Event Ended Early Glitch – Update

Remember this event was scheduled to end later today, 29th November 2017 @ 3pm PST (that’s GMT-7). However as many of you know there’s been an issue that saw the event end prematurely in your games, if you’ve been impacted you probably saw  the following message pop up in your game:

We’re sorry, a technical glitch forced the ‘Fear and Loathing in Quahog’ event to end for some customers a day early.”

You might also have been awarded some clams. However TinyCo want you to know they are still working on this issue, they send their apologies and assure you they want to try to get you the content you missed out on, they just ask you give them a little time as there’s a lot players caught up in this. So that’s all I can tell you just now, but hopefully it will help you know you are at least being kept in the loop of what’s going on.

~ Russian Tigger

18 responses to “Event Ended Early Glitch – Update

  1. The titanic event just dropped AND there is a new “mystery box” that costs 10 coins for each prize. The box contains anything missed from the Vegas event – so I got Showgirl Brian, Liberace, and Penn. That’s pretty good going considering I didn’t even start Week 3. I was only annoyed about Penn as I was 1 item away from getting him. Oh well, happy days again!


  2. hope they give us all Liberace


  3. Such a disappointment


  4. Why are people complaining about the wheel? It’s the same as doing this, to get that, to use for this, for a chance of getting that. You do it every time you play an event, js. I was actually glad my event ended early, most of them suck anyways. My biggest problem was the fact that the event tabs were still in my damn scroll down box!


    • Because it was possible to continually lose and with a 4 hour wait between spins it gets frustrating and/or depressing. With normal drops the chances actually increase the longer / more times it doesn’t drop, so you know it’s “just a matter of time”. With the roulette wheel it would be possible to lose indefinitely. The biggest frustration was how much of a roadblock it was to progress. The wheel could’ve been a fun little addition, but instead practically everything depended on successful guesses.


  5. I wonder if this means the next event will start late (while they sort out the early finish and how to compensate).


  6. Usually the event seems to go until around 9pm where I am (most times anyway). I was still working on getting the last two items for Penn. I probably would have had time, but the game switched over at around 6pm (EST). I’m a bit disappointed I couldn’t finish unlocking him.

    This event was terrible anyway, I was still finishing up week 2!! I play often and usually don’t have problems keeping up, this event was a real grind. Thumbs down!


  7. glad to see event as the roulette wheel made it a nightmare to get any were with it


  8. Thanks for the update. Honestly, it’s just a game (that someone, somewhere, took the time to create!) so at the end of the day, while it certainly wasn’t my favorite event (and I had more than one roulette wheel-induced expletive-fest), I had some fun, got some cool new characters, and am more than ready to move forward into whatever holiday fun is headed our way!


  9. Missed Liberace by 20 minutes. Stupid work


  10. I finished it really early. It might have been because I was checking in almost every time I got a chance to sit down, because it was my first full event and that kind of had me hyped to do everything.


    • ☕Burnin-Seed☕

      Same. I started playing the game and started the event 3 days late and I didn’t have Lois, but I still got 2 Characters, 2 Outfits, and 0 Clam Generators, so I would call this a pretty succesful event! P.S. I didn’t spend any clams on anything OTHER than Lois. I only spent 10 Clams on unlocking her for an extra bonus quest that rewarded me 25 clams, so really I spent 0 Clams


    • I played every 4 hours like clockwork (except when sleeping) and I didn’t make it to the end of Week 2. I WOULD HAVE started Week 3 if the event didn’t suddenly end a day early. I was already days behind in Week 1 due to awful drops in the roulette wheel but got screwed over by foolishly following the absolutely awful advice to “always bet on green”. I spun 25 times (50 coins) and got green 1 time. That was enough to set me back for a week and the event was a disaster from then on.


  11. Was the glitch the roulette wheel? That glitch really impacted a lot of players!

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