Fear And Loathing In Quahog – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, I’d like to welcome you to this tragic gamblers story, where today I’m going to be talking about the event that just was, Fear And Loathing In Quahog. After 3 weeks and endless failed bets it’s all over but for the poll, and that’s where we will find out if this event saw you feeling like a winner or a loser.

Now I usually do a big, long winded, rambling review of events but I’m finding since many of the recent events are clones of what’s gone previous I’m writing the same each time. This isn’t fun to write and it must be getting boring for you to read, so I thought I decided after the last event to cut it short and just tell you what I liked and didn’t like.

What I liked:

  • Cirque De Stewie
  • 6 new characters and costumes available freemium
  • Chance to win extra returning characters/costumes
  • Bonus clams
  • No timers that saw Characters disappear is unlock requirements not met within them
  • Shorter side Questlines

What I didn’t like: 

  • Roulette Wheel
  • Mystery Box containing materials
  • Step backwards for the game

Now if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll at the end of this post I’d be very grateful. Please note for those that experience the jump glitch when answering poll questions, there’s a direct link at the bottom of the page that will help you avoid this problem, just keep scrolling to the bottom.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:


~ Russian Tigger

23 responses to “Fear And Loathing In Quahog – Review & How Did You Do Poll

  1. TinyCo can take all its stupid roulette wheels and spinning wheels and shove them right up their …………………….. noses.


  2. I never even unlocked Penn Jillette, so when people started talking about Liberace I had no idea what they were referring too. Apparently, I never even made it to week three and that’s the first time ever for an event. I think I didn’t even unlock Magician Quagmire until a day or two before the event ended and I was playing all the time. And my roulette wheel landed on green twice across the entire event. I didn’t even bother working on it the last day of the event and focused on other existing questlines and activities.


  3. As usual, I agree with all your comments. Roulette was very tough and increased the difficulty of getting sufficient items tremendously. True, it simulated the randomness as if you played the real thing. But if you factored in the chances of items (read, not always but common) and number of items needed (26 for fighting casino workers), it becomes so much harder.

    Had to recalibrate my expectations of not getting all new characters and just be contented if I can get Penn, which I did on second last day. This made me happier. I also changed my strategy of just going for green towards last 3 days instead of getting the last costume and new character. I was happier as I did get The Fat father and Cleveland costume. Pity I missed out on Pimp Stewie.


  4. Was lucky enough to get Liberace during the final 30 minutes of the game. He did cost me 12 clams to speed up the piano. Happy to get all the characters, including Penn & Teller. But, even though I was successfull, the roulette wheel was frustrating as hell!


  5. Any info on the next event yet?


  6. I answered the poll honestly, but I also received a couple of characters through a coin mystery box! it was $10 a try! I “won” Acrobat Stewie and Liberace! I think between the clams and the characters, TinyCo came up with as good a resolution to the error as they could. They made it right in a timely manner as well. Good for them.


  7. I have been playing this game since the very beginning and I must say this was the hardest event ever. Ended up four days behind and then ended a day early. So I had no time to cash my chips in, to try to get Showgirl Brian or Liberace. The roulette wheel was so unfair. A waste of time. Tinyco owes big time for this mistake


  8. I enjoyed it up until the last (Platinum?) Roulette wheel. I was on top of the event from the start, other that not sleep I don’t know what else I could’ve done to try and win it. That last wheel was not kind to me. Didn’t obtain Showgirl Brian which meant no Casino boss which meant no Liberace. Oh well, I got a lot of new characters.


  9. I usually am able to get all characters and skins. I couldn’t get Liberace and Show Girl Brian in time. I needed 2 eyelashes and then I could get Brian. I used a few clams to speed things up, but wasn’t willing to pay 100 (50 clams per eyelash) to buy him before the end.

    The wheel was frustrating, probably more frustrating than low drop rates.


  10. I’m gonna steal a line from Mr. Horse for my review “No sir. I didn’t like it.”

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  11. Didn’t love this. Too much left up to chance for the freemiums. No way I could earn Showgirl Brian because the Diamond Roulette was almost never a winner.


  12. Unfortunately, too many fails at the roulette wheel left me feeling frustrated, as it became absolutely impossible to catch up without buying a ridiculous number of clams. For me the game started late, as the required update didn’t appear in my App Store until nearly 24 hours after the game had started. This could’ve been so much fun, but was skittles lacking in imagination.


  13. Can’t give it a zero…


  14. ps. my absolute favourite thing during this event was all the cut price characters. I could not believe my luck. So the game makers are to be thanked for that. It was a very generous gesture. Thank you Tiny C°!…….💜X


  15. The Roulette thing was such a pain in the culo. If this event had been my first (introduction) to the game I would 100% have deleted this game, as I did before. However, since discovering your site and experiencing far more highs than lows now, I decided to just chill with it. I’m glad it’s gone now and I hope the festive event brings my smile and enjoyment of the game back…….💜X


  16. I enjoyed the event but it took too long to unlock Impersonator Peter which meant I was delayed in starting phase 2 and then unlocking Penn Jillette took so long that I only unlocked 1 building from phase 3 (it would have been 2 buildings but I really wanted the neon balloon). I didn’t get to attack the casino boss as it required Showgirl Brian or a clam payment. I agree with your likes and dislikes Russian Tigger although I quite liked the roulette wheel.


  17. *obsessively checking app store for updates*


  18. Thanks! As this event certainly pointed out, Vegas Expectations >>> Vegas Reality 🙂


  19. Worst. Event. Ever.


  20. Need a 0 for fun factor rating. Roulette wheel made this one an absolute Failure IMHO. Glad it’s over! Hopefully they get the glitch fixed soon, have quests still showing that cannot be done now, and can’t put Copperfield into tan lines.


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