The Making Of A Monster Hunter Week 4 Addicts Area!!!

It’s time to get your scary face back on as Week 4 of the Halloween event is here…. Yup you asked for a readers page where you could share event tips & tricks and I’ve only gone and called your bluff and created one. So here’s where you can lay all your  event progress on the table for your fellow addicts to see.

And it’s also where you can share any strategies or advice, hey you can even share your old Halloween memories here. So c’mon Addicts lets survive this together.

~ Russian Tigger


15 responses to “The Making Of A Monster Hunter Week 4 Addicts Area!!!

  1. Hopefully someone will see this and help them before it is too late as the event comes to a close and how to spend silver bullets.

    This is a list of what are actually buildings (rent payout): Church of Satan (8 hrs), Frankenstein’s Lab (4 hrs), Wooden Stake House (8 hrs), Little Shop of Mirrors (8 hrs), Haunted Mausoleum (4 hrs), Dungeon of the Basilisk (4 hrs), Snakes in a Pit (4 hrs), Werewolf Torture Chamber (4 hrs), Magical Circle of Protection (8 hrs). Total silver bullets needed: 610.

    This is the list of what are actually decorations: Bat Colony, Decorated Ghost, Electricity Ball, Evil Tree, Fire Bad PSA Billboard, Pet Cemetery, Scannara, Swamp Shack, Werehair Salon. Total silver bullets needed: 770.

    Unfortunately, you can only purchase one of each item from each category. 1380 total. So a lot of silver bullets wasted for me.


  2. Monday of the last week, finally just got Meg!!! Hoo Boy, we’re on a roll now!!!


  3. The math makes getting Swamp Monster Lois almost impossible unless there is a heavy investment in clams. You need to defeat Florida Man 6 times !!!! to get enough vine lingerie. Since the combined power of Peter, Chris, and Meg is only 18, and Florida Man has 48 health points, you need to attack 3 times to defeat. And since his striking power is 50, he’ll defeat your entire squad every time. With Peter needing 7 hours to heal, you’ll pretty much need 6 full days to defeat him the six times, and that doesn’t count the fact that you’ll need to use the same characters to attack other monsters to get masks for the required buildings and compact drops for SM Lois, as well as slime to attack FM. Even if you had enough masks stored up at the beginning of the event to buy every Week 4 building immediately, I’m not sure it could be done.


    • The key to making this work, as I finally figured out, is to use Meg, Chris, Peter, and/or Lily to attack their OTHER target, first, just ONCE. i.e. Meg vs Swamp Monster, Chris vs Werewolf, Peter and/or Lily vs Vampiress. (Avoid Frankenstein’s Monster, as he takes too many Manuals!) Then use whichever three are still partly healthy to attack Florida Man, which will indeed kill them all, but at least you get TWO attacks out of each character, instead of just one, each round. Then, after healing for 3 hours, Meg can do another 1 or 2 attacks, and be available again, after another 3 hours, to participate in another round, as above. (This all assumes you have enough Monster Manuals, of course. I can’t help much with that, except to point out you can “rush” a few tasks tasks, if you have enough clams, and want to use them. :-))


      • I started Thursday by planning to fully defeat one Florida Man a day by battling him with Chris, Peter and Meg (18 hits) in the morning (7 am), Chris and Peter (12 hits) at mid-day (3 pm) and Chris, Peter and Meg (18 hits) in the evening (11 pm) for 48 hits. I used Meg to battle swamp monsters every three hours all day in between her attacks on Florida Man. With bonus hits along the way, I completed the six defeats on Monday evening completely freemium without spending a single clam. The battlers recharged in between battles without issue. I didn’t risk trying to battle someone before taking on Florida Man because I had it timed out to be done Tuesday night and didn’t want to risk someone taking a full knockout from someone other than Florida Man and then being caught behind. It looks intimidating but it was not. Meg cleared swamp monsters and kept me in slime until I got the building and Grandpa killed vampiresses for what I needed for Lois’ skin. It was all about the math and planning out the resources to wage the battles and then running the battles.


  4. The game has been particularly bad today for loosing connection, almost unplayable. Just get into the game only to loose connection, so all the actions I started have not registered.
    Typical! Final week when I was just doing well and now progress has stalled….!!
    ( playing in the UK on apple products if that makes a difference?)


  5. so fed up with the crashing


    • Yeah they need get this sorted


    • i’ve seen a lot of ppl complain about crashing and was always like “never crashed on me, wonder why it only affects certain players” and then week 2 of this event i was stuck for about 2 days. couldn’t do any battles or clear a task for peter — like, whenever i started a battle as soon as the first hit was made it crashed. the other issue was whenever i clicked the tick about the griffin house to clear peter’s task it crashed too.

      i messaged tinyco about it but on the 2nd day of waiting for a response i did a trick to clear down data on iphone. It only works on iPhone and if you’re close to capacity though. (I was about 4GB from phone being full) – you open iTunes on your phone try and purchase/download LOTR – Return of the King in HD which is like 10GB. your phone automatically clears a certain amount of documents and data from apps on the phone to make space (something users can’t do themselves but would be an extremely useful feature!). The purchase doesn’t complete though because you don’t have the right amount of space available – again, you need to attempt to download a film that is bigger than the space you have available so it won’t actually complete otherwise you could end up owning a film you don’t actually want.

      After this i went back into the game – all the buildings were cogs so had seemingly cleared the cache for the app – and when i went to clear peters task it worked first time and the battles worked too. not had a problem since (well, not with crashing at least, the event itself has had some issues but that’s a rant for a different page).
      TinyCo actually responded to me after 4 days of me sending them my issue, so it worked out for me that i just didn’t wait for them.

      The above is no different really to deleting the app, re-installing, doing the tutorial and then logging in to bring your game progress back; it just clears docs and data across all apps and not just on the family


  6. This is probably more of a “what the deuce” but TC really should let us know when they are going to change the time to drop the next phase of the event so we can adjust our strategy. I had battled Van Hesling twice at 4 manuals per battle and was waiting out the healing time to go at him one more time before the switch over. So I went back to the game with plenty of time – normally – before the next phase dropped to find that Van Hesling is now gone and I have lost 8 hard earned manuals and no crossbows to show for it. WTD TinyCo! Anybody else get burned by this?


  7. I don’t know if it will always work, but buying the first premium character, Lily, really helped, in this event. (That is all I have bought, though I occasionally rush some tasks.) I was doing pretty well for the first two phases, but the third went really easily. I got Werewolf Meg early Monday, and by the time the fourth phase kicked in (early! wtd?) I had enough masks (100+) to buy the first 5 buildings immediately! :-O Unless something goes very wrong in phase four (knock wood), I should easily complete my first event in quite a while.


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