The Winter Summer Reunion – What Team Are You?

The team battle continues,and at the time of writing this Team Marshmallow is not as soft as it looks, as it’s currently beating it’s currently soft centred opponent Team Candy.

But as I say this is only at this moment in time, by the time you read this Team Candy might have found it’s hard outer shell and be beating Team Marshmallow into a gooey mess. The lead keeps changing, so keep playing.

And I thought what better way to add to our sugar fuelled excitement than find out what team you’re batting for. So take a second below to answer the poll and may the best team win.

23 responses to “The Winter Summer Reunion – What Team Are You?

  1. 50-50 chance of a free costume, what is there to complain about? Hold my beer says the addict.


  2. We all gotta go on the same team next phase. What say we all do “the team on the left”…regardless of what it turns out to be. (This time it would have been Marshmallow)


  3. Stay Puft guy for the win!


  4. I give up. Every time Candy opens up a slim 2000 point lead, I check back in 4 hours later and Marshmallow opens a 80,000 to 90,000 point lead. Seems very poorly implemented.


    • Maybe mechanics or maybe time zones…. maybe just playing with us. Way I see it you can’t really control it, it’s like a toss of a coin. I just see it as a bonus if I get the costume


    • At the moment the cursed Candy team has a 51,304 point lead. Personally I think they manipulate the results hoping to make people panic and buy event currency (e.g. BB Guns) to boost their own teams score. It’s already bad enough having premium characters inside mystery boxes, so I really hope we don’t see this sort of event again.


  5. I can’t unlock the Cho Bar, even with Johnny American and Sujin unlocked. So I’m stuck.


  6. Not related to this competition, but anyone had a MASSIVE flow of characters (+20) that were/are in the resort to the streets, without reason?
    Also after finishing a task, the models don’t show up :S


    • Sounds like you might have encountered the duplicate characters glitch. Look and see if you’ve 2 of Some characters.


    • Welcome to the club you didn’t want to join…When starting a task, try to send both duplicates – that will keep them in the building when you tap on the check mark. Otherwise, the glitch defaults to have the character that is wondering the streets drop/complete the task – you then have to go find them…it’s annoying, especially when both Peter and Lois have costume tasks…

      Someone pointed out that the glitch affects higher level games – what level are you on? I believe they were on 93, I’m on 97.


    • Hi could you message TinyCo support and tell them this just occurred in your game please.


  7. i love Marshmallows


  8. If there is a prize for winners then maybe as a community we could all choose the same side by checking here before such events. I’m sure we’d all like free stuff.

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  9. I went with Marshmallow because he looked like a fun, classy guy you could totally hang out with.

    That lollipop thing just looked like some straight-up creepy, nightmare-inducing psychopathic horror trying to lure you into his van. Its cold, dead eyes and sphincter-like visage manifest the unspeakable torment of countless souls. Woe to the unfortunate individual who falls prey to its hypnotic gaze…


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