Best of 2017 – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

It was one of those déjà-vu events where a host of characters and costumes returned to mock us for missing them first time round.. But just because we’ve seen much of it all before doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how you got on in the Best of 2017 event.

These polls are really just to share how we all did, and what we thought of events.

Unlocking two new freemium characters alongside a host of returning content would have been tough to complete for those who chose to play this event completely freemium and still have a life. But for long-term premium players this was as close to a break as we’ll get.

But in general it was a silly little best of event, it’s hard to complain when TinyCo gave us a Russian Troll. Lol.

My main gripe, two different currencies for the event, Red Stars for Part 1, AK-47s for Part 2.

And with that I will shut up so you can take a minute away from your games to share your success with us and as always I will bring you the results next week.

~ Russian Tigger

And for those who can’t see the poll, or who have had issues with the post poll jumping to the comments when trying to select answers, here’s the link to the Google version where this issue doesn’t occur. Thanks to regular reader sasquatch71089 for sharing that tip.

18 responses to “Best of 2017 – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

  1. Got everything except Putin. I was only 2 newspaper stacks away from unlocking him too. Smh. To me the drop rate was terrible considering the short amount of time for event. It Makes it worse when I spent cash to get some of him unlocked but didn’t have enough to finish. $ wasted; but Lesson learned.


  2. RT, i agree with your comments esp that it was very tough if we tried to play this event to get the new freemium characters by going completely freemium.

    Part One was completed within the week as I had most of the characters and costumes, but helped by the more relaxed requirements in red stars needed and adequate drops per kill. Part Two was a different story as all of Tier One characters are premium and requirements got tighter, with more rifles needed for additional character and less number of rifles dropped compared to red stars. Like you said, one also has to regularly log in and play.

    I spent about 260 clams to buy a pack of 10 rifles and sped up rates of the 5 characters I had to get more disc’s, which felt more uncommon than common that the item drop suggested. All this just to get Putin which was my objective.


  3. I got everything from Week 1 save for one Stewie outfit from the Mystery box. I didn’t have many kung fu characters/outfits because I was on holidays during that event, so I decided to stay in week 1 and get as much as I could beause Week 2 was a lost cause.
    I got Drago, Deirdre Jackson, Cluber Lang, Al Harrington, the Principal, Mrs Giant Chicken, and 3 outfits (and 25 clams due to 2 complete sets). I was still able to collect cds and aks with what I had while staying in week 1, so by the time I moved on (with 17 cds) I unlocked the Golden Dragon and a random outfit from the box. I wanted Pullanski but it was a long shot. Pretty well I’d say. 🙂


  4. I either earned or already had everything week 1 so definite success there. Week 2 was more challenging but I got Putin (bought 180 clams of aks to ensure that) and the only items left in the mystery box were outdoors joe, pimp stewie, and michael pulaski. I unlocked he kung fu skins I didn’t have first so I had everyone but kung fu stewie working on the cds by about day 3. The salmon seemed to drop better and the AK requirement was way too high for Putin imo.


  5. I was a new player when the Rocky event was released so I had no clue how to play it and missed out on all the characters. So I started this event with just Boxer Peter and obtained all of the characters from week 1. I decided to stay in week one to obtain the characters/skins that I didn’t have (7 total) from the mystery box and obtained all of them except Lifeguard Lois. With one hour left in the event I knew I wouldn’t obtain enough stars to get Lifeguard Lois so I started week two in order to get Dojo Peter. I also purchased Apollo Creed at the end of the event once I accumulated enough clams in order to complete the set with Rocky. As a freemium player I am pretty pleased that I was able to get so many new characters.


  6. PinkFloydActuary

    Hindsight being 20/20 – I wish I had just stayed in week one and worked on the additional Rocky characters. Week 2 was a waste for me – only got halfway to Putin, and only earned the Lois skin…at the end I spent my machine guns on the mystery box, but just got 3 skins that I’ll clear the jobs for and never see again.


  7. I got everything but the Stewie costume in the first week, but then I already had some stuff from that event. The second week I didn’t get very much – I hadn’t started playing when the original event ran so I had nothing but Boxer Peter to work with. I still got the dragon though, and that’s another character to stick into Tan Lines to earn those Stewie Bucks with…


  8. Really wanted to unlock Sam after that failure of a one-week event last year, but the game made me wait until my seventh and last whack at the week one Mystery Box. Ended up with enough week 2 AK-47s for one shot at the week two Mystery Box – wanted Michael Pulaski but got Fat Camp Chris. A crappy end to a crappy year.


  9. I didnt enjoy that event never saw putin in the event I feel ripped off cause I didn’t spend anything to get stuff


  10. Missed out on a lot of returning chars/skins. I am happy with what I got, all week 1 stuff minus Mrs. Chicken. Overall it was ok.


  11. To get ahead of the next event (no rush) could you please include the number of tranqs it takes to take down Max all in one go, please? (That’s where I tend to miscalculate and end up short.)


  12. I only left myself a couple days to work on week 2. I got everything from week 1 that you didn’t need to spend clams on. Week 2 was all outfits except for Putin so I don’t feel too bad about not getting much done on that. I did get Brian’s outfit, but that’s it.


  13. I enjoyed the short event although I preferred week 1 as I didn’t like the offerings the second week.

    Picked up some new characters and skins freemium so that was good.


  14. I thought the event was decent, though I feel like if you weren’t playing during the Rocky event you would have been severely SOL for the first week, and for the second week even if you had been that would only help so much. My biggest complaint is that almost none of the free characters and most of the free costumes from the Kung Pow Quahog event just weren’t used. I managed to get all of them, did very well in that event despite not spending any clams, but it didn’t help much.

    I ended up finishing the questline with about 4 hours to go, and got one of the two things that were in the week 2 mystery box for me (which finished a costume collection for 10 clams, as a pleasant surprise!) and left 2 AK-purchased costumes in the shop because I figured I wouldn’t quite get them and enough AKs for Putin on time (in retrospect I probably could have, but it would have been close and I wouldn’t have had enough for the mystery box completing the set, so it was the right decision).

    Decent mini-event overall, and I like there being advantages for regular long-time players, but it shouldn’t be impossible for newer players / players who take a break from some events to do *anything*. The game should be balanced around free relatively new players to be able to get the major prizes if they have a good plan and check their phones often (so not easy, but possible), with a bit of leeway for longer-term players with things from past events, and relatively easy if someone is willing to invest some clams on new characters/costumes.


  15. I need the giant chicken bring it back here also give more free clams


  16. Worst mini event in a long time. For the first time since September, I was unable to unlock all the characters offered during the event. Got Mrs. Giant Chicken, but didn’t even come close to unlocking Purim. Zero drops on anything. But hey, at least TinyCo said everything was dropping correctly in my game. Balderdash!


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