New Event Teaser!!!

There’s more than a hint of what’s coming to a Quahog near you soon in the latest game update hitting our app stores. If you want to know more continue reading, if you don’t then move on to the next post until you update your App.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!

Best get your Christmas jumpers on as the A Family Guy Christmas Carol event is coming to our games soon!

Now there’s no word on an exact time when the event will go live, obviously we will see it sometime after the current event ends on 5th December at 3PM PST.  But as of now I can see the update only on IOS, (App Version 1.80.0), but don’t panic if you’re not seeing it as it will come to the other app stores soon. But if you’re not seeing it and want to know more here’s a sneak peek at the App Store info:

“A Christmas Carol comes to Quahog when Scrooge Peter is visited by a series of ghosts. Will Scrooge Peter learn the error of his ways and make things right with the people he has wronged? Play our A Family Guy Christmas Carol event to find out!”

So if you peeked, what do you think of the upcoming event? Let us know in the comments. And please keep your comments on the current event for the end of event post which will be up later!!!

~ Russian Tigger

17 responses to “New Event Teaser!!!

  1. Mrs Lucy J Clark

    Does anybody know how to trap the children in this quest please. Really getting annoyed with it. Just can’t work it out. Not like the turkeys just tap them.


  2. New event dropped after 10 pm and I was done before 10:30. Couldn’t even get my characters out of Tan Lines to put them on task without constant crashing. Tried at least 10 times. Timer for Quagmire started so there is no chance with all of the crashing. Have to wonder with the instability of the game to have falling snow going on in the event. It is a great visual but makes the game unplayable as has been proven in the past and I usually don’t ever have problems but I sure do now. After the last event and now this, it is a sign that maybe I am not right for this game any more.


  3. Aw, thought this would be the year for a hannukah event starring Mott and Neil.


  4. i love A Christmas Carol so let’s hope for a good event full of cheer and good will from TinyCo towards its loyal players 🙂


  5. “we will see it sometime after the current event ends on 21st November at 3PM PST.”

    Think you mean December 5th lol. Someone’s overworked and tired 😛


  6. another event to be ruined by crashing


  7. My enthusiasm is riding high. (sarcasm)


  8. I have always enjoyed the Christmas events, but I decided a few months ago that will be my last event. I am turning 50 just after the new year, and I spend way too much time on this game …
    Thanks to everyone who posts and to Russian Tigger (and Bunny) especially.


  9. Just make the current HORRIBLE thingy go away. Fast, quick, and in a hurry. Although we should be prepared for a shameless attempt by Tiny Co to try and Scrooge our wallets with P2P ridiculous quests. Or game crashing. Or failure to connect issues. Sad TC. Very sad.


  10. Sorry, RT; After noticing a few Teasers ago, I finally have to say something. I “peeked”, but I don’t think I have “peaked”, yet (or at least, I am not going to admit it!!). 😀


  11. I can only hope it’ll be better than the last horrible event. I finally got one, ONE!, fake nails today after way too many attempts. I don’t mind if something is extra rare, but I do mind if there’s only one way to get it!


  12. It has got to be better than the last few…


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