Missing Buildings, including Event Area Buildings & Duplicate Characters Glitches!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem gremlins are still at work in some of our games,

The first issue concerns missing Event area buildings.

TinyCo have isolated that the issue, it seems to be seen in games where players  have recently nuked their town. So for most of those impacted the issue is easily resolved, you’ll simply find the buildings in your inventory. I know our inventories can be jam-packed but please look closely to see if they are in there.  You’ll find details of the buildings used in the event area in the main overview post HERE. However should you not find these buildings in your inventory then please raise a support ticket with TinyCo and they’ll get it sorted for you.

Secondly some players are still seeing double as their towns are overrun by duplicate characters and Questlines reactivating. This is pretty much causing them to be completely locked out of events. The latest update is that TinyCo are still working on trying to get this fixed. So as aggravating as it is please be patient and I’ll let you know more as soon as I hear anything.

Thirdly is the standard buildings that have disappeared from our storage, this is buildings such as Founding Father, Drunken Clam etc. TinyCo have fixed the cause of this but if you’ve a building missing you need raise a support ticket to ask them to add the building into your game.

However be aware for some, including me, fixing this has caused a further error, “Error: No data for foundingfather”  – if you get this you’ll be locked out and must submit a help form, the glitches loading screen will give you the Help option.

Also some other buildings will need rebuilt, for example when I went to put Bonnie on her task to drop Glasses for Muriel, Bonnie Read Autopsy Report, I had to buy the Buddy Cianci Junior School from the store and wait 12hrs for it to build again.

That’s all folks!!!!

~ Russian Tigger

6 responses to “Missing Buildings, including Event Area Buildings & Duplicate Characters Glitches!!!

  1. Has anyone else had this glitch: Every time I open the game I get a new window with Mort saying ‘Congratulations, we hope you enjoyed the show. Here are your free clams’. And I get a free clam. But when I visit Ollieland or close the game, the clam disappears.

    Basically no harm done but it’s still a glitch. This started to happen last week when I was watching/collecting my five daily clams from ads. Game just froze and screen went completely blanc. Everything else works just fine, no missing buildings or any other problems other players have had.



    Also not a big issue but another glitch some of the buildings are dropping items for characters unlocked a long time ago.


  3. I have another problem (the one that started during the previous event). Whenever I try to place a building for the event or one from the inventory I get the following error message:
    Duplicate download: http://static.familyguy.tinyco.com/fg_building_TasteBetterInIrelandBrewery_flip_6_9540.png (building and numbers change with each building obviously)
    You have to reload the game after getting this.
    I still can solve it if I store something else first, so I’m building those office buildings that cost 150 coins and take 30 min to build.


    • I’ve alerted TinyCo to this and other issues seeing from players in the comments. Looks like lot issues. Thankfully you’ve found a workaround.


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