Daily Archives: March 25, 2018

Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen – No Pasta Customers Appearing

Hi fellow gourmet diners

Just popping in to try offer some help to those of you who are still getting stuck at the Special Order tasks, In The Weeds Part 8 & 10, as you’ve no Pasta Customers in your game.

I experienced this and have informed TinyCo of the issue but I found a workaround and that’s by clearing Pizza Customers, after clearing a few I finally had a Pasta Customer appear, so only clear them until you get past the task. I’m presuming clearing Pizza Customers helps rather than other customers due to the fact they were released the same week as the Pasta Customers, so either a Pizza or Pasta Customer will randomly appear as you clear one, so just keep clearing Pizza Customers until you get the Pasta Customer you need.

Hope this helps. If it doesn’t please send a support ticket to TinyCo from your game.

~ Russian Tigger