Daily Archives: April 9, 2019

Google+ Update!!!

Hi fellow addicts

As some of you know saving your game via a Google Account ceased to be possible on 2nd April, 2019.  Now we’ve passed that date TinyCo/Jam City have asked me to share the following updated information with you. 

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Game Not Loading Update!!!

Hi fellow addicts

TinyCo/Jam City have asked me to post an update on the loading error that has seen some players locked out of their games since October 2018.

The team there have asked me to let you know the loading issue that occurred during October 2018 is now fixed. They are therefore encouraging players to try to log in again and  join us for the 5th Anniversary Event, which is coming this week.

And if any players find they are still not able to load their game please email support in order they can try use a new manual fix to get you back into your game. The email address to use is: support@jamcity.com

That’s all folks!!!!

~ Russian Tigger