Too Many Griffin’s In The Kitchen – End of Event Poll

Hey there readers, I’d like to welcome you to this winter’s tale, where today I’m going to be talking about the event that just was, Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen. After 4 weeks of feasting, its all over but for the poll, and that’s where we will find out if this event saw you enjoying every morsel or feeling sick to your stomach.

So if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll I’d be very grateful. Please note for those that experience the jump glitch when answering poll questions, there’s a direct link at the bottom of the page that will help you avoid this problem, just keep scrolling to the bottom.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:

~ Russian Tigger


14 responses to “Too Many Griffin’s In The Kitchen – End of Event Poll

  1. I thought I wouldn’t care about this event, but in the end I liked it. I used to play a cooking game some time ago, so it was like having that game back 😛
    I knew from the start I wasn0t going to unlcok everything beacause I had a little trip during the long weekend, which meant very little access to the game and/or connection from thursday to tuesday when I got back. So I missed Natalia and I really wanted her. I hope they bring her back for the best of (April and already thinking in the best of, hehe). It didn’t help either that I totally missed that it was Default Seamus the one who dropped tomatos and not his premium outift till week 4, so I went through all of week 3 with only 2 tomato sources. It was an ordeal!
    Anyway, I did manage to get Stewie’s outfit. I had to buy one shirt with clams, but I ended up winning 7 by completing the set. Pretty good all things considered. I might have got everything if I had stayed home, but no, thanks 🙂


  2. it seems like week 2 is always harder in each event which puts people behind. i have yet to complete an event.


  3. missed my favorite question of “was this site helpful”. The answer is always yes 🙂

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  4. I actually enjoyed this event. I was sad to see it end. I just could not unlock Terry the Tiger.


  5. It took me too long to unlock Terry the Tiger, so I couldn’t finish. If I’d had 33 more hours… Or less! I managed to get the car that dropped the dinners for the Speed Eater so if I’d maybe had 20 more hours?


  6. This was a good and enjoyable event, sometimes a bit grindy but never felt like it was too much effort. I had everything freemium unlocked except for Natalia – i was something like 3 guns and 3 bags short but wasn’t prepared to spend the 150+ clams to unlock her.

    Hopefully future events can keep this high standard going.


  7. This would have been a fun event if not for the mishandling of the rewards. They easily could have made 1 or 2 of the characters freemium instead of the abundat costumes. And makig the last clam set impossible without the mystery box pretty much ruied it.


  8. Forgot to add a big thank you to RT, especially for this event. Most of the times, things just seem confusing with a deluge of information. But yet, RT managed to pull all this tog and I always refer to her posts during game play. Last word out, I still think those pink gelato do look more like pink cupcakes!


  9. it is approx 2 and a half hours since the event was supposed to end, but it is still going! Hurry if you were almost there!


  10. Anyone else still have griffens in the kitchen still up? Thought it was supposed to end


  11. Rated a 3 overall on this event. Had to spend clams to accelerate last steak making task to get enough for Natalia, just 20 min before end of event. But the real downside was the laborious efforts in the basic play – make this to get that, then make that to get this. You get the point. True, it challenges you to think ahead what resources you need, but at many times, it was quite demanding mentally to keep up. This is why I stopped playing 2 days during the event to take a breather then come back to continue. Fell back in my quest to unlock Natalia freemium but just costs me 20 clams total to speed up the tasks. And as said before, I’m just glad that Tinyco is slightly more generous with free clams nowadays.

    Thinking initially too many costumes but turns out that my favorite character or costume is really Barista Bruce. Great costume, or lack of. 😂


  12. There wasn’t enough variety in this event. Every week was the same thing: get ingredients, make food, clear customer. Next.


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