Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen – Event Ending Soon & Final Items in the Store

Hey there fellows addicts!

Just bouncing by to bring you some information on the new items that dropped into the store and to remind everyone once again that the Event will be ending very, very soon.

***Remember the event ends on 4th April 2018 at 3PM PDT***

Now let’s take a closer look at what’s just dropped in store!!! 


We all wondered if there would be any last-minute items to buy, and the answer is yes and here’s a quick look at them.

Papa Peter’s 
Cost: 10 Gelato

Senor Peter’s
Cost: 20 Horchata

Chairman Peter’s 
Cost: 20 Miso

Chez Peter’s 
Cost: 20 Truffles

Farmers Market
Cost: 20 Truffles


Wednesday, April 4th @ 3pm PDT. Keep in mind they are VERY punctual on this. There is no leeway.


No!!! There has been no indications the event will be extended.


NO. When the Event Ends, it takes all the Event items and Currency remaining with it. That means ANY Character/Costume not completely unlocked and walking your game… will go when the Event does. You MUST collect all the items needed for them to get them.

This goes for Buildings and Decorations. Unlock/Purchase all the ones you want as they will go with the Event.


Anything linked to the Event goes with the Event, so that means currency too. Use it or lose it essentially.


Keep in mind the game is set up to pull items from the Inventory Storage first, so if you already have 10 of an item in your Inventory… you will need to pull ALL 10 items out first before the game will let you buy more of that item.

Place items from Inventory first, then you can get more. Continue buying until you have all you want, then store them away.


The ONLY Questlines that usually continue on after an Event are those directly linked to unlocking a Character and isolated from the Main Questline. All other Questlines are directly linked to the Event and will go with it.

There you have it, some basics for closing out of the Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen event. Any last-minute items you are picking up?  Any tips for other players finishing out the Event? Let us know. And remember to look out for the End of Event Poll, it will be coming your way soon.

~ Russian Tigger

20 responses to “Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen – Event Ending Soon & Final Items in the Store

  1. Yikes. I only finished Terry Tiger last night. No time to even start on Natalia!

    This game is a much harder grind than Simpsons Tapped Out.


  2. An hour after the cut off and the promotion is still going with my set up. Bought the Italian and Mexican food trucks. Was way way behind others thanks to monthly data issues.


  3. Wax Monster X

    Dare I say it, the perfect event. Interesting, funny, and manageable with hard work and diligence. After 4 years of playing, this one was a keeper! Only disappointment was having Toucan and Mayor McCheese require clams instead of merit since the first 2 in the set were obtainable that way.


    • Completely opposite for me. I didn’t get out of week 3, had to buy out Terry the tiger with clams at the end. Poor tomato drops kept me way behind, plus always waiting on chili peppers. Don’t know what I did wrong, other than not buy anything premium. I Hated this event.


    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Great work TinyCo. Finished EVERYTHING the morning of the last day. Didn’t have to constantly get up in the middle of the night (although can’t say I didn’t a few times, hehehe). Did have to play every 2-3 hours during the day and the timing of collection and tasks worked out very well for me on this event. With these little tweaks, I have been enjoying playing so much more.


  4. Came to the party a week and half late when I started playing the game. Didn’t realize this was a time specific event, separate from the game. I’m just almost done with the 3rd week (Sushi Truck) Sad I won’t get the Toucan, Natalia or Fast Food Stewie. Oh well… Other than that, it was fun and I like the game.


  5. just unlocked natalia with 12 hrs remaining on the timer .. im sending everyone to tan lines to rest


  6. Every time I try Quagmire to “be a bee” (2h task of his questline) my game crash. Anyone have the same bug?


  7. Read that many folks have unlocked Natalia. I still need about 6 steaks and 2 lobsters with 20 hours remaining. As you can see, I need to accelerate tasks since it takes 24 hours to finish the 8 items needed. All because I missed 2 days of grinding. This game still remains tough for those who miss a day or two. But the upside is that Tinyco is more generous with giving free clams such that I won’t feel pinched much if I need to use clams to buy out the new character.


  8. bought all the trucks with my left-over ingredients 🙂 there was a shortage of gelato but i still had 30 pizzas and 20 pastas from week 1 so i fed them to customers (who don’t mind eating stale, 3-week old food) and got the gelatos 🙂


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