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Winter Summer Reunion Parade Floats Mini-Game

Just wanted to float by with some information on bursting  some parade Balloons in  the Winter Summer Reunion event.

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Winter Summer Reunion Event Main Questline: Hot And Cold

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through the latest event Winter Summer Reunion.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline, Hot And Cold.  Continue reading

Winter Summer Reunion Week 1 Overview

We’ve had lots of kapow in events gone by, but now it’s time for some K-pop, as a trip down a Korean memory lane comes to Quahog in the Winter Summer Reunion  event.

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Winter Summer Reunion Event Addicts Area!!!

It’s time to get the music turned up as we’ve a K-pop festival hitting our games with the Winter Summer Reunion Event, arriving in Quahog. Yup you asked for a readers page where you could share event tips & tricks and I’ve only gone and called your bluff and created one. So here’s where you can lay all your  event progress on the table for your fellow addicts to see.

And it’s also where you can share any strategies or advice, hey you can even share your gig memories. So c’mon Addicts let’s do this together.

Apart from that I’ll see you all in the live post later.

~ Russian Tigger

The Winter Summer Reunion is here….. and there are NO timed characters….

It’s time to play detective as the latest event to hit our games,  the Winter Summer Reunion Event is here.

I’m seeing the full event on app version 1.87.0, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible.

But let me repeat the good news, there is NO unlock timer for Sujin!!!

~ Russian Tigger