A Family Guy Christmas Carol – Mulling Over Some Mulled Wine

It’s time to get your Christmas jumpers on as our yearly festive treat is here. And what better way is there to celebrate the arrival of  A Family Guy Christmas Carol event hitting our games than with a glass or 2 of Mulled Wine.

I mentioned in the Overview post you will need a lot of Mulled Wine for various things, crafting, unlocking characters, buying buildings and decorations. So I thought I’d do a post covering all the places you’ll get Mulled Wine and talk about just how much you’ll need this week.

What will i use mulled wine for?

Well quite a few things, you’ll need the following:

Crafting Festive Drink – 15 Mulled Wine is needed for each Festive Drink you make, but you’ll recoup this cost and more by using the Festive Drink to clear the Festive Children.

Unlocking Scrooge Peter – 420 Mulled Wine is needed as part of his unlock requirements.

Unlocking Jacob Marley Quagmire – 1000 Mulled Wine is needed as part of his unlock requirements.

Olde Toy Shoppe Buildings & Decorations – 1340 Mulled Wine is needed to buy all the items in the Olde Toy Shoppe

Store Decorations – 100 Mulled Wine is needed to buy one each of these decorations, but they are optional so don’t buy these just now, these are end of event buys if you’ve surplus Mulled Wine.

So as you can see you’re going to need in excess of 3000 Mulled Wine this week, where on earth is that coming from you cry. Well read on….

Where will i get mulled wine?

There are lots of ways to earn Mulled Wine, but I wanted to cover these in a little more detail so you’re not missing out on any. Please be aware Some of these are freemium, some are premium.

Freemium Mulled Wine:

Get from Bruce Cook BBQ  – 6  (every 4hrs)

Chris Burn His Finger  – 9  (every 8hrs)

Mort Light A Candle  – 9  (every 8hrs)

Bonnie Strike A Match  – 9  (every 8hrs)

Jerome Be Noble  – 6  (every 4hrs)

Quagmire Make A Hot Drink  – 6  (every 4hrs)

Lois Consider Burlesque  – 6  (every 4hrs)

Scrooge Peter Hoard A Feast  – 6  (every 4hrs)

Jacob Marley Quagmire Long For Food  – 6  (every 4hrs)

Battle  Fezziwig Giant Chicken – 1X – 8 

Battle  Fezziwig Giant Chicken – 2X – 16 

Battle  Fezziwig Giant Chicken – 3X – 24 

Battle  Fezziwig Giant Chicken – 4X – 32 

Battle  Fezziwig Giant Chicken – 5X – 40 

Clear Festive Children  – 25  (per Child cleared)

Completing Queer Eye For The Scrooge Guy Questline Parts  – 5  (for every Part completed)

***I’ve a feeling you’ll also get some Mulled Wine for completing the freemium character Questline parts but can’t confirm this as yet***

Premium Mulled Wine:

Ghost Of Christmas Past Bruce Stay Positive  – 8  (every 6hrs)

Wine Carte  – 60  (every 4hrs)

Wine Stalle  – 240  (every 6hrs)

Wine Shoppe  – 600  (every 8hrs)

Completing Ghosts Of Fashion Faux Pas Questline Parts  – 10  (for every Part completed)


Ghost Of Christmas Past Bruce – Look it’s a full character, not a costume, he always drops a Humbug and 8 Mulled Wine every 6hrs. If I were only going to buy 1 premium item this week, he would be it. As you get a character, a potential 4 Humbugs and 32 Mulled Wine every day. Yeah it’s not as much Mulled Wine as the other Premium buys but if your Clams are hard earned and precious, and lets face it they usually are, this is better than a decoration/building.

Wine Carte/Wine Stalle/ Wine Shoppe – Overall, I would say at the clam cost of these, the cheapest costs 200 Clams, the dearest an scary 700 Clams, these are for the completionist or players that may not want to or can’t play very often during the event, but have loads of Clams to spare. All of these items are overpriced, only one is cheaper than buying the Ghost Of Christmas Past Bruce  Character. But to be fair there’s no doubt you’ll be able to build up loads of Mulled Wine with these.

I’ll be honest I bought the Wine Shoppe at 700 Clams and I could feel my eyes watering as I confirmed the purchase even although I get some free Clams from TinyCo and know it will help me grab the info you need quicker.

These are expensive items you will really need to think on, are they really worth it to YOU. Please think carefully before you buy as you can’t change your mind after. And to help you decide here’s the potential daily drops of Mulled Wine  of each.

Wine Carte – for 200 Clams you’ll be able to collect up to 360 Mulled Wine every day, based on 6 x 4hr drops.

Wine Stalle – for 400 Clams you’ll be able to collect up to 960 Mulled Wine every day, based on 4 x 6hr drops.

Wine Shoppe – for 700 Clams you’ll be able to collect up to 1800 Mulled Wine every day, based on 3 x 8hr drops.

There you have the overall basics of Mulled Wine. Have I missed any places to get more? Did you buy any of the premium items? Any suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


27 responses to “A Family Guy Christmas Carol – Mulling Over Some Mulled Wine

  1. Will Quagmire still be available in weeks to come if you dont start him yet?


  2. Is it possible to get 330 mulled wines in under 24 hours? Without spending clams or rl money that is.


    • It is but you’d need be on top of clearing every task, attacking Fezziwig etc – and be resetting tasks during sleep time


      • I started today with four mulled wines after spending the 1000 for Jacob Marley Quagmire right when I woke up. I plan to have the 330 wines and the six humbugs by 10 pm tonight, so about 15 hours. Unless my math is completely wrong, it is doable.


    • I’m finding that I’ll have it. Thanks! Depending on your Fezziwig level, making punches may be better. Too much math on this event so far. Reflexively putting characters away after they get their main item and not realizing Quagmire could get wine didn’t help.


  3. Do the characters continue dropping wine after their primary task item is filled and no longer ‘a thing’?


  4. Hey, RT: You missed one other reason to buy Bruce! He’s part of a FaceSpace set, too! 😊 All in all, it seems like a good deal. (I hope so, ‘cause I went for it. 😳)


    • I couldn’t mention it when I wrote post as the Facespace Sets hadn’t appeared in game at the time, they just showed up for me few hours ago. I was hoping done would 😅


  5. Quagmire has a 4hr mulled wine task too


  6. Quagmire will drop 6 mulled wine every 4 hours if you send him to Make a Hot Drink


  7. Still don’t understand why Peter is rarely used for these events


  8. Will mulled wine be used for the entire event or just this week?


    • Well you’re asking me to read TinyCo’s mind, I don’t want to do that, might not like what I see. But I’m guessing it will stay but other items will be added into the mix to buy buildings etc


  9. It looks like Quagmire has a task for mulled wine, as well. I wonder if there are any other hidden character actions.


  10. Anyone have any thoughts on strategy? Focus on collecting mulled wine first for the buildings, Xmas quagmire or Xmas peter? I’m leaning towards peter first then the blogs as they are needed for the questline to progress to next week.


    • Scrooge Peter is needed to move on Questline, I’m just going out up what I have.


      • Decided to get the first 2 buildings then concentrate on getting Scrooge Peter. He is needed for part 5 of the main questline. Will woorry about Quagmire ghost latef, if I miss out on him, so be it.


    • My usual strategy is get the buildings I need for the intermediary character (e.g. Scrooge Peter) and Questline, then focus on the buildings and resources needed for the harder character (Quagmire). And that’s what I started to do this time. I have the first two buildings from the Toy Shoppe, but now I’m worried I won’t finish Quagmire on time. I’m worried most about getting the 10 humbugs and having to coordinate with the Fezz chicken’s schedule. I think I will stop buying buildings and just collect for Quagmire first. It may be an overreaction but I’d hate to miss getting Quagmire.


    • Got the two buildings first, as you need the second building to drop pork to be able to fight giant chicken and get the humbugs you need to get Quagmire. Next working on Quagmire. To be honest, the rest of the buildings don’t help much in getting Scrooge Peter. I’m getting enough candles and top hats from the regular character actions that the buildings are mostly questline fodder.

      I’ve noticed the same in some previous events where I’ve gotten all of an item from character action drops before I got the building that drops the same item.


  11. Quagmire also drops 6 wines every 4 hours


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