A Family Guy Christmas Carol is here….. and Jacob Marley Quagmire IS timed….

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Quahog with the latest event to hit our games,  A Family Guy Christmas Carol.

I’m seeing the full event on IOS, app version 1.80.0, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then you should be cautious as Jacob Marley Quagmire IS timed, once you repair him in the event area you’ll only gave 7 days to unlock him.

Yes let me repeat the bad news, there’s an unlock timer for Jacob Marley Quagmire this event!!!

Please note Scrooge Peter is NOT timed.

~ Russian Tigger


23 responses to “A Family Guy Christmas Carol is here….. and Jacob Marley Quagmire IS timed….

  1. So far, we need 1000 drinks to unlock timed Quagmire Marley. Peter Scrooge requires 420(no weed assists), festive children require 15 to make the item needed to clear them. 3 children cleared are the first quest step. Decos cost 50 to 15 and a couple are repeats. Of course, we have the option of buying items with clams (of different ranges) to assist with drink hoarding. Primary should be Quagmire while leeching a bit to complete quests. He has just over 6 days before he departs this world. Again. Lol. Hope that helps clear up confusion. RT will nail it down soon enough.


  2. to clear a kid you need 15 drinks but you get 25so a gain of 10 drinks. I purchased the 200 clam drink cart that throws off 60drinks every 4hours &you can speed it up for 8clams to get the 60.


  3. im confused
    how many drinks do we have to collect for EVERYTHING ?!!!!


    • A lot, I’m pulling the info as quick as I can with limited wifi and no mobile coverage Dye to the o2 issues.


      • yes i heard about those O2 issues from my friends 😦 hope it got fixed
        .. well the little girls give you 25 drinks when you spend 15 to craft the item … so it’s a 10 drink profit .. i can see how one can accumulate them .. but still it’s a huge amount to collect for ALL the buildings + Peter + 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Quagmire


        • It is a lot, but sometimes the impossible is easier than we think.

          Thankful o2 is fixed, I can manage without my data but was having issues with phone calls also, which is a different kettle of fish at the moment.


  4. Really could use some advice here:

    1. Does it make sense to buy one of the mulled wine carts. If so, which is the best deal? Seems like getting wine every 4 hours is the best but I can’t tell.

    2. Mulled wine is needed for a LOT of things: Unlocking Scrooge Peter, Unlocking Jacob Marley Quagmire, unlocking the Offices of Scrooge and Marley, making Christmas punch. Sooo….what makes the most sense to go after first? At first I thought it would be unlocking either Scrooge or Marley, but then again if I get the Office built the next building gives me pork all the time. Then again, so does Bruce. But if I make the punch then I get trains towards Scrooge.

    Events like this tend to overwhelm me a bit, so would really value any input anyone has. If I can get a good start to this event, I might actually make it through.


  5. I don’t think I’m going to even try to get Jacob. 1000 wine is ridiculous in 7 days


  6. Sending Lois & Jerome to get hats…they’re giving me mulled wine.


  7. Sandor Banhegyi

    Hi! Could somebody help, which charaters do Christmas actions for mulled wine? I saw that which characters do action for Scrooge Peter, and Jacob Marley Quagmire give mulled vine, but are the more? Thx.


  8. anyone if any other characters drop mulled wine?
    normally the item says who drops but for this event it just says ‘christmas character actions’, as does the in-game FAQ page.

    so far i know that Jerome, Bruce, Quagmire and Lois drop mulled wine but wondering if there’s any others


  9. Yet another pay to win event with low chance and drop rates for long grinds to encourage you to buy more clams to buy premium items. There’s the usual insane circular process where this time you need to clear festive children with christmas punch which to craft from mulled wine which you get from… clearing festive children. But don’t worry, you can buy high clam cost event items that drop hundreds of mulled wine! Woohoo!


  10. I feel bad that I haven’t played this game in about two years. But it’s nice to see you still very dedicated! I’m hoping to return to the game eventually when I can. Thanks for all your hard work!!


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