New Event Teaser!!!

There’s more than a hint of what’s coming to a Quahog near you soon in the latest game update hitting our app stores. If you want to know more continue reading, if you don’t then move on to the next post until you update your App.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!

Best get your alter ego costumes out Addicts as it would appear we’re heading back to Comic Con in our games soon!

Now there’s no word on an exact time when the event will go live, obviously we will see it sometime after the current event ends later today, 27th June at 3PM PDT.  As of now I can see the update on IOS and Android, (App Version 1.71.0), but don’t panic if you’re not seeing it as it will cone to the other app stores soon. But if you’re not seeing it and want to know more here’s a sneak peek at the App Store info:

“Quahog-Con has landed in Quahog along with a roster of celebrities, including Spinal Tap, Alf, and Will Robinson from Lost in Space. Peter comes up with a plan to sell celebrity autographs and his own independent movie. Can Peter climb the celebrity ranks to super stardom? Play our Quahog-Con event to find out!“.

So if you peaked, what do you think of the upcoming event? Let us know in the comments. And please keep your comments on the current event for the end of event post which will be up later!!!

~ Russian Tigger

14 responses to “New Event Teaser!!!

  1. Spinal Tap AND Gordon Shumway (a/k/a ALF)? I have to play this one.

    Just in case it hasn’t been reported yet, there’s once again an issue on Facebook where the land way over to the right–the southeast edge–is messed up, like it was a few events ago. I suppose we’ll have to wait a month until the event is over, AGAIN, until it’s fixed…AGAIN.


  2. only a month though an event like this would love to see all summer


  3. trying to start the game at 3:52PST, the theme music got scratchy and it didn’t seem to load …


  4. They had me at ALF. Both the cowboy and summer events have been boring and making me wonder why I didn’t at least sit the summer one out. I don’t know majority of the cowboy characters, when they could have gone for a Westworld theme instead. But whatever. Not every event is going to be a winner. Hopefully this one will be!


  5. After 3pm, the game crashes on me now after loading. There is no error message. I downloaded the update before trying to open it. Anyone else having this?


  6. 6:16 eastern time in US and app on iOS opens, I eventually hear theme song then the grinding noise that tells me even Consuela ain’t letting me know what’s wrong. Going to try deleting and reinstalling, force closes have had no effect.


  7. I will be in it for Alf then probe sit the rest out. I need a break.


  8. wooooooooooooo come on with it


  9. luke warm feelings on this one.


  10. I think I will skip this event as the last two have left me with sour feelings towards the developers… seems the game is more or less the same no matter what event… I really dont think I will be missing much


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