The Winter Summer Reunion – Quest For Supremacy

Yes, as announced earlier, the team battle has begun.  A fierce but sweet war is now raging between Team Marshmallow & Team Candy, and there’s no sitting on the sidelines for you, you need to pick your team and play your part. Welcome to The Quest For Supremacy.

How Do I Take Part?

Firstly you need to have reached Week 2 and have triggered Part 1 of the K-Poparazzi Questline.

Whilst taking part is easy, winning is another thing as that depends on you picking the right team.  And when the battle screen pops up in your game you’ll choose between Team Marshmallow or Team Candy. I can’t tell you who to pick, but I’ll say the scores are close and each team has been in front more than once.

So you’ll see the screen below, simply pick your side, literally and hit confirm and that’s it you’ve joined a team. But be aware once you pick a team you can’t later jump ship and change sides, you’re Team Marshmallow or Team Candy to the bitter-sweet end.

How Do I Help my team?

It’s easy just keep clearing Paparazzi. That’s it, simple as can be.

When does the battle end?

Tuesday April 30th at 12PM PST. You’ll see a countdown timer on the tracker screen.

What’s the prizes?

The winning team will get the K-Pop Cleveland costume and some clams.

And the gallant losers will get some consolation clams.


Just hit the tracker button at the bottom of screen. It looks like this.

This will bring you the current standings for the teams, and will also In the middle show your contribution to the team, if it’s 0, stop slacking immediately, your team needs you.

Please note as the screen says these update every 15 minutes. So it will change frequently.

What is the camera shy questline?

It’s basically a side Questline that will progress as you clear Paparazzi. And there’s a few Clams rewarded for completing parts.

There you have it, the basics of The Quest For Supremacy, so pick your team and may the best Marshmallow, or Candy, win.

Russian Tigger

16 responses to “The Winter Summer Reunion – Quest For Supremacy

  1. Can’t shoot Paparazzi, every time I shoot the game crashes. PLEASE FIX THIS TYNYCO!!! I’m playing on a Galaxy 10, definitely not my device. This happens too often. You need to fix it and push the update like yesterday. Clocks ticking.


  2. How do you check which team you are on? I don’t remember which one I clicked and am curious, I know you can’t change but it would be nice to know. Also when you contact Tiny Co now they ask for personal details such as your name and email address. I never had to put this I. Before to get a question answered and I’m uncomfortable giving out such details to anyone even if it’s for a game I play as you don’t know how secure their website is. Also as well known Family Guy has many bug issues and their privacy software may as well too. Dose anyone else think it’s odd to ask for these details or am I just paranoid? I now have a separate email for games but when I started playing Family Guy I didn’t so I don’t want to give a random person answering help questions my email.


    • If you click on tracker screen, the side you picked will have a second border round the box.

      Regarding contact, you can just use the ingame support, that way you don’t need give your base or email.


      • It was the in game support that I used an they were the ones who asked for my email and other personal details.


        • RussianTigger

          Hi, sorry if the automated support doesn’t answer your query then yes you will need to give a name and email, it’s changed to the way Jam City support runs. Best I can suggest is set up a game email address and only use that for support issues etc if you’re worried. Many do this to keep their main email secure.


  3. I just joined team Marshmallow!


  4. Team Marshmallow in the lead. Everyone on the forum keep joining marshmallow and we should all win.


  5. Just pick Team Marshmallow and we can all win!


  6. This should possibly be a WTD post but seriously?

    This is the sort new exciting thrilling thing we were waiting for?

    It doesn’t matter how well I do if I just happen to randomly pick the wrong team there’s nothing I can do about it.

    What an unbelievably horrible concept that was clearly not vetted or tested.

    And I can’t be the only one who thinks that.


    • They’ve been using this in their other game, Hogwarts Mystery, so guess they tested it there. It is tough if you end up on a team with few playing but at least on this they let you choose your team rather than just putting you in one.


      • But unless you already know who’s on what team picking your own team is the same as randomly being assigned.

        The point is, a large chunk of players will automatically miss out on Cleveland and there’s almost nothing they can do about it.

        Bad concept.


        • Choosing team doesn’t guarantee success but at end day you’ve still got better chance of getting him this way than in a mystery box that costs Clams. So just play your normal game and you’ve 50% chance getting the costume without putting in any money or extra effort. I see His as an extra.


      • I’d almost prefer that they randomly assign the team. At least that way that can ensure that the teams are evenly balanced. I picked team candy without even knowing how I did it. (It was probably the time I didn’t have access to my reading glasses-blind as a 🦇 without them.) Since the consolation prize is clams maybe they’ll offer K-pop Cleveland to the losing team for a reduced amount of clams and we can each decide whether it’s worth the price. Win-win. Am I dreaming?


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