Current Glitch!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem gremlins are at work and it’s stopping me, and possibly some of you, from starting any new tasks, as when you click on the character icon  to launch the new task you get this error.

I’ve reported it to TinyCo, and here’s hoping it will be sorted soon so that I can bring you the main questline post.

UPDATE: This is now fixed!!! Also thanks to Dpolsrod who shared their workaround with us whilst we waited for the fix.

~ Russian Tigger


11 responses to “Current Glitch!!!

  1. Stephanie Greve

    I still can’t get my game to load on my android tablet. It states the file is too big. Help!!!


    • RussianTigger

      If you e saved your game to an account, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game


      • Stephanie Greve

        I have it saved to both Facebook and google plays, I have uninstalled and installed so many times, and nothing happens. I have sent it to tinyco because its saying that the file is too big. Its saving 94gb of data when it should only be 58mb of data


  2. if only they fixed the missing boss problem. without a crooked sheriff, the event is already over for me – on facebook and android


  3. I had the same problem and got around it by clicking on the Bandit to send them there and then the error was gone after that.


  4. The way I got around this was to send everyone on their quests by tapping them individually, then when only Peter is left I “selected” him by tapping The Bandit, tapping “Attack”, tapping “Go” under Cowboy Peter’s picture and send him to collect Shotgun shells. An exclamation mark then appeared over the Griffin house after Peter had entered. Then I tapped the mark and the dialogue appeared as normal, with the quest “Marshal Draw” to unlock Rooster Cogburn within 6 days. Hope this helps someone until TinyCo fixes the bug. 😉


  5. I was getting that error, but currently am no longer. I don’t know if this matters or not, but I got it both on the iOS app and on Facebook, but it eventually started working on Facebook.


  6. I had that problem trying to get Jane to finish had to uninstall and reinstall. Haven’t seen it yet on this last week. Fingers crossed I don’t


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