Dance Dance Resolution – End of Event Poll

Hey there readers, welcome to our end of event poll, where today I’m going to be researching the event that just was, Dance Dance Resolution. After a quick 2 weeks of playing catch due to a lot of returning characters, it’s all over but for the poll, and that’s where we will find out how this event went for you.

So if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll I’d be very grateful. Please note for those that experience the jump glitch when answering poll questions, there’s a direct link at the bottom of the page that will help you avoid this problem, just keep scrolling to the bottom. And remember to leave your comments on the event, good or Bad.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:

~ Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Dance Dance Resolution – End of Event Poll

  1. I gave myself this event to try to redeem my faith in the game. But alas, it was not. I cashed out all of my clams to unlock characters and stuff and just let the clock run out. It’s been a long run (the past 3-4 years) but I gotta do more better stuff with my time than play an app game.


  2. This one was really disappointing for me – I will purchase event characters (never decos and rarely costumes) if it looks like it will increase the enjoyment of an event, so I actually had all of the offered characters. Earning the Brian costume wasn’t too bad, but the Stewie costume was surprisingly hard and a total grind. In the “Tell Tiny Co./Jam City What You Want” thread, several people mentioned no more ‘extra rare’ or even ‘rare’ items, and I couldn’t agree more. The watch drop building was ridiculous – two drops in 5 days even with a 3 hour cycle…OH, COME ON, TINY CO!!! Make the drop ‘common’ and increase the cycle – I don’t care if it was 9 or 10 hours, just don’t make us keep checking only to be completely disappointed.

    I lost the character lottery in this one – the characters I was hoping to have a shot at were not offered…OK, may be this belongs in the WTD thread, but I’m being efficient, I’m starting my whining before the weekend!


  3. I actually enjoyed the event and ended up getting five new characters. I didn’t even consider the two skins since I could see that they were intended for people who already had all or most of the characters based on the requirements. Plus, I don’t think enough shrimp could be collected for everything without a shrimp generating premium building. It’s not even that I needed the new characters (they are completely useless and will just sit in Tan Lines forever), but the strategy and sense of accomplishment from achieving all five characters was rewarding which has not been the case with a majority of events for the last two years. And the current event isn’t shaping up much better. At least there were no timed characters for the first week, but here we are again with offshoot characters and the same tired formula. It is almost like JC/TC is crying out for help but just doesn’t know when to end it.


  4. Count of Monte Hall Stewie…Lol

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  5. I unlocked Governor Cheeseburger then started gathering stuff for Pregnant Bonnie. That stopped during week 2 when Horace was my main objective. Unlocking him completed a set and gained me 45 clams. Then managed to unlock Pregnant Bonnie after that.

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  6. I was able to unlock Bonnie and Queen Chris during week 1 without too much difficulty. However, the cost of shrimp and hot dogs for Carter and Quagmire was just too high to get both. I settled on Quagmire cause he required less resources and he was part of the quest.

    I had all of the other characters already. I still don’t have Professor Carter. I really had no chance to unlock either Brian or Stewie. All in all I can’t complain, pretty straightforward event and I ended up with 3 new characters/costumes in a mini event!


  7. Not a bad event but as usual it could have run another 2 weeks and I wouldn’t have unlocked all the characters


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