App Version 1.74.5 is now available on IOS

Hi fellow addicts

If you’re on IOS and locked out after updating to App Version 1.74.0 then please update your game to App Version 1.74.5 as this will get you back in your games!!!

~ Russian Tigger


21 responses to “App Version 1.74.5 is now available on IOS

  1. Hi I’ve updated the app on my iPhone X apple phone but when I go into the application there is no update can you please help


  2. I’m finally able to play after 2 1/2 days.


  3. Thomas O'Sullivan

    Well, I uninstalled, reinstalled, and now can’t get back to my level 100 game. Yes, I did email for help and am waiting for a response and losing gameplay time.


  4. This is shaping up to be another “Fire tablet users delay” in getting the update again.


  5. Thomas O'Sullivan

    I’ve updated to Android version 1.74.5 and I’m still stuck in Millenial Man. It now says the event ends in -5 h 56m. Tried to reboot, no success. Tried to clear cache, no success. Tried to force stop, no success. Any ideas?


  6. I have updated and it’s still stuck on the loading screen.


  7. i don’t see the update yet


  8. Wel….I updated straight to 1.74.5 on iOS and… won’t let me back in!


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