The Making Of A Monster Hunter Week 4 is here….. and remember it’s the final week…

It looks like we need to get clued up on some more old monster movies as Week 4 of the Making Of A Monster Hunter event is here.I’m seeing the full Week 4 content on IOS, app version 1.77.5, and pulling info now. But until then you should get going as it’s the final week and you’ve only got until 7th November 2018 at 3PM PST to unlock this weeks character costume,  Swamp Monster Lois. Please be aware she has 5 block items, make sure you scroll through them as Vine Lingerie is only visible if you scroll along her requirements in Als.

And Happy Halloween to everyone.

~ Russian Tigger


10 responses to “The Making Of A Monster Hunter Week 4 is here….. and remember it’s the final week…

  1. This week is going to be tough. I stocked up on masks last week and was able to get all the buildings at the start but, all the drops needed from monster fights to open up swamp Lois is ridiculous. They really should have gave us another building that gives us books for the monster fights.


  2. Do I play all week for just a costume, 35 clams for the set, and those healing times? I’m out.


  3. Happy Halloween RT & all FG addicts out there! 😀


  4. So, like, what you’re saying is that I won’t be able to finish yet another event? :/


  5. I don’t see a timer on Swamp Monster Lois, other when the event ends next Wednesday. Looks like a lot of fighting monsters this week, and the new ones are going to take a few tries each go, so the character healing times are going to come into play. Plus, looks like a heavy demand on Monster Manuals with Frankenstein’s Monster requiring 3 each time, and Swamp Monster requiring 4 each time, and it usually taking two goes to defeat each. Think it will be near impossible without spending clams.


  6. it started early !!!!
    glad i cleared Van Helsing a second time this afternoon
    and got some masks stocked up


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