy Up Crime Scenes 4hrs 15Gurl Scout Cookie3Fedora Mob Rep Griffin’s House
Walk with White Tigers 6hrs 20Gurl Scout Cookie4Fedora Mob Rep Visual
Eliminate Enemies 8hrs 25Gurl Scout Cookie5Fedora Mob Rep Consuela’s House
Offer Truce 10hrs 30Gurl Scout Cookie6Fedora Mob Rep Griffin’s House
Say Hello To Her Little Friends 12hrs 35Gurl Scout Cookie6Fedora Mob Rep Visual
Smuggle Lemon Cleaner 16hrs 40Gurl Scout Cookie7Fedora Mob Rep Goldman’s Pharmacy
Weigh Cookies 18hrs 40Gurl Scout Cookie8Fedora Mob Rep Consuela’s House
Put Out a Hit 24hrs 50Gurl Scout Cookie10Fedora Mob Rep Consuela’s House


And there you have it my friends, the complete breakdown for Kingpin Consuela!

What are your thoughts on Consuela’s Costume?  Have you unlocked her yet?  Thoughts on his tasks?  Which one is your favorite?  If you have not got her yet, how close are you? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


32 responses to “Mobster Premium Profile: Kingpin Consuela

  1. I never bought Consuela, did not have the character. But today I earned the Kingpin Consuela prize, and I was very happy to find that her house was placed in my inventory (for free) and I placed it and unlocked her instantly 😀
    I couldn’t find her Kingpin outfit until I read this and then scrolled through the outfits at Al’s 😀

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  2. I have clicked claim and got the congrats screen. Kingpin is nowhere to be found. I rechecked the individual leaderboard and it is checked as claimed. I looked in the costume shop. Nothing available there. I clicked on Consuela herself and that costume is not an option. I have checked the shop and inventory. Any ideas?


  3. tweetypiebabe1

    I decided from very early on, after having all the issues I was having with this game, that my main goal would be to claim Kingpin Consuela especially since I had been weighing up to option of purchasing her recently. After having claimed her just an hour ago, I’m relieved and very happy that I have her. I’ve accomplished what I wanted and will just enjoy damaging fort knox between now and when the game ends.


  4. unlock her this morning and got Consuella+house and the king pin skin Wow i’m happy,


  5. I am sooo…. close to getting her… roughly 2,500 mob rep points to go… and only 2 days to do it in… I’m not going to make it. And of course ya’ll will make her more tempting by not offering just the skin but her character and buildling for free if you get it. Way to kick a girl while she’s down… I hope they extend this… I just barely got Clevand’s fighter promotion skin… still stuck on Week 4 and may be able to get Lois but will never be able to get Tricia’s insane cookie having self, or trashy Bonnie… I really wanted trashy bonnie.


    • tweetypiebabe1

      I felt the same and I was at the same point you were when you posted and then I finished a few quests which gave high payouts. For example placing the FBI agent gave me 500 I believe and others which paid out hundreds and one that was a thousand. I also focused heavily on Fort Knox. You can do it! I just managed to get her tonight.


  6. i received the costume this morning.
    Im still stuck on the last obstacle of week 4 raid (collect 16 piles of crap)

    im a little disappointed that the players who already had Consuela didnt get a bonus gift (like some free clams? or enough cookies to unlock Trica?)


  7. I claimed her on the prize board this morning, but already had the original Consuela and can’t find anything to prompt the unlock of the costume, plus Consuela’s house has disappeared from my town. Anyone else having these issues?

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  8. I’ll on 17491 mob rep right now and will be able to claim my Consuela in 1 hours time. I’m probably more excited than I dare admit, lol! Yay!


  9. I got her and they gave me free consuela!! Awesome birthay present.


  10. Man I don’t see how people have her all ready. I am still working on the gangster table thing. Going to be a close call. Wish there was a mission to slap Cleveland Jr.

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  11. ok, i got her and free Consuela, hooray!! (i didn’t have her character).
    i came here to ‘acuse myself’ by that, thinking it was a glitch or some kind of error, glad that it ain’t the case.


  12. Would be nice if you could pick between her or Cleveland to win. I bought her right before the event but don’t have Cleveland unlocked 😔 so his outfit will be sitting in al’s for me.


  13. I was one of the many who bought Consuela for clams in the beginning of the game but haven’t unlocked her Kingpin Consuela skin yet. I’m happy for those who are getting her for Mob Rep although I agree that TinyCo should have given the rest of us something different or extra. As it stands some players reaching 17,500 MR get a building, a character and a skin while others reaching the same 17,500 MR only get a skin that’s kinda eh for me.

    On the bright side I’m hoping that since TinyCo is giving her away for Mob Rep so many players will have her that it will result in her actually being utilized in future events and not another disposable character she seems like currently.

    The rational that new players are at a disadvantage being the justification for not using more past characters in events is wearing very thin and it appears more of a smoke screen at this point.

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    • Re: new players/past characters… Well said! They painted themselves into a corner by designing the game & events like that, but it shouldn’t be beyond their ability to correct it. The game would be 100% more fun if they took the time to make changes instead of excuses.


  14. The game keeps throwing me out, dont even have the time to collect anything or contact tiny co through the game! what to do? cause I’m losing my mob status really fast when I cant do anything!

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  15. Unlocked her over the weekend, and did not have Consuela in my game so it was a nice reward for the constant grind it took to get there.

    For those able to unlock early, it would have been nice if Kingpin had tasks for each of the items needed for the various hires at Quahogavana. Or gloves for those still trying to get the promoter costume.


  16. Did not purchase Consuela previously. I just reached the 17.5k mob rep to earn her. You get her house to place and the regular Consuela character first. Then need to go to the get her mob outfit at Al Harrington’s. Takes ten seconds and you’re set with starting her questlines.


  17. I didn’t have her and all that happened was that as soon as I clicked claim it brought up her house to place. Which would have been placed in inventory if I hadn’t and then I had to go to Al’s to create the actual costume.
    i wish the walk with tigers task was better. They disappear half way through, which just makes it really lame. I guess it’s still cool and overall I really like the skin.


  18. Magilla_84131

    I don’t own her yet as a character in my town. And I’m about 1,500 mob rep away from earning her kingpin costume. So, I’m interested in seeing what happens when I reach it.


    • Me, too! Maybe closer to needing 1000 more fedoras. Currently bogged down getting all those nunchucks for courthouse raids.


  19. I still wish they would do something nice for those of us who had bought consuela in the past for clams since they’re now just giving her for free as a reward.


    • Of all the characters since game was in BETA, she’s changed the most. 600 clams to 300 clams to 40% sales to now free. But… not so “free” as it takes a lot to earn the Mob Rep for her.

      All I can suggest is ask them.


    • It seems that those that didn’t buy her are getting a better prize than those who did, all for the same 17500 mob hats…

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  20. Consuela is near my sights just 4,000 more hats, 8 days left, I haven’t lost hope yet….. I hope I do get her, wish me luck!!


  21. I forgot to ask. I missed getting fightpromoter Cleveland and I cannot earn anymore boxing glvoes….did I miss him ?


  22. Hey there !!! I got King Pin Consuela this morning …. WOOHOO !!! I find the tasks are a bit insane in that it reminds me of the start trek event. However, I did it, I got Consuela without 1 clam used :-).

    I am still trying to do the rest, I own 3 trailers so my goon amount is at 12 that I can have at one time, but OMG!!!! it takes so long to get the ones you want as you can only hire 1 at a time.

    but…..great event tiny co.

    also to all the Canadian readers… HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!
    to all the US readers….Happy July 4 week / weekend / holiday !!!


    Liked by 1 person

  23. moviebuff3000

    I unlocked her yesterday morning and Cleveland’s this morning.


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