The Winter Summer Reunion Week 2 is here….. and there is NO timer on K-Pop Peter

It’s time to party as Week 2 of the latest event to hit our games, Winter Summer Reunion, is here.

I’m seeing the full Week 2 content on app version 1.87.0, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible.

But let me repeat the good news, there is NO unlock timer for K-Pop Peter!!!

~ Russian Tigger

9 responses to “The Winter Summer Reunion Week 2 is here….. and there is NO timer on K-Pop Peter

  1. The previous event (5-year Anniversary) was arguably the best event they’ve ever had in actually getting to use characters that never see the light of day, it’s one of the main things the game has severely lacked in making use of ever since around the time of the first Comic Con event.
    I understand that they’re likely more interested in gaining NEW players than keeping the old guard happy hence not letting oldies make use of their characters for what might be considered an ‘unfair advantage’ over newer players but I think that 5th Anniversary got it spot on, personally.


  2. If there’s nothing but another costume to play for, why bother? Costumes suck. They should only offer new playable costumes.


  3. So we can use now 3 costumes of Peter in the same event……Tweaked out Peter, Plastic Surgery Peter and now K-Pop Peter. I don’t remember any character even Peter had that many options during an event. But yet, we still have some of the regulars roaming town with nothing to do like Chris, Bruce, Sheamus, etc……..


    • Peter is the busiest he’s been in a long while but some players are complaining he’s useless this event.


      • Ever get the feeling some people are never happy? Or maybe complaining is the only thing that makes them happy.


        • Can’t please us all, so might as well please themselves 😅


        • If you’re talking about my comment, it’s just an observation on how busy Peter is this event. His tasks aren’t all that helpful anyway. I’m not complaining….I just wish more characters had things to do. This event isn’t too bad so far, just a lot of stuff to keep you busy all week.


          • I think we were more talking in general that others complained Peter was useless this event when he’s actually got few costume drops


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