Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen – No Pasta Customers Appearing

Hi fellow gourmet diners

Just popping in to try offer some help to those of you who are still getting stuck at the Special Order tasks, In The Weeds Part 8 & 10, as you’ve no Pasta Customers in your game.

I experienced this and have informed TinyCo of the issue but I found a workaround and that’s by clearing Pizza Customers, after clearing a few I finally had a Pasta Customer appear, so only clear them until you get past the task. I’m presuming clearing Pizza Customers helps rather than other customers due to the fact they were released the same week as the Pasta Customers, so either a Pizza or Pasta Customer will randomly appear as you clear one, so just keep clearing Pizza Customers until you get the Pasta Customer you need.

Hope this helps. If it doesn’t please send a support ticket to TinyCo from your game.

~ Russian Tigger


10 responses to “Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen – No Pasta Customers Appearing

  1. I’m having the same problem with ramen and Mexican roll customers. anyone else struggling?


  2. Thanks for the tip! It worked.


  3. I just discovered this about five minutes before I saw this post. RT is right, folks.


  4. I had the complete opposite. All my first week customers where asking for pasta, not pizza. I didn’t even notice it until I needed some cupcakes (at least I think they are cupcakes, it’s a little small for my eyes). I had a stock pile of pizzas and thought I could get through easier and noticed no pizza customers. I didn’t want to use my pastas because you need them for Ramen…but I gave in and served the pasta to my hungry customer and then *poof*, a pizza customer entered.

    I am really liking this event, but I am worried for next week. Even though I am doing better than normal (totally freemium), I am finding my success rides on just a few items. Believe it or not, flour is getting hard (even though Connie now drops flour), fish is steady but it gets used quickly…but the worst is the chili peppers and tomatoes. They don’t drop well for me and I find my trucks going without orders for several hours waiting on this item. I get tons of lettuce and cheese…corn and rice do just good enough for me to not worry too much. I fear next week will require some of the same overly used characters for new items, pulling them off the more rare items and lose more time. So even though I am doing quite well for the moment, I hope next week will have us use different characters instead of the same overly used ones.


  5. My pasta customers disappeared right after I put up the sugar factory. Probably because the IN & OUT NOODLE FACTORY requires gelato 🍧. So they only want you to be able to get it from pizza customers.


  6. i have noticed that and was feeding people like crazy but the Pasta customers only appeared after I cleared some Pizza customers

    I noticed Connie can now drop flour .. it’s absurd for self-obsessed Connie to carry around bags of flour


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