Best In Beau Event Overview!!!

Who let the dogs out…again!!!!

Don’t just sit there begging for information go fetch the latest event Addicts as Best In Beau is here!!


24th January at 3PM PST


There’s some returning character offers popping up here, there and everywhere, what you see depends on what you’ve currently got in your game. So keep your eyes peeled for these if there’s old characters you covet.






Shock Collar drops weren’t always visible but were dropping when I checked my Judge targeting screen. But remember only Handler Stewie always drops them.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – Hair Of The Dog That Left You


Hair Of The Dog That Left You

And here’s a snippet to get you started.

Part 1

The National Dog Show Has Come To Quahog
Dog Show Judges Are Here
Place The Doggy Matchmaker

Part 2

Max Has Entered The Competition
Get 1 Shock Collar
Clear 1 Dog Show Judge

Part 3

Get 1 Dose Of Tranquilizers
Sabotage Max 1 Time
Place Get A Groom Dog Saloon


Dog Handler Stewie (Costume): 200  Clams, has 4hr task to always drop 1 Tranquilizer

Should I Buy: Yes as I usually say, this is overpriced for a costume and a not very exciting one by Stewie standards. But that always drop of 1 Shock Collar  every 4hrs will be very handy although I would preferred it to be a Tranquilizer drop at the price he comes at. He will help you speed through this event, and as its Stewie its a Yes from me, but for everyone else think carefully before you buy.

Ellie (Character): You’ll be trigger the side Questline to starting unlocking her at Pt 1 of the main Questline Hair Of The Dog That Left You. Has task with chance drop of 1 Tranquilzer
14 Amethyst Collars (Common): Bonnie a Treat Herself, Get A Groom Dog Salon
25 Breeding Papers (Uncommon): Clear Dog Show Judge
19 Fancy Bowls (Always): Sabotage Max
1 Weenie Waggin’ Dog Treats: Buy from store, costs 40 Trophies

Max (Costume): You’ll be trigger the side Questline to starting unlocking at Pt 2 of the main Questline Hair Of The Dog That Left You.
33 Dog Show Ribbons (Always): Sabotage Max


Get A Groom Dog Salon: Chance Drop of 2x Amethyst Collars every 6hrs
Cost~ 10 

Weenie Waggin’ Dog Treats: Required to
Cost~ 40 

Dog Obstacle Course: Chance Drop of 1x Tranquilizer
Cost~ 60 

Ellie in Doggy Matchmaker: Place to start to unlock Ellie (more details in character section)
Cost~ 100 

Max: New Character (more details in character section)
Cost~ 33 


Best In Show Trophy
Cost~ 20 


 Trophies (Always) –  Clear Dog Show Judges,  Sabotage Max

You can see how many trophies you have by looking at the Trophy Icon at the bottom right of your screen.


 Shock Collar (Uncommon) –  Peter Get Buzzed, Mort Stock Pet Supplies, Lois Discipline Brian, Handler Stewie Try Out Dog Training Methods (Always)

Tranquilizer (Uncommon): Clear Dog Show Judge, Ellie Go To The Vets, Dog Obstacle Course, Buy from Store (10 for 128 Clams)

 Dog Show Ribbons (Always) –  Sabotage Mx


Costs 145 Clams per try. No duplicate prizes, so basically once you win an item it leaves the box. Please note the prizes are characters and not costumes however be aware there are a couple of walking decorations in the box. Some characters will help you complete Character Sets. What you see will depend on what you already have.

Clicking on a character listed below will take you to a post with more details on them.

Poodle Stewie
Police Dog Joe (K-9 Joe)
Bulldog Meg
Dog Peter
Wolfhound Quagmire (Wolfdog Quagmire)
Death’s Dog
Sheepdog Chris
Curtis The Dog – Walking Decoration
Your Little Dog To Pet Grooming – Decoration

Should I try: It’s a lot of clams on a game of chance, sure TinyCo have listened and removed the repeatable materials, but 2 decorations lurk in the box if you don’t already have them and are they worth 145 Clams? No!!! But the odds recently do seem to be a bit higher of winning a good prize. But as I say those decorations being in there are a real sting in the tail if you’ve not already got them, as without them this would be a fabulous box to throw some clams at. If you’ve already got the decorations then I’d definitely say give this a go.


These are the little baddies in this event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events. Before you can clear them you’ll need to get some Shock Collars, you’ll get them here:

 Shock Collar (Uncommon) –  Peter Get Buzzed, Mort Stock Pet Supplies, Lois Discipline Brian, Handler Stewie Try Out Dog Training Methods (Always)

Once you have a Shock Collar you will find Dog Show Judges wandering your sidewalks.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.

Then move the Shock Collar until the green target circle is on a Dog Show Judge, you’ll know it’s in target as it will turn purple, then simply hit the check mark to clear the Dog Show Judge.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 8 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing Dog Show Judges are as follows:

Per Dog Show Judge Cleared
1x Trophy (Always)
1x Breeding Papers (Chance)
1x Tranquilizer (Chance)


Similar to previous events, there’s a big boss to battle, and you’ll find him wandering your sidewalks with a timer above him.

And to sabotage (attack) him, you as always here need to collect a resource, Tranquilizers. You’ll then use these to attack Max at Levels 1-5 in order to gain rewards which will help you in the event and also see you gain a character version of Max. So first grab yourself some Tranquilizers.

Tranquilizer (Uncommon): Clear Dog Show Judge, Ellie Go To The Vets, Dog Obstacle Course, Buy from Store (10 for 128 Clams)

Once you have some Tranquilizers  in order to be able to sabotage Max you will need to tap on him. Once you tap him you will see the Attack screen, showing how many Tranquilizers you need to battle at that level. You’ll also see the rewards for Attacking him at that Level, and the time you have left to defeat him to 5x before he reverts back to 1x.

And that’s it, you basically want attack him to as high a level you can or fully defeat him before his 24hr timer runs down. Once it does he will go to sleep for 6 hours and you’ll need wait for him to return to start attacking again at 1x. If you don’t want to wait you can use clams to Awaken him faster at the level he was at when timer ran out.

And here are the Requirements and Rewards for the levels I’ve seen so far:

Level 1X
Cost to Attack: 1 Tranquilizer
Reward: 1 Fancy Dog Bowl, 1 Best In Show Ribbon & 2 Trophies

Level 2X
Cost to Attack: 3 Tranquilizers
Reward: 2 Fancy Dog Bowl, 2 Best In Show Ribbon & 4 Trophies

Level 3X
Cost to Attack: 6 Tranquilizers
Reward: 3 Fancy Dog Bowl, 3 Best In Show Ribbon & 6 Trophies

Level 4X
Cost to Attack: 10 Tranquilizers
Reward: 4 Fancy Dog Bowl, 4 Best In Show Ribbon & 12 Trophies

Level 5X
Cost to Attack: 15 Tranquilizers
Reward: 5 Fancy Dog Bowl, 5 Best In Show Ribbon & 16 Trophies

There you have the overall basics to get you through the latest mini event to hit our games. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

33 responses to “Best In Beau Event Overview!!!

  1. I just unlocked Ellie. I thought it will be disaster, but everything comes out pretty well.I have like 90% collar drop rate. Good times.


    • Happens all the time! I am always getting characters even though i thought it would be impossible. I manage to get, with only 2-3 exceptions I can think of, all freemium characters, timed or not. The key is trying to check in every 4 hours (usually it is 4) when awake. I would never set an alarm and interrupt my sleep and effect my health. I occasionally spend clams to hurry tasks when little time remains (if only costs 1-2 clams) so I can go to bed earlier. Last night there was 1 hour left on 3 tasks to collect collars so it cost me 3 free clams to go to bed earlier and get in an extra collection. Tinyco is great at calculating things so that if you check in often enough you can get everything without spending clams. Also, the harder it is to get a character the better it feels when you succeed.

      I do not carry a smartphone and prefer to play on Facebook. If you carry a phone you can avoid glitches by having two platforms to play on. To avoid delays from glitches,on FB, I bought a cheap Android tablet $60 – less memory so I bought a $10 micro SD card to put the game on. One of the latforms is always OK. I have WiFi at home and at the office, when out I just pull into the parking lot of a business with free wifi. Good luck, fellow addicts.


  2. Do each of the mystery box characters come with the buildings shown in their linked pages? I’d be more likely to get them if they do.


  3. The mystery box had just Poodle Stewie and useless NPC for me. These days free clams are more plentiful, it would’ve been nice to win Poodle Stewie and complete that set, so decided to break my usual rules and had a go at this box. I won the useless NPC obviously but won’t have enough clams for a second go before the event ends.


    • 😒


    • So buy clams? not sure why people are so against paying money out.its worse when I see people that have spent 60 dollars on a rubbish call of duty game then additional 20 or 30 on pointless maps for the same game,yet buying clams for a few dollars is like someone’s asking you to cut your nipples off.obviously the game has gotten greedy but if you want something just get it,I’d never consider playing a free game regular and not put money into it,after all they aren’t free to make and clams are their main income.unless you put money into it,you have no right to moan about how good or bad the game is,more money means bigger better game, simple,unlike call of duty which gets worse and worse yet millions pay for it every year


  4. They put Spaniel Louis in a real money bundle ): She is the only dog griffin I am missing.


  5. What is the purpose of the Best of Breed statue counter next to the Shopping Cart icon?


  6. so the collars are uncommon .. and then when u clear the judges the tranquilizers are uncommon ? i’m getting an average of 1 drop from Lois , Peter , and Mort … and then when I use it it doesn’t give me the shot !!! i’ve been stuck on Max level 3 all day !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same problem here. I’ve had this problem in most of the events, the “currency” item (in this case the collars) should be an always drop. An uncommon drop compounding on an uncommon drop is not good practice IMO.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks for this. Was thinking this is (different than usual) in that you should take a few shots at him (pun) before he gets a chance to go on break each time. Possible downside is if the Story requires a lot of hits at once, near the end. I would like to see how Brian actually does.


  8. I assume it’s a visual bug but the price of the buildings (and the best in show trophy) are 10, 40 and 60 of the little gold trophy with a blue rosette on it and not the best in show trophies.


  9. Christopher Carter

    which event were the walking dog deco and Your Little Dog To Pet Grooming introduced. I want to check to see if I have them already.


    • Curtis originally Raid To The North Pole but he’s returned few times, and Dog yo
      Pet Groom There’s No Place Like Quahog. But you can see what’s in the mystery box by tapping it and then tapping prizes, it will show what’s in your box to win


  10. Hey RT!
    Just in case you need it:
    Part 4
    Place the Get a Groom Dog Salon
    Clear 2 Dog Show Judges


  11. The rewards on Max are a little screwed up. Usually, at the higher levels, you get a better payout of rewards. In this case, you actually get a worse value as you go. At 1x, 1 bowl costs 1 tranq; at 2x, 1 bowl costs 1.5 tranqs; at 3x, 1 bowl costs 2 tranqs, and so on. The only reason to move up to the higher levels is because we only have a week to finish – the best value would be to only do the 1x (but it would take way too long to be effective).


    • I think they are giving everyone a chance get him with way rewards set out, you don’t need hit the high levels of this one.


      • Perhaps, but then I’d still expect them to offer constant value as you increase in levels. Here, there’s a specific *dis*incentive to get to the higher levels. It’s weird.


        • It might make Max too easy then premium players will finish event too fast. I’m not sure but overall I’m happy everyone gets a fair shot at Max


  12. Lol. I laughed at the ads for pet insurance on the post about a dog-themed event. Coincidence or creepy???


  13. a lot in 6 days not enough clams for stewie max is a long shot so ellie will be main goal for me


    • Max may not be as bad as it looks at first, the third attack only requires 6 tranqs instead of 9. So it will be hard but may still be possible.


  14. It seems like the game goes back and forth as to whether it makes sense to “save up” items or not to attack the escalating-baddies, whether or not it gives you economies of scale. This one seems to be firmly on the side of no, so I would say just use the tranquilizers when you’ve got them, as it’s more economical to beat Max at the lower levels anyway!

    Correct me if I’m having a brain fart and missed something, but it really seems like there’s no advantage to the higher levels of completion for him (aside, of course, from not having to wait for him to reset).

    Liked by 1 person

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