Tell TINYCO what you want!!! Well you asked, they listened. Let me introduce the Squatter Button

A couple of times a year I put up a post where you can share with TinyCo any ideas you have or  suggestions to improve your game experience, I then wave it in front of them and wait…..


Well despite this game being over 5 years old now, TinyCo have just shown they do continue to listen. With this weeks event content we’ve been given the Squatter Button.

This button is essentially a direct short cut to target wandering baddies.. Before it arrived we were left with the choice of hunting for baddies all over town or removing all our sidewalks apart from a small strip to keep them easily targetable. Well this button solves this issue, as if you tap the Squatter Button it immediately targets the nearest baddie.

I must admit I’m liking this, but do have some questions as I’m wondering how it will work in weeks where we have numerous different baddies. Also i can’t see it solving the problem of corralling multiple baddies to bomb which also sees us having to tear up our sidewalks.

But it’s a start and I’ll guess we’ll need to wait and see how this develops. But the fact the team are still listening and coming up with new features is a good omen for our game containing for a good while yet.  Let me know in the poll and comments if you like the Squatter Button or not.

Russian Tigger

8 responses to “Tell TINYCO what you want!!! Well you asked, they listened. Let me introduce the Squatter Button

  1. Johan Carlström

    Since I only have one short strip of road it is of absolutely no use to me. I am also not the designer type, more of a ’if it fits it sits’ type of guy which means that my Quahog looks like crap but I don’t care.
    The only things I can think of that would make this game better are more enjoyable events (it’s been a while now) and weather changes.
    But I can see this being a useful things for the ’designer players’.


  2. I’m with the bigfooted one, I nuked my town long ago and have a continual “town” consisting of the wheel o’ uselessness, the Griffin house, Harrington’s, the store for black jesus, and then three or four road sections for Peter to walk when I can’t put him away. I add to this road and just build small blocks when adding event buildings making sure the buildings don’t block any road view. It also helps keep the footprint of the game reasonable on my phone. Where it has no use to me, I can see where it would to those who have elaborate townscape set up.


    • I think many of us stopped designing when crashing became an issue and then we removed our roads for ease, and now Quahog will never be rebuilt like the game intended 😅😅😅


      • “no no no”(in my best Consuela voice lmao) i STILL obsess over all the time decorating and reorganizing then redecorate my town all over again haha i’m such a loser. but the button they finally put in has been LOOONG overdue!


  3. I don’t need it either. I got rid of roads and sidewalks except for a couple of squares right in the middle. Most of the buildings are in storage also just the ones needed for the current event. Makes the graphics and game play faster. Funny when we complained about needing more space now that we have it I don’t even use half of it!


  4. Ditto me with having a minimal amount of roads. My town consists of only district buildings and any building which is needed for a task for any character I have (helps with daily quest tasks). It long ago stopped being “pretty” and has been made “functional”. I do applaud TinyCo for coming up with something to help the players. And I am waiting with cautious anticipation for Friday at 12 pm. I hope they deliver on what they are saying.


  5. Does me little good, as I have my own “Event Area” (directly in front of the game’s Event Area), and this is the only place I have roads. But I can certainly see how it would help anyone with a full network of roads. (I remember those days! :-D)

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