Clam Offers Update

Hi fellow addicts

Just a quick heads up that the Clam Offers in the game are now provided by Tapjoy and not Supersonic. I know many of you, including myself, had issues getting your clam rewards from Supersonic and abandoned this as a way to generate free Clams. But now there’s a new provider you may want to dip your toes back in the offers to see if things are any better. I can’t say if things are better or not as I haven’t tried any offers but just wanted give you a heads up about the change. Maybe any players who’ve tried the new offers or have experience with Tapjoy can share their opinions in the comments to help others decide whether to give them a go.

– Russian Tigger


12 responses to “Clam Offers Update

  1. I’m not seeing any “install game and play to level x” offers anymore. Everything seems to be shopping related. Shame because I accumulated over 3000 clams easily doing a handful of those game play offers on double clam events. I’m not interested in giving my info out to shopping sites risking ad spam from that direction.


  2. I wish the FWOT videos were as reliable as clam TV. I can earn up to 7 clams most days however the FWOT videos now just crash (black screen) for me most of the time. Sometimes clearing the cache may have helped, but usually makes no difference, sadly; so I’m rarely able to earn any free pizza anymore!


  3. I have never participated in that endless install/uninstall loop, I have already enough useless apps/games in my phone. I get 10 clams every day from watching ads and that’s good enough. I play constantly and I usually finish every questline in time by speeding up quests with few clams.


    • Yeah I think if you can get those 10 clams a day I’d do same, but not everyone gets 10 unfortunately. Even worse some players don’t even see the ads or offers.


  4. I tried a couple of the “answer a few questions” type- found myself in a maze of SEVERAL series of product promotions that had no end. Too much personal info required and really seemed to be nothing but a way to ensure you get telemarketers calling you and spam filling your inbox. I finally decided to bail out, took much more time than advertised and of course did not get any clams. Don’t know about the others, but I’d stay clear of these types, unless you like that sort of thing?


  5. WTH, I haven’t seen offers clam since the Spin ‘n Win wheel came on board. I thought they have been gone all this time.


  6. OK I’ve given it a shot and there are pros and cons.

    1) Some of the offers are NOT just for first time users only. I downloaded coin master, logged into Facebook and restarted my saved file from when I did the offer with supersonic ads. Got 116 coins easy.
    2) lots more offers, LOTS MORE!
    3) Actual page which shows offers you picked and what the task is. No more trying to remember!

    Cons :
    1) No pop up to signal you’ve completed the task. Watch your clams or go check offer status to see completion.
    2) Lots of offers =lots of 1 clam or small amount rewards.
    3) longer lag than supersonic ads between completion and rewards. Although it’s advertised it can be up to 24 hours before rewards. Supersonic was almost always instant if they properly tracked completion.
    4) Watch the wording of tasks! I tried some non downloading web quizzes. Some give prizes for taking quiz others only reward for 100% correct answers. Although ads on said quizzes are atrocious.

    All in all there are some improvements but time will tell if it’s better. Hopefully they will offer double clam days as well. I’m just curious if I’ll still be rewarded for the supersonic ads apps I’m still working on.


  7. wont be doing any offers way rather watch a few vids for clams


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