New Event Teaser – Queen Victoria Chris

Looks like the next event is going to be sponsored by the letter V…. V is for Very Soon, V is for Very Happy and of course V is for Victory (will be mine).

*** WARNING – Possible Spoilers Ahead****

Yes it looks like we’ll be travelling back in time  and hopefully to new shores as the early release of Queen Victoria Chris hints at a new event based on the recent “V Is For Mystery” episode.

Getting Sherlock Stewie would obviously make me very happy, and I’m hoping we see him very soon, and of course if we do I will feel victory is indeed mine. But until then we will need to make do with a cut price deal for Queen Victoria Chris. 

***Please note this is a new Character NOT a costume for Chris***

Yes Queen Victoria Chris is a full new character and available for 48 hours at a discounted price of 200 clams, that’s a saving of 20%, his price after the 48hrs this will be 250 clams. So if you want him, get him now. You can see full details by tapping on the Quest Icon once the offer has triggered in your game. Note the 48hrs started counting down then, not from when this post went live.

Tapping Go will bring you up the sale screen. You can purchase Queen Victoria Chris from here or through your character tab in your shopping cart. But remember the reduced price is a limited time offer. You’ll see the time you have left to buy her in his sale screen.

However be aware TinyCo have given no indications of how useful she will be in the event. 

What do you think of the teaser? And what about Queen Victoria Chris, are you going to pick her up? Did you already? If so, thoughts on him? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


23 responses to “New Event Teaser – Queen Victoria Chris

  1. Didn’t buy her… But Barbara Pewtershmidt and Buzz Killington are listed in the game FAQ for this week, and luckily I have both! (Yay for use of non-main characters!!) 🙂


  2. Hopefully this is a V for Vendetta and/or Monty Python tie in


  3. Due to dissapointment from the last few events I’m not confident this full character will help much with the next event. If TinyCo would make quests easier to complete without spending real money I’d gladly fork over some of my 560 clams in the bank.


  4. I honestly love the new character over costume thing. Frees up the non costume character for other tasks or leftover Questlines. 🙂

    At 200 Clams for a character over a costume for same price, character every day. 🙂 Better than a 500 clam box deal… 😉


  5. 92 clams right now have gotten through food event with out any spending at all curious whats next mini event im sure going forward im trying to build up clams for a few months.


  6. i will not purchase him yet as Sherlock Stewie is most probably a premium and I can only afford one character …


  7. is this any relation to the upcoming royal wedding?


  8. I only spend clams on FULL characters that help in events. No point in spending on anything else as TIME will get you what you need for other things. Full characters help with filling floors at Tan Lines and its worth spending for double benefit.


  9. I just started Part 2 of the Questline for Queen a Chris and Sherlock Stewie is on the intro, so I’m sure he’ll be part of the event!


  10. Royal wedding event coming??


  11. Is this a new character, or just a costume?


  12. def worth the gamble in my book..I always get plenty of clams in the x2 offers.


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