Google+ Update!!!

Hi fellow addicts

As some of you know saving your game via a Google Account ceased to be possible on 2nd April, 2019.  Now we’ve passed that date TinyCo/Jam City have asked me to share the following updated information with you. 

Game Official Support Information – Updated on 4/8/2019

“We are sorry to inform you that Google+ has shut down as of April 2, 2019 and players will no longer be able to sign in with Google+ nor be able to search for your Google+ ID. However, we will still try our best to locate your game if you have lost your save as a result of the shutdown.

If you have your Google+ ID, please write a ticket to Support at our form HERE  or send an email to Please send a screenshot of your player ID located in the loading screen to support.

If you do not have your Google+ ID, we will still do our best to try and locate your game. However, we need some information from you so we can try and identify your old account. Please answer all of the questions and be as detailed as possible:

Have you linked your game to a Facebook or Username account?

Have you accessed your previous account on another device? If yes, please provide us with the Player ID found on the bottom right corner of the loading screen on that device as well as your current one.

Have you ever purchased coins or clams with Google Play? If yes, please provide us with a Transaction ID which can be found in your emails after purchasing in Google Play. The Google Transaction ID looks something like: GPA. 1234-1234-1234-12345. Please note that we cannot look up iOS transaction IDs since we do not have access to the required info from Apple

If you have previously written an email ticket to us while you were Signed-In with Google+, please provide the email address to see if we can pull up your previous information with us”.

I hope this helps any players who are still locked out.

~ Russian Tigger

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